Either get rid of all soda in your diet or switch to diet soda, with artificial sweeteners and zero calories. I used to enjoy a cocktail every night (sometimes two), but I realized that it really does hinder weight loss.
To save calories, I forgo the vodka at home and enjoy the tart, crisp taste of cranberries, the zesty lime and savor the bubbly seltzer water. I love lemon lime drinks, and this drink is a great substitute for those who love Sprite, but hate Diet Sprite!  Enjoy the added benefits of Vitamin C and get a great energy boost to start your day off right.

One of my favorites is Asian Sangria: TY KU Sake, Fresh Seasonal Fruits, and a Splash of Agave Nectar.
I have been called some of the Paleo Drinks to Refresh, Recharge, or Relax - Paleo Grubs Since this really is a frequently asked question I ll write about the paleo drinks, paleo beverages and what to drink while on paleo diet in general Q A: What Should I Drink?
Make it by the pitcher or by the glass, either way – your friends and family will thank you.
Are you Paleo Desserts Recipes + bonus diet cookies, breads, flour Eating after you have been drinking is another issue.

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