That might sound strange coming from the guy telling you to put down the cupcake and stick to the steak, but the facts on alcohol consumption back up my lack of concern for the state of your shredded abs while having a drink with your friends.
B-b-but the experts say that I can only have a couple drinks a week or my results will be significantly diminished!
E) Alcohol is absorbed throughout our entire gastrointestinal tract (GI) and the rate at which it’s absorbed is affected by how much food we have hanging out in there.
G) There’s an enzyme called liver alcohol dehydrogenase (LADH) that limits the amount of ethanol we can oxidize. H) You feel nauseous if you over-drink because alcohol produces toxic byproducts called acetaldehyde and acetate. I) You may wonder why alcohol makes you sleepy, and then oversleep, and then remain tired the next day. L) While the overall body of evidence currently indicates that moderate alcohol consumption likely comes with a lot of perks, alcoholism comes with a plethora of negative side-effects (especially when combined with smoking).
Alcohol is a beautiful example of something called an inverted-U curve (the curve that looks like a hill). 1) Not getting in your daily nutritional needs to build muscle because you’ve filled up on beer and skipped 3 meals. 3) Drinking a ton of alcohol and then eating processed fat-person food, because alcohol has left you hungry and stripped you of your inhibitions against eating junk. So if you drink stereotypically masculine drinks and eat like a beast all your problems are solved? At this point I want to point out that even if alcohol were bad for muscle growth, there’s always room for moderation in any diet, no matter how strict. A lot of you reading this article are probably at a point in your life where you’re willing to temporarily make dietary sacrifices in order to rapidly achieve an incredible physique, strength and health transformation. Now if your goal is simply to look better, alcohol can definitely help, even in the short term. Resources; when writing this article I read a lot of pub med studies, and revisited a lot of books and articles from my favourite researchers and writers in the nutrition, health, athletics, and strength fields.
If you want to master this once and for all and gain 20-30 pounds over the next couple of months check out our full step-by-step muscle-building system for naturally skinny dudes – complete with training program, nutrition program, recipe book, exercise videos, members community and individualized coaching from us. Shane DuquetteI got that stuff from a human metabolism textbook and from the sports performance nutrition gurus over at Precision Nutrition.
Ahaha yeah some guys drink on purpose the night before to appear leaner and more vascular the next day. VladWell, yeah, the thing about appearing leaner after a night of drinking is only due to the dehydrating effect of alcohol. If you have hit a plateau in your journey to lose fat and gain muscle, it’s easy to blame your lack of progress on genetics. I’m excited to share a tasty gluten free recipe with you today, courtesy of my friend Jennifer Finley, author of Gluten Free Abs. Just about every time that Angie and I post a recipe on the Fat Loss Quickie blog, we receive requests for a gluten free version of the recipe.
With the growing need for gluten free recipes, Angie and I have called upon our friend Jennifer Finley, author of Gluten Free Abs, to help us provide some gluten free alternatives to your nutrition plan.
When it’s time to take your fat loss to the next level you need to skyrocket your motivation in order to help you overcome any obstacles, challenges or setbacks that you may face along the way. I have been incredibly happy with my fat loss progress and muscle gains during the first 35 days, especially considering all the junk food that I have indulged in, including the 8 slices of pizza, chips, cookies, kielbasa, and boxed cereal that I ate this weekend.
If you have struggled with procrastination as I have, then you will really appreciate the interview that I recently did with Tom Terwilliger, Former Mr. In this conversation between Tom and I, you will discover some great tips to dig yourself out of the procrastination rut and put yourself on track to finally achieving the goals that you desire.
There’s a new healthy cookbook in town, which I am 100% certain will help you achieve your fat loss results faster, while making it easier for you to stick to your new healthy eating plan.
There’s absolutely no doubt that your diet is largely responsible for your fat loss results.
If you aren’t getting 7 to 9 hours of QUALITY sleep each night and you are stressed out, it will be extremely difficult to lose fat and gain muscle no matter how hard you workout or how great your diet is.
When I analyze my personal training clients fat loss journals and pick apart why they are not experiencing the fat loss results that they were hoping for, many times it boils down to lack of quality sleep and they are not managing their stress very well. In one of my recent articles, I spoke about the fact that you must alter your training variables that make up your workouts if you want to continuously get good results, whether it is losing weight, building muscle, or toning up. While changing your training variables is an integral part of the success of your training program, your workouts shouldn't be drastically different every single time. At this point, it is time to change around some of your training variables as I described in the "exercise variables" article, and then stay consistent with your new training program for another 4-8 weeks. For example, let's say you are training with a program where you are doing 10 sets of 3 reps for 6 different exercises grouped together in pairs (done as supersets) with 30 seconds rest between each superset and no rest between the 2 exercises within the superset.
This time you choose a classic 5 sets of 5 reps routine, but you group your exercises in tri-sets (three exercises performed back to back to back, and then repeated for the number of sets). As most of you know, I’ve struggled to find a wearable digital music solution that can actually handle being bathed in sweat on a daily basis. I only have one week’s worth of chicken breasts remaining in the freezer, but I decided not to defrost them over the weekend.
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You may have heard that alcohol consumption negatively affects your metabolism and testosterone production, or even that it hampers protein synthesis. Most of the hype surrounding the negative effects of alcohol are exaggerated, avoidable or just plain wrong. Yes, a lot of bloggers and hardcore fitness dudes say exactly that, and some of them may even be very intelligent and muscular pillars of health.
As you may already know, people with high protein diets burn more calories and produce more heat. Alcohol gets immediate processing priority though, because our liver loves to use alcohol as fuel.
This means that your body is much more likely to store fat, as it can’t be oxidized away. These are, in a sense, anti-alcoholism toxins, because in small quantities these toxins produce negligible effects, but in large quantities they cause you to want to avoid alcohol in the future.
This is due to the release of the inhibitor gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA), which makes it easier to fall asleep, but harder to fall into a deep sleep, where the real benefits of rest occur. The protein synthesis rumours you may have heard stem from studies done on rats, but the studies on humans have been finding, well, nothing.
The inverted-U curve describes situations where total abstinence produces minimal results (and more would be a lot better), a slight intake produces modest results (and more would be a little bit better), a moderate intake produces optimal results, a slightly heavier intake produces okay results (and a little bit less would be a little bit better), and a high intake is back to producing minimal results (less would be a lot better). This will limit your muscle growth, but has more to do with your habits surrounding alcohol than the alcohol itself. I won’t call you a sissy, but I will remind you that since alcohol reduces fat oxidation, all of that sugar heads straight towards your belly.
With my small stomach and appetite this was never a problem for me, but I’ve seen many a friend build a belly this way. This applies to beer, and, as much as it pains me to say this, this even applies to cupcakes.
I’m testing the Bony to Beastly program right now, up 21 lean pounds in 10 weeks, and at exactly that point in my life.
This article is bad and wrong, you drink alcohol your body is deshidrating , you need water to keep your body hydrate. I’m about to start a training cycle and love to drink so when I found this gold mine of a no-fluff article I was really impressed.
Now before I move onto the valuable lessons that I’ve learned about genetics, it is important to note that we do have some genetic limitations when it comes to transforming our body. These requests come from our valued blog readers who either have Celiac Disease, or an intolerance to gluten, are sensitive to gluten, or are simply trying to reduce the amount of gluten in their diet. If you have been following my current body transformation and mission to lose fat and gain muscle, you already know that this has been a very amazing experience for me where it has felt effortless for me to put forth great effort.
America and author of The 7 Rules of Achievement, which you can find at your local bookstore or online. It’s called Metabolic Cooking, by Dave Ruel, and it is jam packed with mouth watering recipes that will totally boost your metabolism!
Some would argue that diet is 80% of the battle, while others would say it’s even as high as 90%. Nothing makes it easier for me to burn fat, than having a list of delicious and healthy recipes that also include the calorie content of each meal. It all sounds good, but just a day or two later you end up right back to your old bad habits. Our kids can’t stop raving about them and we feel great as parents when we put this healthy snack in their lunch.
If you are all over the place on each workout and never try to repeat and improve on specific exercises for specific set and rep schemes with specific rest intervals, then your body has no basis to improve on its current condition.
If you are smart, I'm sure you are tracking your progress with a notepad (weights used, sets, and reps) to see how you are progressing over time. I cooked up the second-to-last batch of six chicken breasts last week, and I found that I didn’t really enjoy them that much. I guess I underestimated how much work needs to be done around here, because there was still lots left to do at the end of the day. It’s been one hell of a week for both me and Lisa, and neither of us felt like spending a lot of time in the kitchen. We now know that Sonny has a rare condition known as Immune-Mediated Thrombocytopenia (IMT).
ZMA is a natural synergistic mineral blend containing Zinc, Magnisum Aspartate and vitamin B6. Based on the answers they provide, the program will identify the body type they have and make various regime suggestions.
Moreover, followers are allowed to eat all their favorite products as long as they observe the quantities indicated by the online program. For that, he has also included a series of workout sessions in the Customized Fat Loss Plan package. Nutritionists too, were inspired by Kyle Leon’s new alimentary regime and they rely on his customized meal plans when taking care of an overweight patient. This is the part where our passion bubbles over, and we can leave behind the analytical pragmatism and proven science that we apply to other facets of the business.

This information seems legitimate because of all those guys that are rockin’ really unattractive beer bodies. This is potentially why regular alcohol consumption is associated with longer lifespans and a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease. It’s nearly impossible for alcohol itself to be stored as fat because our liver is incredibly good at metabolizing it and terribly inefficient at converting it into fatty acids.
One drink is classified as 15g of ethanol, and that works out to be 1.5 shots (vodka, whiskey, tequila, etc), a pint of beer (one bottle), or a 5oz glass of wine. Sadly, these byproducts interact negatively with Tylenol, and thus you risk damaging your liver if you try and cure your hangover with it. Red wine, whiskey, scotch, tequila, vodka, rum and gin pretty much only have calories from alcohol in them, meaning they’re pretty solid choices. The problem is that three beers turn into 10, and one cupcake every couple days turns into 2 cupcakes every day.
Sometimes I’m willing to forego moderation in exchange for accomplishing what I want to accomplish—quickly.
This includes several hours before you start drinking, as your body takes a long time to process food.
I still feel this way after 35 days, but I know that I can dig even deeper and find even greater motivation that will drive me toward achieving my very best. Although we understand the significant impact that diet has on our body composition, some people choose to rely on guess work to arrive at their fat loss destination.
This has completely intrigued me and has sent me into deep thought and reflection as to how this instantaneous mental shift took place. The best way to structure your workouts to get the best results is to be consistent and try to continually improve on a specific training method for a specific time period. Let's say that after about 6 weeks, you find that you are no longer improving with that program. So, without thinking too hard about it, we ordered a giant pizza with sausage and pepperoni.
The meals are easy to prepare and the products that Leon recommends to help people lose weight can be found at all local stores. Supplements and nutrition brochures have also been provided to keep people informed on nutrition facts and to help customers maintain the results of the diet forever.
I should point out that this is for people who regularly consume reasonable amounts of alcohol, not for the guys who have 20 shots in a row once a month (those guys put most of the calories in the toilet).
Studies like this one shows that moderate alcohol consumption doesn’t effect testosterone at all and studies like this one show that alcohol increases testosterone production. In some hardcore alcoholics their ability to synthesize protein is diminished, but this has to do with a condition (chronic alcoholic myopathy) that sometimes comes along with the alcoholism, not the alcohol itself.
I got lucky here, because my three favourites are on the golden list: red wine, whiskey and tequila. BUT, most of us are nowhere close to achieving our genetic potential or reaching those limits. They guess what they should be eating to lose fat and guess how many calories are in the foods that they choose to eat. I went into some detail about this in the Transformation Fascination report about how I went through this same drill for six to seven months, reliving the same scenario, just like the movie ground hog day.
A time period of 4-8 weeks usually works best as your body will adapt to the specific training method and progress will slow after this amount of time. I’ve included body counts, since I usually got replacements under warranty (or was within the return window). In 2014 I wrote a fairly detailed article on ZMA, so I won’t duplicate that information here. That’s the equivalent of 6 shots of vodka, 4 pints of beer, or 4 small glasses of wine. Going with the worst possible outcome though, this study found that if you were to have three drinks every night your testosterone production would go down by less than 7%. The alcohol comes with several long-term health benefits and will have a positive effect on your ability to build muscle and dodge fat.
A buddy of mine always wondered how after some drinking nights he would have better abs than not, and I just related some of this to another buddy who’s trying to lose a few lbs. Great to see an article written with a different slant – am sick of all the doom and gloom articles re alcohol consumption! My workouts were great and I was gaining some muscle, but my nutrition was far from up to par, which resulted in some fat gain. Lack of time is going to prevent me from getting longer rides in for the foreseeable future, and I don’t want to trim calories any further. You could order light beer, which has fewer carbs, but who wants to be drinking light beer? When the occasional indulgence becomes a daily habit though you start to notice your fitness goals sprinting off into the distance while you’re left bony and gasping for breath. After you finish drinking have another protein filled meal: greek yogurt, chicken, lean meat, low fat cottage cheese, etc. In addition to that, if you enjoy your alcohol while hanging out with friends, reading a book, or unwinding however you like to unwind you also get all the health benefits of relaxing. To put this into perspective, by eating a diet conducive to testosterone production, Tim Ferriss (bestselling author) was able to increase his testosterone production by almost 300%. A couple beers is nothing to stress over though, especially since if this is a regular part of your lifestyle you also get all of the benefits, like increased insulin sensitivity. So you’d be much much much better off going to the gym, doing a full body workout with heavy weights, coming home to a hearty meal, and then heading out and having a few drinks with your friends than you would be if you spent the night at home worrying. So, presumably, you could have a couple drinks every day for decades and your muscle would be just fine, indicating that your ability to synthesize protein would also be just fine.
In this study they gave one group 150 calories of wine each day and the other 150 calories of grape juice. Plus,  If you down 10 beers in a binge drinking spree though, you’ve got a 23% reduction in testosterone that lasts for 16 hours.
Not by much (1kg leaner than the other group after 3 months of dieting) … but still leaner.

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