The difference between Weight Loss and Fat Loss and Why you should focus on FITNESS (not skinniness) for Long Term Health. The ideal body composition–the ratio of lean muscle to fatty tissue in our bodies–is low in fat and high in lean muscle. Restricting Calories to Lessen Body Weight will diminish the body’s ability to fight illness and disease. With all of the above considered, you must understand that your chances of becoming Obese (which is a medical classification, not a judgmental adjective) are much higher when you only focus on being ‘skinny’; where when you work on strength training, you will continue to ward off obesity, and all the diseases associated with it. Get tested: Have a fitness professional test your body fat for you at your local gym or test yourself at home using this protocol. Pump it up: Research shows that muscle strength declines by 15 percent per decade after age 50, and 30 percent per decade after age 70. Protein: Protein is the building block of muscle and it is essential for repair after workouts. Practice stress management: Elevated levels of stress hormone (cortisol) can have a negative effect on body composition by increasing the breakdown of muscle mass and increasing the deposition of fat around the abdomen.
A balanced diet, regular exercise routine, and positive state of mental health will help you look and feel your best. This post is not meant to say people shouldn’t lose weight, with the obesity epidemic we do need to encourage our world to maintain a healthier weight.
Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. I was interviewed for a big name fitness magazine recently and they asked for my top five muscle building and fat loss tips. Just about everyone I know wants to look like Reggie Bush, Nate Marquardt or even Dwight Howard.
You should be training for enhanced performance, first and foremost, trying to improve at every workout. When you move your own bodyweight (or bodyweight plus resistance) like you do in a chin up, pushup, squat, parallel bar dip, inverted row, etc.
As far as conditioning and cardio goes, you have to realize that the human body wasn’t designed for repetitive steady state activity but rather short bursts with a wide variety of different movements. So focus on free weights and bodyweight exercises like chins, dips and sprints, play as many sports as possible, and avoid the majority of  strength or cardio machines like the plague. When training for size, strength and speed, quality is always more important than quantity. While some people will argue that extreme amounts of volume are necessary to induce gains in muscular size and strength you have to realize that the single most important factor is progressive overload. Simply focus on doing a low volume of quality training and getting as strong as you can on 5-10 key exercises that always remain constants in your program and you will see dramatic changes in your physique. The first rule of thumb to follow is that if a caveman couldn’t eat it you probably shouldn’t eat it. Focus on getting the majority of your calories from vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds (all of which can be turned into delicious meals by following the Renegade Recipe Guide) and lean, grass fed beef, free range chicken, bison, wild game and organic eggs, and limited amounts of wild caught fish. Be sure to drink nothing but pure water and the occasional cup of green tea or glass of red wine. To take it to the extreme it’s even been recommended to unplug all electronic devices in your bedroom at night.
Jay Ferruggia is a fitness & lifestyle consultant who has helped thousands of guys get fit, get their shit together and start living awesome lives.
Fat is the main cause of obesity and most often an imbalance diet cause fat deposition under the skin. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Getting started on a diet. Prior to starting on a diet, you need to make sure that you are fully committed about it.

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While weight may be important in the grand scheme of things, but there is a number that is much more accurate than this at providing a measurement of health: Body Fat Percentage. This means that you may be technically heavier than what you would like, but what you ‘like’ is based on an error in education!
We become unhealthy when our percentage of body fat is too high because of excess fat and because of muscle loss.
Loss of muscle is linked to increased risk of heart disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, obesity, and high blood pressure. Having a fit body means you are fueling it properly and each of the body’s processes are operating to their maximum ability. This also means that more of the foods you eat are used as fuel, while the extra is passed and not stored.
As expected, along with this decline in muscle mass is a five percent decrease per decade in our metabolic rate. According to a recent study from the University of Illinois, a higher protein intake during weight loss can offset negative effects on muscle mass by maintaining more muscle relative to the amount of weight lost. Questions to consider before starting your fitness careerMelissa Morony on Teaching Fitness 101. Add in some throws, jumps or Olympic lifts for explosive power and strongman training for functional strength and conditioning. If I had a kid who squatted 135 for 1o reps work his way up to squatting 405 for ten reps he is obviously going to be significantly bigger.
Almost nothing that comes in a box or plastic wrapper or that contains any artificial ingredients whatsoever can be considered healthy. If you can’t chew all of your protein (which is the best option) add in a top quality protein powder like Sun Warrior or All Pro Science Grass Fed Whey. Also, remember to avoid conventional, pasteurized dairy, corn, wheat and sugar as these cause inflammation throughout the body leading to pain and disease.
If you are not sleeping you have a major problem and it needs to be addressed with high priority. First, write down everything you need to do tomorrow so it’s out there on paper and hopefully off your mind. There are a lot of foods and things that accumulate fat on body, beside food some habits also a cause of fat deposition. Mostly women and girls get fat due to inactive lifestyle just as many individual spend their most of the time in sitting position, they watch television and busy in computer work.
Reduce or see off all those foods which contain white sugar and direct white sugar consumption. Starvation is not a suitable method because it loss more energy and best way is to reduce your food. I want you to be as educated as possible, and this means understanding why a ‘healthy Body Fat Percentage’ is so much more accurate of a goal than a ‘healthy weight’.
And of course, continuing to exercise will aid in keeping your metabolism boosted so that you continue to feel younger, and look your best. You should adopt a well rounded exercise plan that incorporates strength training to maintain lean muscle mass and keep your metabolism running fast. Typical bodybuilding protocols don’t work exceptionally well for the genetically average, drug free lifter.
Always strive to increase your performance from one workout to the next by lifting more weight, doing more reps, jumping higher, running faster or getting done in less time.

This means you will recruit and activate more muscle fibers, thus you will get bigger, stronger and leaner a whole lot faster. Mercola and Paul Check have gone into great detail about why having these devices on or anywhere near you when sleeping is a bad idea so make sure they’re off and in another room. Once the fat deposit on body it is difficult to reduce it because it needs hard work and high temperature or regular exercise. Eliminate excuses. Many people today are not able to start on their diets, since they think that they are not too overweight, or they put it off for another day. Consultez notre Politique de confidentialite et nos Conditions d’utilisation pour en savoir plus. If your weight loss plan includes weight-lifting or resistance training (as it should), your best incentive is to judge your progress by the fit and feel of your clothes rather than your weight. Do not overdo cardiovascular exercise — it can damage the muscle fibres that you are working so hard to build and maintain. This post is simply meant to argue that it’s not weight but your body composition that is important in assessing health and achieving wellness.
This is why squats are superior to leg presses, chins are superior to pulldowns, dips are superior to pushdowns, glute ham raises are superior to leg curls, and inverted TRX rows with a weighted vest are superior to machine rows. But if I increased his sets from 1 to 50 over that same time period would he make the same gains? And when you finally hit a plateau (which usually comes long after most people think it will as long as they’re training smart) you would simply need to make a few adjustments to get back on the road to progress again. Start following any or all of these tips today and I guarantee you will see some definite improvements. The lifestyle is also a factor for fat accumulation and less body movement or walking is also a cause of this obesity. The current era has many facilities and they provide a lot of facilities to modern man and that is why the man become inactive.
To eliminate your excuses, you should face your problem head on, and recognize the fact that dieting is one of the solutions for it.
Medium intensity, steady state cardio that drowns your fast twich fibers in lactic acid, is a great way to kill your speed and explosiveness.
On other hand the food consumption is more than the calories utilization, in this way extra calories deposit in the form of fat under the skin, which is mostly deposit in belly area. As you can see you’re actually better off weighing more on the scale if you’re able to maintain a healthy fat mass-to lean mass ratio.  The more muscle you have in your body, the more metabolically active you are. All of these things add up quickly to provide a healthier body composition and a happier picture of wellness in the long-term.
The fat deposition is not only a physical hurdle, but it also has the health of individuals and it damages the coronary vessels. Gather as much information as you can. If you have fully decided that dieting is the way to go in order to lose weight, then you should gather as much information as you can. You’re less likely to develop joint problems, osteoarthritis, heart disease, diabetes and more. Our environment and surrounding is also responsible for obesity because we do not have some basic facilities just as walking tracks, parks and gem clubs. Some time obesity is also inherited from parents to offspring, similarly age and over diet also a factor for obesity.
The inactive lifestyle is a major cause of obesity, sugar is also an element behind the obesity so it is necessary to avoid sugar and its products.

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