Courtney GraleyAssuming heavy work out 5-6 x per week, that brings you to a total of around 2800-3000 calories per day. JamesNot to mention both competed in the golden era where steroids were openly discussed and used to their full extents. RobynIt says that my body fat is 26% but I know that's not right because my stomach is flat and part of my obliques are visible. PhillupIt just means you have a big ass where with women it goes to legs, stomach, and ass. JennyI currently weigh 130 and I did the calculations above I have 29.58% of body fat how much weight do i need to lose?? Adrian Bryantall that matters is what you think and not some chart UNLESS your goal is to be at a certain bodyfat percentage?
Dwayne Johnson, aka The Rock, has gone through a few body changes throughout his career as a wrestler and actor. While most guys these days are more interested in a muscular body of moderate size and exceptional definition, there are a few guys out there who would look at The Rock's heavily muscled physique and wonder "how to get a body like The Rock?". If your body type falls in the Mesomorph category, then I believe that you have a good chance of building a body like The Rock, providing that you put in the work, time and dedication for it.
If you gain fat easily and find it hard to lose fat, you would also build muscle easily, but your challenge would be to get lean and maintain a low body fat percentage. One of The Rock's diet plan for building muscle that I saw was designed like a typical bodybuilder diet.
Meal Two - 6-oz skinless grilled chicken breast, 1 cup grits, 6 oz yams, 1 cup of steamed asparagus, 24 oz water Meal Three- 6-oz water-packed tuna, 1 cup brown rice, 1 sliced cucumber, 24 oz water. Meal Four -  6-oz perch fillet, 1 cup barley, 6-oz baked potato, 1 cup steamed green beans, 24 oz water.
Meal Five - 6-oz pork tenderloin, 1 cup brown rice, 6-oz sweet potato, 1 cup peas, 24 oz water. Meal Six - 10 egg whites, scrambled, 3 servings cream of rice or 1 cup oatmeal, 24 oz water. Honestly, I cannot guarantee that you can build a body like The Rock, but if your goal is to build big muscle quickly you have to use the right mass building program that utilizes strategies that could turbo charge your gains. This entry was tagged bodybuilding, build muscle, diet plan, the rock dwayne johnson, workout routine.

I think that’s a decent estimate, but it’s hard to determine how rigorous you are working out. The body fat % calculator says that I am 36% body and need to lose around 20lbs (I weigh 169) to see any abs. You can be a sumo wrestler who is over 300 pounds and be a gifted athlete (fit), perhaps healthy as a horse, but also incredibly obese at the same time.
I'm not worried about that other than my ass is flatish and all my fat is stored in my stomach. In his wrestling days, The Rock once cut his size down from 280 lbs to 260 lbs, because being lighter helped him moved better in the ring.
He started weight training as early as 13 years old, and he made gains very easily from his muscle building workouts. On the other hand, if you possess an ectomorphic body type (naturally skinny and find it hard to gain weight) it may not be a realistic goal to get muscles like the Rock. So there are quite a few different nutrition and training programs used by The Rock that you'll find out there. I'm a good size except I have lots of lower belly fat that keeps me from a flat toned stomach.
Due to my body shape, is it possible to actually see abs prior to a 25% body fat percentage? Female fitness models are in the range of 21-24%, and ripped athletes in the 14-20% bracket. However, as The Rock's acting career took off his body gradually transformed into a different look. Most skinny guys would have to settle for a small to moderate muscular size when going after a body transformation, because building muscle naturally is usually a big challenge for them. He had to use a good fat loss diet that smartly manipulated carbs to get down to a low body fat percentage to get ripped.
However, the following is a workout and diet program used by Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson to put on lean muscle at some point.
If you are concerned you are eating too little, or too much, you may consider getting a BMR test using a metabolic analyzer. I've been watching what I eat and working out but I feel like nothing is getting me the right results and it's almost summer time..

He gained a lot of muscle and size in recent times, but he also got leaner and more defined.
Mesomorph is the body type that naturally has a considerable amount of lean mass even before they begin to train. The Rock also is 6' 4" in height and has a wide body frame which is very significant to his overall big look. That's because The Rock also possess some endomorph traits that caused some fat to be stored with the muscle. Take note, this is a 6-day split routine which could be used by an advance lifter like The Rock.
I am working on losing 10 lbs but according to this calculator I am over 35% fat and therefore obese. The Calorie Calculator will find out your weekly calorie need after analyzing your age, gender, height, weight, and the level of activity you undertake usually. I suspect your lean body mass is a little lower, and your body fat a little higher than you think.
That being said, you said you want to be fit, and fitness is usually defined as the ability to perform physical work. Also how can I get rid of a little bit of this fat poich on my lower abdomen so I can acctually have definition but not a six pack? Today the Rock is at his biggest size ever with a huge amount of defined muscle that greatly surpass his muscular image in his wrestling days.
That being said, your goal would to get below 122 pounds while not losing any more lean body mass. If you don't want to spring for a trainer, find a gym partner who can at least help you get started on doing total body exercises like squats.
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