Leading jockey Frankie Dettori has admitted he regularly used over-the-counter drugs to keep his weight down.
The BBC's James Pearce: "Life for jockeys is dominated by one concern, weight"He told BBC Two's Newsnight he took drugs like diuretics - chemicals that help the body to lose fluids - now banned in racing. But there is no suggestion he has taken them since they were outlawed by the sport's bosses in June.
Newsnight has also revealed a large increase in the number of jockeys testing positive for diuretics. Diuretics are one of the five categories of drugs on the International Olympic Committee's banned list.

Dettori's trademark victory leapMilan-born Detorri, 28, told the programme: "I took lasix, pee pills, I took diuretics, laxatives - all sorts. Charlie Brooks and Dr Clyde Williams discuss the issues raisedChampion jockey Kieron Fallon also told Newsnight the only alternative to using the substances is to become bulimic. Next week UK Sport, the body which carries out drug testing in domestic sport, publishes its annual report. This will reveal that the number of jockeys testing positive for diuretics over the past year has risen from two to nine. Michelle Verokken, UK Sport's Director of Ethics and Anti-Doping, told Newsnight: "UK Sport is concerned because in the previous year we reported two findings, now that has increased to nine in the annual report and has subsequently gone up into double figures.

Apprentice jockey Paul Fitzsimmons told programme makers that he and his peers were under such pressure to make the minimum weight (7st 10lbs) they took little notice of the ban. Unfortunately it's part of the job - not because we like it, it's because unfortunately it's things we have to do to keep our weight down.

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