I have been using the Food Lovers Fat Loss system for one week now (check out my intro post) and I am really liking it. I like that it teaches you to make small changes every day that will add up to a healthier lifestyle.
The biggest trick to being successful with this plan is to learn how to make a fat loss plate. This fat loss plate quickly becomes just part of your thought processes about food and makes it really easy to stick to even when you’re away from the house. Disclaimer: I received the FLFLS and the Food Lovers Online programs free to help facilitate this review.
The information on this website has not been evaluated by the FDA and is not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure any disease.
Individuals who find it difficult to diet apparently have a solution now they can count on.
The Food Lovers Fat Loss System is apparently easy since you do not have to give up carbs or anything else that you love to eat.
It shows you how to eat foods in specific combinations that will regulate your blood sugar levels, boost your metabolism, and decrease hunger, thereby giving you the advantage in losing weight. 21- Day Metabolism Makeover – step-by-step plan to help you reset your metabolism and force your body to burn fat rather than store it. How To Make A Fat Loss Plate – eat literally any food you want only in the right combinations so you lose weight rather than gain it. Love To Eat Cookbook – mouthwatering recipes plus tips for tweaking all your family’s favorite meals to be healthier and leaner. Million Meals Menu Planner – 1 million menu combinations to stir up your body’s fat-burning furnace with foods that are already in your fridge.
Snack and Treat Guide – almost 1,000 snacks you can find in any grocery to keep your metabolism running in between meals. Classic Comfort Food Recipe Cards – quick and easy versions of your favorite comfort foods. Fat Loss Secrets Day-by-Day CD Series – daily tips and motivation to help you reach your weight loss target.

Food Lovers For Life – complete maintenance program with tools and strategies to keep you in good shape for the rest of your life.
Read that again, because if there's a secret to the Food Lovers Fat Loss program, that's it. You may have heard the misnomer that people with "faster metabolisms" don't gain fat, and conversely, that people with slow metabolisms get fat more easily. If your food gets metabolized too fast, then the body looks for a way to store that extra energy, and that leads to fat storage. If, however, your food gets metabolized slower, then naturally, that food gets burned off as you go through your daily activities. Usually, your favorite foods will metabolize faster, while things like meats, fats, and salads will metabolize slower. Just listen to the people who've had success with this system and kept the fat off: you'll hear them use the word "combination" a lot. It's a natural way to enjoy your favorite foods while your body returns to a healthy body weight. If you're willing to learn a few new things, then you can develop some great weight-loss habits in as little as 3 weeks. People don't get because of the foods they eat, they get fat because they don't eat those foods in the right ways. Maybe you purchased a weight loss program, but thought that you couldn’t do it, or you found it too hard to do. A lot of other weight loss programs are like that: they force you to do things that are simply unsustainable.
When you lose weight this way (the real way), you’ll enjoy the foods you love (even chocolate and pizza).
There’s a reason why the Food Lovers Fat Loss System has been around for years: In an industry where diets come and go each day, this non-diet system has stood the test of time. That simply means that I may receive a commission at no cost to you when you choose to use the links provided. The photo above shows you three combinations of foods that you can put together to create a fat loss plate.

Plus they want you to eat every 2-3 hours so being able to take things with you really makes this plan workable. It includes the 21 Day Metabolism makeover, guide cd’s, weight loss cookbook, eating out guide, workout dvd’s and more! And I love that it makes it easier to diet when eating out – totally going to put some of these tricks into use this weekend when my dad is here.
The Food Lovers Fat Loss System claims that you can hit the beach with a hot new look without giving up on your favorite foods but is it really possible?
The Food Lovers Fat Loss System is advertised as the no-diet weight loss program for people who simply love to eat. You are not restricted from eating pasta or indulge in your favorite sweets, and have a glass of wine. While most weight loss programs stop you from eating your favorite foods, this system teaches you how and when to eat them properly. There are a few restrictions within the first 21 days but they are easy to follow and will get easier afterwards.
What it does is teach you how to combine foods and when to eat them, and by constantly practicing what you learn, you will lose weight and stay lean for the rest of your life.
It does not deprive you to eat or put you into an extreme diet change that may compromise your sugar levels. Thanks for posting about the online option – I just never wanted to commit to the infomercial product. It essentially focuses on combining the right foods and eating every few hours to achieve your healthy, ideal weight.
Instead of extreme change in diet, it shows you how to eat your existing favorite foods in a way that will not compromise your blood sugar so that you will lose weight instead of gain more pounds.
The program claims that you can lose up to 10 pounds in 3 weeks by eating only food you love.

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