March 11, 2016 by Denise 4 Comments These low carb sausage and egg noodles are both fun and tasty. I often include Gourmet Girl in my round-ups, I just didn’t happen to find a recipe I wanted to include this time. I expressly disclaim any and all liability of any kind with respect to any act or omission wholly or in part in reliance on anything contained in this website. Sometimes I like to eat these at night and the caffeine in the chocolate would disrupt my sleep. A delicious tomato and sausage sauce covers the noodles that are literally made from eggs.Now when I say egg noodles, I really mean egg noodles.
Get all the best low carb and keto Thanksgiving recipes here for a happy and indulgent holiday!
Or at least, what to cook that will fit your low carb diet and yet still be delicious enough to satisfy? It is calculated using MacGourmet software and I remove erythritol from the final carb count and net carb count, as it does not affect my own blood glucose levels.

I wrote the recipe to reflect that you could eat 3 batches using 9 eggs total and all of the sauce.
Nothing I express here should be taken as medical advice and you should consult with your doctor before starting any diet or exercise program. I do my best to be as accurate as possible but you should independently calculate nutritional information on your own before relying on them.
Then I remembered my Herb Turkey Egg Wraps and thought that I could just make the wraps and cut them into noodles. When it looked ready to flip, I flipped it into a second omelet pan for a minute or two and then laid it on a piece of waxed paper to cool. I searched high and low for the best low carb Thanksgiving recipes the internet has to offer. Just grab a bag of berries, put them in a pan with a cup of water and the low carb sweetener equivalent of a cup of sugar, bring to a boil and cook until most of the berries have popped (about 10 minutes). From low carb stuffing to sugar-free pumpkin pie, there are recipes here to suit all your needs!

I worked on this list for a long time, trying not to duplicate too many of the goodies from last year’s post! If you don’t want to make the egg noodles, just eat the sausage and tomato mixture over regular pasta.
The first time I learned about these types of noodles was from one of my favorite low carb bloggers : DJFoodie.
Or go hog wild and make  this BACON GRAVY from Fluffy Chix Cook to go with your turkey (bacon and turkey? DJFoodie is a chef that embraced the low carb lifestyle with gusto (lost 150 lbs) and has tons of delicious recipes.

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