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Commit to happiness and health a€“ get your FREE 12-page Keto Starter Guide + weekly recipes, straight to your inbox. Everyone needs a slightly different amount of micro and macro nutrients in order to be at their best. It begins with understanding how your body works, listening to what your body is trying to tell you, and making small shifts here and there until we find the sweet spot. As part of my shifting gears and staying motivated project, Ia€™ve found that in order for me to make the most of my diet and maintain a heightened awareness when it comes to my food choices, food journaling is the key. I’ve challenged myself over the last week to track everything I eat in my food journal to make it easier for me to put all the nutritional pieces together.
Begin with the date, circle the day of the week it is (this will come in handy when you start to link together your eating patterns) and record your weight, if that is of interest to you. Track the time, quantity (roughly), food, type of food – fruit, vegetable, protein, fat, etc, and the symptoms you experienced after your meal. At the end of the day, input the hours of sleep, activities, water, overall energy level, and sum up your total intake. Please understand that there are no bad foods or bad days, and that these days are just as important to report as the good days.
From there, you can begin to look at what you’ve eaten and start picking out patterns. When you consider the day as a whole, is most of what’s being consumed whole, unprocessed food or is it primarily packaged? I usually add a blank page to my journal and write down all of the things I learned in the previous week.
Increase protein during my morning snack, maybe with stevia sweetened coconut flour muffins? I refer back to this list on a daily basis to make sure that I’m setting some of the learnings into action! Food journaling has already been so useful in helping me understand the weaknesses in my diet, areas for improvement and my strengths when it comes to making healthful choices that are right for my body.
I’ll report back soon on my progress, learnings and struggles as the weeks go on and would love for you to share, too!

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Below are 4 printable weight loss charts and logs available as free downloadable PDF files. Hint: These logs work great in combination with the Fitness Progress Charts available in the Microsoft Office Template gallery (see the links at the bottom of this page).
The printable weight loss chart allows you to manually graph your weight over a period of 9 weeks.
Using this spreadsheet, you can take the data you've recorded on your hand-written weight loss logs, enter the data into the spreadsheet, and see the results plotted on the graph. This weight loss tracker template lets you create and customize your own weight loss chart. When you track your weight, you should be consistent with the time of day and what you are wearing to avoid large fluctuations. Weight Chart at halls.md - Example of using Excel to create a chart of your weight over time.
Printable Weight Loss Chart - at myfit.ca - Includes columns for calorie intake and other info.
You can pick out your good habits (such as eating three daily meals and choosing healthy snacks) and your bad habits (such as snacking all day and drinking mostly sugary drinks).How to track your eating habitsThere are many different ways to keep track of what you eat. You may do better on a vegan diet than I ever will, my body may be fueled by fats, whereas every time you have fats you may feel bloated and funky.
When I’d mentioned this on the weekend, many of you were interested to learn more, so here it is!
Are there days where you had more of one type of food that you felt better than other days? Are you eating all of your starchy foods in the morning and packing in the protein in the afternoon?
If you struggle with not fully understanding what to do next with your own diet, I encourage you to take on the challenge! You can decide to use this two different ways: write in your plans before the day starts and just check off as you eat it (strict plan) or wing it (sounds like me) and write it down as you go.

The printable weight loss charts includes trend lines for losing 1 and 2 pounds per week, making it easy to set your fitness goal and gauge where you are at all times.
The logs include columns for recording your weight, the amount of time you've exercised (the 'Exe' column), and the number of calories consumed during the day (the 'Cal' column). The gridlines in the graph are in 1 pound and 1 day divisions, to make it easy to quickly mark your weight on the graph. Your body looses a lot of water over night, so weighing yourself right when you get up may look good in the numbers, but is more a reflection of water loss, but if you do weigh in in the mornings, do that consistently.
Set aside a couple of minutes a day to enter your foods into your journal and keep track of how you feel after you eat; how you feel after a meal is the most important part and will tell you far more than you realize. The whole reason behind food journaling is to begin to understand why we made these choices, so write it all down! I want to live in a world where every woman loves her body, nourishing fats are enjoyed at every meal, and the word a€?restrictiona€? isna€™t in the dictionary.
Our printable weight loss logs will help you track your weight, your exercise time, calorie intake, and other measurements. The logs were designed to allow you to fold the paper in half (or quarters), making it easy to store your log near your scale or in your pocket. Write your current weight in the 'Start Weight' field and in the Day=0 line in the log below the chart. You may even want to see a doctor before you start, so you can see how other aspects of your health change as you lose weight, like blood pressure, cholesterol, resting heart rate, and percentage of body fat. You may also want to refer to our Ideal Weight Chart and BMI Chart for related information. You will also need to write your current weight on the line next to the (+0) value on vertical axis, and the corresponding weights for (+5), (-5), (-10), etc.

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