Ladies, you asked, so herea€™s an outline of my personal belly fat diet. Ita€™s a simple and relatively easy diet plan for menopause that I followed to lose belly fat.
Note: Initially, Carbs were no higher than 40% and closer to 30 - 35%, Protein was 35 - 40% and Healthy Fats were no higher than 25 - 30%. After many false starts and failed fad diets, here are the basic guidelines I eventually found and followed that helped me to finally lose abdominal fat.
Before you begin ANY belly fat diet, I suggest you take a a€?before weight loss picturea€? in a bathing suit or even a pair of shorts. You may also want to use the printable weight loss chart and diet tracker to record your body measurement and diet plan too. Start Today For Only 9$ And Then ONLY Pay The Rest On Day 21 After You Experience Rapid Fat Loss Results! Here's the deal: I believe in this system and your results so much that I'm willing to give you the ENTIRE Fat Loss Solution system today for just $9.
Essentially, we're giving you full access to the entire system right now so that you can prove to yourself that it works, and then you'll only pay the remaining balance once you experience what's promised: extremely fast fat loss results.
And I'm glad you're reading this short and info-packed page, because I've got a surprising weight loss revelation for you that is probably the exact opposite of what you've been told in the past.
You're about to discover how a key type of cell in your body will actually unlock your own natural and effortless fat burning power. To be honest, the weight loss industry would rather you didn't know about this no-nonsense and 100% science-based weight loss fact.
Knowing the truth about your body's own fat burning switch is going to free you from all that though. After all, it's almost impossible to lose fat and keep it off using mainstream weight loss advice. But I can actually guarantee you'll quickly have the weight loss results you want as soon as you harness the power of your body's own fat burning triggers. You see, over the past decade, I've traveled around the globe consulting for and training hundreds of personal trainers and coaches.
Of all the athletes and other high performers who've used the methods I'm about to share with you to get super lean and sculpted, very few of them had any genetic advantage over you.
Instead, what you actually need is a complete solution that attacks your fat from the inside out and teaches you how to effortlessly maintain your fat loss forever.
When I started as a young strength coach, I thought I'd be working with the top 1% of the gene pool. Despite their relatively high levels of performance, many of my new charges had uncomfortably high body fat. This is the true story about how YOU can use the secrets I figured out as one of the top collegiate strength and conditioning coaches in the country. You see, athletes don't work out the way the staff at your local neighbourhood gym are telling you to exercise. So I'm going to reveal to you the actual methods I used to help all my athletes and armed service personnel unlock their fat burning triggers right in their own cells to build phenomenal bodies almost effortlessly. You'll also discover why you do NOT have to constantly stress about how your body looks anymore.
Despite their crappy genetics, they developed hot bodies as a SIDE-EFFECT of their performance oriented diet and their workouts.
So they're happy to sacrifice lean metabolic muscle, performance and energy just to get the scale to drop. So if you want to avoid the heartache of another failed fat loss plan, don't fall into the trap of the 7 deadly weight loss dangers that keep you flabby and actually turn off your body's fat burning switch so you're doomed to gain back every pound and MORE as soon as you stop dieting or exercising. Those are just 7 of the nasty things that happen to your body when you do fat loss the WRONG way. Even if you happen to stumble on a decent diet and exercise plan, it doesn't work because you actually have to FIX the mess made by all the previous weight loss plans.
I did not encourage a single one of those athletes and airmen to "lose weight." But they all developed incredible physiques under my care using these 5 secrets. Every one of the nearly six thousand women and men that I've trained have been a test case proving one important point.
And no matter who you are, no matter your gender, no matter what level you're starting at, this is true for you too. So you don't just want to "lose weight," because that means you're probably also sacrificing the one thing in your body — your muscle cells — that will actually make it EASIER to torch off fat and get a lean and athletic looking body. ALL of the female athletes I coached ended up with drop-dead gorgeous and totally feminine figures. Whether you are a man or a woman, taking care of your muscle mass is the ONLY way you're going to build a lean body over the LONG term.
And the cool thing is, fat just drops off naturally when you get your muscle metabolism working for you! You have an entire system in your body devoted to telling your cells what to do — your hormones.
By balancing their fat burning hormones through the right workouts and diet, they naturally ended up with bodies that'd make the finest Greek god green with envy. You see, when your hormones are out of whack, whether you're a man or a woman, it doesn't matter how hard you work out or how little you eat.
But get your fat loss hormones working for you, and dropping extra fat seems almost effortless.
This may sound strange, but you can have your ideal body without putting yourself on an extreme deprivation diet. You see, one of the secrets I learned while coaching so many athletes and armed service personnel is that extreme diets actually make you FATTER in the end. So when I started working as a strength and conditioning coach, I had to throw all the conventional wisdom I learned at school out the window. Rest assured, you will NOT have to go hungry to get super lean when you start using my methods! But once I give you the right formula for using food, workouts and supplements to recalibrate your hormones, you'll effortlessly and quickly melt away your trouble spots, no matter what they are, or how long they've been frustrating you. The people who's bodies look same year in and year out are the ones who get stuck in a workout rut. The ones who look more ripped, lean, sleak or strong from year to year are the ones who improve upon their PERFORMANCE from one session to the next.
To shed blubber from your body, you need to do a little bit more, a little bit better, work a little bit harder every time you work out. When you encourage yourself to improve with every single workout, your body has no choice… It adapts by burning loads of fat.
Not only that, it's also fun and rewarding, which means it's easy to stick to your workouts.
In the strength program and the energy systems program that I'll give you, I've engineered the whole process for you.
I've watched so many people struggle with the pain and frustration of being overweight, or of losing a bunch of weight and gaining it all back in record time. All the while, I wanted to be able to help all those folks, but I only have so much time, and I can only take on a very limited number of personal consulting clients. Then, if you're a fitness geek like me, you can devour all the information on what makes the workouts programs work. You're about to discover how to get the maximum body transformation and fat loss results from the Fat Loss Solution, no matter how busy you are, what your current level of fitness is, or how much experience you have. Once you start going through the FLS main manual, you'll be excited to get started right away. This is a no-nonsense and easy-to-use guide to get you plugged into the perfect workout program instantly. Even if you've tried other exercise plans and ended up quitting, you'll succeed on this plan. For the brave of heart, or the experienced FLS master, this is the summit of your journey with me. This manual gives you written, step-by-step instructions and tips on doing each of the 87 exercises in the four Fat Loss Solution program options.

Equipped with the complete 8-part Fat Loss Solution system, you'll instantly flip your body's own fat burning switch and start shaping the body you've been trying to have for so long. Even if you've never been an athlete, and never want to be, there are some valuable lessons we can take from the world's top physical performers. I've worked with thousands of the top collegiate athletes, and I know all the tricks that make them lean, strong and full of energy. This simple tool is one of the most powerful ways I've discovered to keep you excited about your progress. Out of all the fancy tools I had at my disposal to work with my athletes at Miami University, this simple PR Log Book I developed was by far the most effective.
As you can see, I've packed The Fat Loss Solution with every single technique and tip I've developed to get you in the best shape of your life as quickly and easily as possible. And although some of the best personal trainers in the world regularly pay me $350 per HOUR to learn a fraction of what I'm doing for you in The Fat Loss Solution, my goal is actually to help as many people as possible as quickly as I can. Because feeling great in your body changes how you feel about yourself, I know that The Fat Loss Solution can make a real difference in the world. Now that I am no longer a college athlete, I still find myself using the same workouts and techniques to stay in shape that Ryan taught, because they still produce great results. You’ll be blown away by the sheer quality and attention to detail of every aspect of the program. The Fat Loss Solution has been designed with the greatest of care to ensure your quick and easy success. When you start following The Fat Loss Solution system, you’ll get noticeable results in days.
I'm 100% convinced that you'll never have to buy another diet or workout program once you start using The Fat Loss Solution. 3 No matter your history with exercise, I give you the perfect workout plan to get the most fat loss from The Fat Loss Solution in the least amount of time. 5 Once you experience The Fat Loss Solution first hand, you'll end up more knowledgable than 99% of personal trainers. 7 I don't expect you to be a "fitness robot." You CAN get lean, have optimal health and indulge in your favorite foods from time to time using the FLS methods. 8 I'll show you how to plan your meals and do your grocery shopping so that you're in and out of the store in 20 minutes! 9 The workouts in FLS are 100% "plug-and-play." You don't have to worry about how to progress from week to week.
Are You Ready To Flip On Your Body's Own Fat Burning Switch, and Start Effortlessly & Quickly Shaping The Kind Of Body You'll Be Proud To Show Off…? If you can accept that most of what you've been told about losing fat is just plain wrong, and that there's a better way, one that's guaranteed to work, then The Fat Loss Solution is 100% right for you. You can download and view every element of The Fat Loss Solution program on any mobile device running the latest operating system. Because The Fat Loss Solution has been proven to work on over 5900 people already, and because so many people love it, we’re happy to offer you a 100% iron-clad money back guarantee. Ryan has used his exact FLS system to take already lean elite athletes to their most "shredded" state humanly possible.
As long as you have no pre-existing injuries or chronic aches and pains, you can do FLS at any age.
I spend almost as much time on the road, teaching the top personal trainers in the world how to get results for their clients, as I get to spend at home with my wife.
I'm going to show you an example today of one of my favorite ab workouts that doesn't include any direct ab exercises at all.
A good rep scheme to use with this could be 3-4 sets of 8 reps for each exercise, or more sets for less reps, such as 5 sets of 5 reps of each exercise. Renegade dumbbell rows are done starting in a pushup position with the hands on 2 dumbbells. Front squats are done similar to back squats, however with the barbell in front of your body on the front of your shoulders instead of resting on the upper back as in back squats.
Mountain climbers are done by starting in a pushup position and then shuffling your feet in and out so that your knees are moving in under your chest and then back out to starting position. This will give you one of the best ab workouts you've ever had without even doing any direct ab exercises. Josh Hillis' Fat Loss and Fitness BlogWhere the fact and fiction of celebrity fitness collides with hard core fat loss basics.
126g of Protein, 82g of healthy metabolism boosting Fat, almost no carbs, and tons of veggies. 193g of Protein, 140g of metabolism boosting Healthy Fats, almost no carbs, and tons of veggies. As a final step before posting your comment, enter the letters and numbers you see in the image below.
Then, on Day 21, only AFTER you've seen the results for yourself, you'll be billed a second one-time payment of $28, still reflecting the special Presale Discounted Sale price. They'd rather you continue following the "conventional wisdom" that's been keeping you fat — and locked into their expensive pills, potions and memberships.
And to be honest, this is the ONLY way to finally lose those last 5, 10, 20 or even 30 or more stubborn pounds quickly and forever. And they definitely aren't following the cookie cutter diets and fad workouts in the mainstream media and magazines either.
And how you can do exactly the same thing using the same techniques, which I've modified to fit your busy lifestyle. And it's switching off your fat burning genes, ruining your metabolism, LOCKING fat in your cells and setting you up for rebound weight gain. I'm about to give you 5 solutions that will prime your fat burning furnaces so you can restart your metabolism and turn it into an efficient fat loss machine. As Division 1 Strength & Conditioning Coach at Miami University, I worked with hundreds of athletes every single year. I think we can all agree she built a body that's beautiful, toned, shapely and feminine using the same methods you'll discover here on this page.
The truth is, it takes "unnatural" measures for girls to develop bulky and over-muscular physiques.
You may have heard of things like testosterone, estrogen, growth hormone, leptin and many other hormones. And as a coach, it was my job to fine tune that machine to get the highest possible performance. And it just happened effortlessly as a result of getting their fat loss hormones back in natural balance. In fact, restricting your food will actually ruin your chances of getting the body of your dreams.
I could actually feed my athletes a ton of food if I had the right types of food, at the right time, with the right intensity of exercise, and the proper supplements. And they've worked time and time again on both my athletes and all the regular folks I train. For example, those "love handles" are a sign that your body is having problems with the hormone insulin. And when you continually give your body that signal, it keeps dropping fat at a rate that will probably shock you. I'll tell you when, what and how to progress in laser focused detail to get the fastest fat loss humanly possible—no matter your age or your level of experience. Like I said, these workouts are designed with laser guided precision to get you the most incredible body with the least amount of time investment.
And I've sat by feeling powerless as wave after wave of useless diet and workout programs hit the market.
I've put all my methods into a system that I've quite simply called The Fat Loss Solution program. You'll discover some quick shifts in your mindset and lifestyle that will practically guarantee your success.
I'll quickly show you the simplest food choices and habits to set you on the path to your best body ever.

I introduce your body to basic movement patterns that will have a positive impact on your daily activities. It uses a carefully created combination of exercises and workout methods to boost your metabolism beyond belief. Once you go through this program, you'll end up with the fitness magazine-style body you used to think only elite athletes could achieve.
I've removed all the frustration and misinformation, so that you only invest in the diet and exercise strategies that give you a 100% return on your time. This package, with a real value of $251.00, contains 5 diet variations, 4 full workout program options, and all my insider techniques to get you to your fat loss goal more quickly than any other program available today. So I've decided to build momentum by releasing FLS to the first thousand people at an incredibly discounted price. My friends and colleagues in the fitness business are so excited about the release of FLS, that this offer is actually being emailed out to over 2 million people this week alone.
With Ryan’s instruction I began to understand the science and technique behind his well thought out regimens.
He mentors through deep conviction and an incredibly vast knowledge base regarding health and fitness.
If I fall short on ANY of my three promises to you, all you have to do is let me know and I'll send back every penny of your investment. I give you the keys to planning, diet, psychology, emotional triggers, goal setting, exercise and more. I get flown around the globe to teach the best coaches and personal trainers in the industry how to get results for their clients. That means that you'll be able to take charge of your own body and stay lean and strong for life. But if you prefer to just get in awesome shape and don't care about the science, all you have to do is follow along to the program and you'll get the body you want. In the current version, I examine some of the hottest diet trends, like intermittent fasting, and how they may or may not fit into your long term fat loss plan.
Can you accept that all the failed diets, useless workout plans and rebound weight gain can be blamed on an industry that just does not have your best interests at heart?
By this time next week, you'll already start feeling the fat dropping off your body as you rev up your cellular metabolism and begin the job of optimizing your hormones for rapid and seemingly effortless fat loss.
Don’t forget, with our rock solid, 100% Money-Back TRIPLE Guarantee, we’re giving you a full 60 days to maximize your fat burning potential and discover for yourself that this is truthfully THE Fat Loss Solution. There are diet options and workout programs for everyone from someone who is completely inactive all the way to a former Olympian.
The truth is that most people never do anything with the products they buy, so most of the time, they don? get any results.
I like to give my readers better options for metabolism-boosting high intensity workouts that work their entire body while also working their abs.
You stabilize the barbell on your shoulders by crossing your arms and pushing your fists into the bar against your shoulders while keeping your elbows out in front of the body.
I've helped all of them reach incredibly lean and sculpted bodies using the exact methods you'll read about on this page.
And in the Air Force I was in charge of the Physical Conditioning of several thousand troops at two bases. I've also taught these methods to hundreds of personal trainers and coaches in dozens of countries, who've gone on to use them successfully with thousands of clients. But if you'd rather just know which program I recommend for you so you can get started right away, just skip ahead to the FLS Workout Options Guide and you'll be doing your first workout in no time. A quick series of questions and a brief description of each program will leave no doubt in your mind as to which plan is going to give you the fastest fat loss results. I'll use more complex movements to give your body variety and a reason to keep melting fat. If Torch Circuits, Afternurns, and Meltdown Complexes don't sound scary to you, then this is where you should start. The variations start off accessible to anyone, at any level, and get more challenging as you progress through the program options. When I first became acquainted with Coach Faehnle through the Poliquin PICP Training Program I knew relatively little about proper training.
Ask questions, share your success and seek motivation—we're there to make sure you get results. Whether you prefer to "wing it" on your diet, or you love geeking out on measuring everything, I show you how to do it. And if you're a former Olympic Athlete, I've got something that'll push you to your limits.
What does work is understanding how hormones affect fat deposits, and adjusting your diet and workouts. Everyting in the FLS is the most cutting edge information that will get you the fastest results possible with the least weekly time investment. Bring the dumbbell back to the ground and alternate the rowing arm while stabilizing with the opposite arm.
This takes a little practice at first, so you will want to seek a professional trainer at your gym to help you with the form. If you want an advanced version, you can also shuffle your hands 8-10 inches forward and backward in addition to the leg movements. And you'll watch in amazement as the fat drops from your body and you see noticeable results in the mirror from week to week.
In fact, I give you a total of 5 diet variations and help you choose the one perfectly tailored for you. I'll kick start your metabolism for fat loss with low-intensity exercise that you'll enjoy doing.
You can use it as the next step after your Basic Training program, or as a starting point if you've already got some experience and you're feeling perky! But no matter how far you take your personal fat loss journey, this easy to follow guide ensures you'll get maximum benefit from every exercise. In this report I show both men and women how to fine tune their programs to maximize results. Coach Faehnle took the time to properly introduce me to correct training through logical assessment and technique.
And no matter where you're starting from, I give you the right diet to make the fastest progress — even if you're a total beginner. This stabilizing effect during the rows creates incredible work for your entire midsection core area. Front squats require extreme stabilization strength from the abs due to the barbell weight being shifted to the front of the body instead of the back.
This really makes it a full body exercise and MUCH more difficult than standard mountain climbers. I saw very quickly his desire to foster and develop in each student a sense of urgency, where preparation meets opportunity.
The Fat Loss Solution workout principles are the same at every level, but I use my years of experience to tailor your experience exactly to your needs. Everything you'll ever need — including 5 diet options and 4 workout programs — is already waiting for you in FLS. They followed a healthy lifestyle program including diet, exercise and proper supplementation. But they'll accelerate your fat loss and bring out the exact body shape you're looking for. To be a coach means to be a teacher, and Coach Faehnle is absolutely one of the very best in the industry. Identifying Success on the Process Level Reduces Negative Effects of Prior Weight Loss on Subsequent Weight Loss During a Low?Calorie Diet.

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