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DiseaseProof brings you the latest news, medical research and blog posts from ALL over the web, commentary and advice from people following Dr. Based on the John Robbins work titled: Diet for a New America, the number of people in the US suffering from diseases caused by protein excess is a mind-boggling 40, 000, 000 compared to a measly 3 people suffering from the deficiency of this substance.
Judging from these, it may be time to revise the misinforming ideas on protein in our diets. Let’s consider some factors on why a Low Carbohydrate Diet may be unnecessary and even detrimental to one’s health.
Definitely cutting back on the ‘wrong’ kinds of Carbohydrates such as Cakes, Confectioneries, Bread, Polished rice and the like will be mandatory for weight-loss, but replacing them with high protein foods is- just as from the points above-unnecessary and actually harmful for overall health and fitness.
The easily-digestible carbs like refined flour, soda, and potatoes are the worst offenders.
If you’ve been reading up on some of the diet literature that circulates around right now, you have without a doubt heart of the low carb diet (among other ridiculous diets), or even followed the famed Atkins Diet, South Beach Diet, Abs Diet, etc.  Low carb diets have become a way of life for some people as they claim that this is the only way to lose fat successfully.
Let’s just take a minute to go over some of critical things that you should keep in mind to ensure that you do low carb diets correctly, so that you don’t face these problems. A big ol’ mistake that I see some people make who adopt the low carb diet plan, is also coupling it with a low fat plan. Protein will not serve as an optimal source of energy in the diet, so it’s important that you do eat either carbs or fats or your energy levels will plummet.
Not to be Captain Obvious here, but another low-carb-diet-no-no is loading up on too many foods that are high in saturated fats. I’m a busy stay-at-home Mom, of 4 kids, fitness & nutrition consultant, social media junkie, wine lover and fan of chocolate! About Taryn PerryTaryn is a busy Stay-At-Home-Mom who's passion is helping others finally find a solution to their physical goals - with a BACK TO BASICS program.
I have been hearing a lot more about low-carb-high-fat (LCHF) diet regimes, so decided to find out more. It appears that the standard advice on diet that we have been receiving over the last 30 years may be wrong. Since the 70s, diet advice for health has been to eat whole grains and starchy foods, to avoid fat and particularly saturated animal fat, eat a lot of fruit (such as five portions per day). The traditional model for healthy eating has coincided with a great increase in metabolic disease. Consumption of saturated fat is not a cause of heart disease, and is actually a good fuel for the body. Refined carbs (sugar, bread, rice, pasta) are combining with vegetable oils to cause inflammation of the blood vessels and cell walls through the entire body.
The combination of excessive carb and oil intake causes diseases that have risen significantly since the 70s. Greatly reduce carbohydrate consumption, ideally so low that you become a 'fat burner' entering a state of ketosis. To follow a diet that is known as a Paleo diet (lots of nutrient dense food such as meat, fat, internal organs, non-starchy vegetables, nuts and seeds.) A similar diet is the Banting diet as promoted by Professor Tim Noakes.

Certainly it appears that the normal person who might not exercise much and have a bit of a belly could benefit from reducing carb (especially sugar) intake.
For reduction of inflammation, especially after hard sessions, it is better to be on a low carb diet. For general health, including blood plaques, insulin resistance and gut health, it is also better to be on a low carb diet. For steady state long distance (ultra) events, such as a 56km running race or Ironman, he feels that becoming keto adapted (low carb, high fat diet) is beneficial. Becoming keto adapted takes about 2-3 weeks, but once this is done you will have much better access to your comparatively massive fat reserves, so will never suffer the bonk. For explosive events under 30 minutes, carbs would be needed for peak performance, but for longer events they were not needed.
I am generally in agreement with Professor Noakes, although I would not recommend a carb restricted regime for road bike racers (2-7 hour races). Furthermore, it is not practical to consume fat and protein during a ride, since they take too long to digest. For long, steady-state events, such as a long time trial, triathlon or ultra event, becoming a fat burner appears to be a good way to go.
Before races and training, I recommend eating slow release carbs such as oats, muesli or dense brown bread. Immediately after the race, within 30 minutes, it is a good idea to eat carbs as they will be digested rapidly which will repopulate your stores for the next day. Sources of fat include nuts (not peanuts or cashews as they contain a lot of carbs), saturated animal fat (grass fed beef has better quality fat than grain fed beef), coconut oil, avocados, butter, full fat milk and cream (note that dairy contains a lot of carbs in the form of lactose, so go easy), oily fish. This should be eaten with fibrous green vegetables such as salad, broccoli, kale, fermented vegetables (good for gut health) and seasonal fruits.
Dona€™t stuff yourself as no matter how 'healthily' you are eating it will still make you fat. The low carb movement will gain pace, but I suggest that we continue to eat some carbs and as Mark Allen said, listen to your body. Joel Fuhrman, MD and serves as a forum to promote discussion on diet, fitness, health and green living. Fuhrman’s high-nutrient, vegetable-based diet style is the key to optimal health, increased longevity and disease prevention. Joel Fuhrman, offering commentary & analysis on cancer, cardiovascular disease, healthy and unhealthy foods, depression, healthy parenting, obesity and other health-related issues. When the average person embarks on a diet or fitness regimen in the aim of losing weight or building muscle mass, what they are usually instructed to do is to eat lots of protein and go on a low carbohydrate diet to accomplish either of the goals.
Based on misinformation to this effect, several people view the daily consumption of a high-protein diet as beneficial. Several people subsists on fruits and green leaves exclusively or starchy root vegetables, fruits and leaves only and are in top shape-I’ve seen and am one of them. People have fasted on water only for several days and were actually stronger for the process! Based on research, the need for amino acids is highly exaggerated as only 16% or our body is Protein.

Research has been done on the diet of the aboriginal tribes living in the Mountains of Hagen. For optimal health a wise combination of your organic, seasonal fruits, roots and veggies is the best and safest way to go. If you don’t low carb diet properly, chances are high that you’ll feel drained of energy, have lackluster workouts, and be miserable all the time. The model is represented as a food pyramid, with bread and pasta at the bottom, vegetables and fruits in the middle and meat and dairy at the top. This includes heart disease, diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure and Alzheimer's, known as 'Western diseases'. High quantities of sugar is toxic for the body, leading to hormonal imbalances (notably insulin resistance), diabetes and obesity. Eggs and fish are also easily digested and contain protein and fat which is useful during the event. There is some evidence that water is the best thing to drink rather than sugared energy drinks, as the sugary drinks can switch your body into sugar burning which depletes your stores too rapidly. High-nutrient eating, as a therapeutic intervention, is most often MORE effective than drugs and surgery at restoring health from chronic diseases.
The great apes are primarily fruit eaters (although with substantial amount of leaves in their diets) How similar are humans to them?
The people who are recommending changes to our diets are facing a lot of resistance from the food industry and the established nutritionists. Weight maintenance will become much easier, and he cites the anecdotal example of an 83kg runner who went from 7000th position to 67kg and 208th position within one year by following this diet.
Cutting back on sugar and carbs will teach your body to burn fat as a fuel source and will yield numerous health benefits as sugar spikes will be minimized. Ia€™ve not had any stomach troubles with eating these more than an hour before exercising hard. The need of protein for the human body is about a nickel’s weight worth, the excess is basically excreted in urine.
Since we are able to utilize and assimilate a large amount of our needs of these elements, we are able to build the Nitrogen into our body as protein. This process is done by natural bacteria action that is capable of converting it to our use. Meanwhile, eliminated in their fecal matter was a protein of around 15 times more of what was ingested. People who smoke though cannot pick up Nitrogen from the air so easily but might still get enough from proper foods.

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