Personal Training allows you to achieve the maximum results in the shortest amount of time, learn proper form, and expand your library of exercises. Personal Training: Get a customized exercise program based on your fitness goals and specific needs. Youth Fitness: Youth between the ages of 14 and 17 are able to participate in specialized personal training sessions. The youth fitness program provides a safe and effective session that utilizes equipment such as free weights, bands, and medicine balls. Group Personal Training: Small to mid-sized Personal Training Groups that blend the best of group fitness and one-on-one training. Experience high energy, motivating, and affordable fitness training in small to mid-size groups. Please Note: A fitness assessment is a necessary component and must be completed by all participants prior to beginning any program. Do 5 each leg.A  If your kid is having trouble with this, email us we can show you a regression. A lot of our personal training and bootcamp clients were not taught fitness as kids and how to incorporate fitness into their lives.
That sort of wrongful negativity leads people down the wrong path…no wonder why our population is obese. If you werena€™t taught how to balance fitness in your life as a kid, chances are you will not be a healthy adult as life only gets more challenging. This entry was posted in Personal Training and tagged Bootcamp, Fitness, glastonbury, hartford, personal trainer, personal training, south windsor, wellness, youth fitness by ctpersonal. We deliver high-quality gymnastics and recreational programs that foster a passion for physical fitness in people of all ages. Our personal training program offers customized fitness training for women, men, and teens. Gymnastics, outdoor play, and creative arts & crafts will make for an action-packed and memorable camp experience for children ages 3 to 12 this summer.
Providing children with special needs an opportunity to learn gymnastics skills and to engage in a proprioceptive-rich environment where they can move their bodies safely and freely in a warm & welcoming environment.
While our programs are designed for team training, our professional trainers focus on every child, and give each athlete the attention they need to succeed.  All of the athletes are given constant guidance, reassurance, and focus.
Building healthier, stronger, faster and more confident children remains our number one priority. The Youth athletes participate in challenging, yet fun drills that are designed to enhance their motor skills, movement patterns and overall fitness levels. As parents and coaches we constantly ask ourselves how our children can compete in today’s demanding youth sports environment. Have you ever found yourself watching a youth sporting event and noticed a particular child standing out above the rest?  Are you constantly looking for that answer to what will improve their skills and make them better? YoPro Fitness offers these programs to mixed-sport athletes as well as entire teams wanting to improve their overall athletic skill sets.
Coaching clinics are also available, which provide the same training techniques to coaches who are always looking for that competitive edge.  Our comprehensive and hands-on program teaches coaches how to train their athletes in an encouraging, challenging, and team-driven environment. The commonly held belief that strength training for kids is dangerous to the growth plates is simply not accurate provided that appropriate guidelines are followed with respect to, specifically, exercise execution. More over, an increased need for correct kids fitness programs due to the rigors of a typical soccer, football or baseball game place far more of a strain on the structures of kids than does a well-executed lift.

The real crux of this issue stems from the argument of which type of resistance training is most safe or suitable.
If there is not a fully qualified an exceptionally experienced coach involved, than yes – without question. While machine-based strength training for children has been shown clinically to be positive, it does not appear that the clinical evidence supports anything other than the fact that isolated strength has increased. On the other hand, North American research has never sought out to prove whether or not Olympic Lifts are dangerous for young athletes; it has always just been assumed so. On the contrary, bone scans of children who have done regular competitive lifting reveal a significantly larger bone density than those who do not lift weights – In other words, controlled progressive competitive lifting may be useful in improving the ability of youngsters to cope with the rigors of other sports and normal daily life”.
I try whenever possible to make sure that physicians, parents and coaches here in North America don’t become too dogmatic with respect to their viewpoints on how children should exercise. Learn how to coach, program and perform the Olympic Lifts to help your young athletes on-field performance EXPLODE by picking up your copy of the IYCA Olympic Lifting Instructor Course today! I’ve had 13 year olds with better mental and physical ability than some 17 year olds.
Progression is key for everyone, and especially for kids, who are laying down the habits that will carry them through the rest of their lives. I think it is important for youth athletes to be guided by trained professions that know the limitations of a child’s physical ability.
Teenagers will be able to get the supervision, encouragement and direction they need to get the results they want. As kids spend more time on the couch with facebook, TV and video games, they lose proper movement mechanics. In addition to physical fitness, exercises we do like this one actually help your kid process things quicker in the classroom.
This simple, yet purpose-filled, 45 minute exercise program can be used with a small or large circuit of cardio equipment. The companion Youth Strength Training Program makes it easy for any Health Club (YMCA, JCC, Community Center, Pediatrician, Physical Therapy) to add this exciting new profit center with a proven system for Youth Training. You can positively impact Childhood Obesity in your area, by offering Youth Fitness Programs that are fun, exciting and that keep kids coming back for more! As you start to look for that next summer sports camp, we encourage you to talk to one of our advisors to see how we can help your young athlete improve their athletic skills, encourage a healthy lifestyle, and help them maximize their athletic potential. In fact, improved sport performance, increased muscular endurance and enhanced bone strength are all likely benefits of resistance training for children. In North America, we tend to buy into the concept that fitness machines are most safe due to their static nature and fixed paths which remove our need to stabilize during a movement – which would be fine if the body actually worked like that, but it doesn’t! However, can the Olympic lifts actually be beneficial for younger athletes… let’s examine that.
More over, due to their static nature, it can certainly be concluded that machine-based strength training does not positively impact coordination or movement skill – something that is extremely crucial for young athletes. In addition, because of their dynamic nature, Olympic Lifts are actually quite ideal for aiding in the development of coordination and movement skill.
Although North Americans view Olympic Lifting as entirely unsafe for pre-adolescents, they have been adopted as part of a physical education curriculum in sections of Europe.
The upside is my son and the kids I train continue to out perform their non-lifting competitors. It is no so much the fact that physically that should not do it, it is the mental part of it.

It is good to know that someone with your experience in youth fitness agrees with what I have been saying for years. Ofc at a small age we just did small weights and focused a lot on technique and some basic exercises to strenghten the core muscles. The Parisi youth athlete training program is one that helps them achieve improved strength, flexibility, agility and speed in a controlled environment from certified professionals. I am a soccer coach and feel that technique training, if done properly (which it usually isn’t), will go a long way to develop effective and injury free players . Sometimes you simply have to take the leap forward knowing what lies ahead is better than where you are. This not only sets them up for injury but also weight gain and all the physical and emotional consequences of that. You will personally find it challenging too, especially if you havena€™t been actively involved in fitness your entire lifea€¦which unfortunately is too common now a days. If need be, you can take the general theme of the workout and modify it to utilize the equipment or calisthenic events as requires! The best part is that you can pick and choose what parts of the CYF Program that works best for you and your Youth Fitness Center. I have been training 7th and 8th graders for Youth Football and I have had a few 5th and 6th graders come along. As far as I can remember, at the age of around 15, I was already doing regular weight sessions, and you could feel the difference! I’ll design and implement a customized exercise program based on your needs and specific fitness level. To the uneducated eye, they certainly appear more safe and prudent than training with free weights, especially in dynamic movements such as Olympic lifts… but are they? Stay away from the long pre season one or two mile run- it causes ACLs , especially in women.
I recommend any youth trainer and sport parent read over as many of these models as possible and inform themselves on different approaches to youth training what different countries are doing. Now some of the older kids are a little squirrely too but will get with it once I get on them and stay focused.
These models take vast amounts of evidence-based research and simplify it into an easily understood document.
From these people need to take what they like and what they don’t like, but at the very least they need inform themselves.
If we can educate as many parents and coaches as possible, we can reach more youth and prevent as many injuries and negative sport experiences as possible. Resistance workouts can improve your speed, power, cardiovascular fitness, coordination, and muscle endurance. These benefits allow you to perform the same runs or activities with less energy expenditure.

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