Royalty Free Guy Stock DesignsRoyalty Free Guy Stock Clipart IllustrationsClueless Man Trying to Wrap Christmas Gifts Cartoon Man Launching Himself on a Rocket Cartoon Man Training His Dog Tricks on an Agility Course Stressed out Office Worker Looking at an Overwhelming Stack of Unprocessed Paperwork Intimidating Cartoon Black Coach Waiting with Arms Crossed and His Foot Resting on a Soccer Ball Happy Cartoon Man Watering Small American Money Making Tree Happy Cartoon Man Reading a Blank Invitation Card Excited Cartoon Man Bidding with His Sign Raised up Fat Cartoon Man Eating a Chocolate Candy Bar Happy Cartoon U.S. Cake is my downfall, so if you’ve invented a sugar-free version I can’t wait for that book to come out!

In fact, you can eat the whole thing in one sitting without worrying about adding a single centimetre to your waistline.

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