I believe my husband is a endomorph or mesomorph as well (he’s short and stocky, very muscular when we first met 10 years ago). What books and or websites do you suggest to help me revamp our diets and craft an exercise plan for myself that would take body type into consideration? I have my daughter tell it to shut up, and if she verbalizes negative self talk I have her back talk that negative voice out loud then come up with a ways she could improve the thing that she doesnt like. I dont get all the exercise I need to drop weight quickly but I have been loosing weight slowly and it feels good. July 18th, 2013 8:16 am Reply EvelynHi Paula,This article has really sparked my interest in learning more about my body type.
What are the right types of carbohydrates to add into my diet so I can continue gaining weight? April 16th, 2013 11:49 am Reply AnnieHello Paula,At your convenience, are you able to provide an example of an interval workout? I loved this article though and passed it along to friends who do fit in your three categories.
This is a very soothing, elegant kind of movement, but highly effective in getting rid of inches.
Oh, by the way Sarah who commented above– you sound like you need to add some safe starches into your diet.

Mesomorphs are those who have a medium-sized body and have a regular ratio of muscles on their body with large shoulders. And at last, Endomorphs are those who are round in shape and have more of fats on their body.Here we are going to discuss about all these various body types and their workout as well as diet plans. Whatever they eat, it do not affect their body, and although they remain same as they are with their body. But here are some of the best ever work out as well as diet plans which will be very effective, with which one can maintain healthy body. There are no fats on their body but they have to get more stronger muscles with specific workouts. These parts of the body needs to be strong and muscular.So start your workout with normal sets of exercise and then try out more of the sets. But remember, do not go on doing more of the exercise, that might damage some of the muscles.
Ectomorph Diet:Those people who are under this category, can eat almost anything unlike people of other categories. Also can try Rice, Pasta, Dry Fruits etc.Such people should have minimum 6 meals for each day. So get started with weights and put on some of the muscles on your body.With the help of weight exercise, it will be beneficial for gaining mass of muscles.

There are different types of exercise for such people and special workouts as per the people’s wish for getting thin or muscular. Mesomorph Diet:People who are under this category, need to work out for making muscles – stronger. Regular food has approximate 500 calories but if you are thinking to lose weight, then it should vary between 200 – 500 calories.
Best food can be olive oil, oatmeal, dry fruits, nuts, potatoes etc.Get regular diet and do not miss any of the meal as their muscle tissues are growing. So such people has to be conscious to burn more of the calories as they has to work harder to burn more calories. By the starting of the work out, get started with weights and they could burn more calories. Less weights might not work at all so start with medium weights and then look forward for heavy weights.Once you get used to weights, they will be extremely helpful for burning fats and building more of the muscles. Avoid all these food as much as possible – Fried Food, Junk Food, Fast Food, Spicy Food etc.

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