I decided to give GNC’s Lean Shake a try even though I was sceptical that a meal replacement shake could keep me full and satisfied for long enough to make it to my morning snack.
I was pleasantly surprised at how good the Blueberries & Cream flavor tasted and was VERY shocked at how long it kept me full. It contains 180 calories and 9 grams of protein – which is much less than my typical morning breakfast. Since Boston Marathon I’ve found that my hunger is still up even though I am running less miles.
I generally use a blended protein in my smoothie in the morning and I love using it after my workout in the afternoon to get me to my dinner. For some reason I prefer mixing my own stuff to ready made but they are probably the same thing? I’m a big fan of GNC protein and currently use their AMP banana with my unsweetened Vanilla Almond milk (only 40 calories a cup).

On some days I used a blender and mixed it with ice and soy milk, another delicious option [though it does make it more of a meal then a snack since the calories go up +100 for every cup of soy milk I used]. I decided to go back to GNC and get two bottles of the Leak Shake 25 which contains 200 calories and 25 grams of protein. GNC is having a by one get one half off sale right now and if you use your Gold Card on top of that you get an extra 20% off.
It wasn’t too bad, but I have thought about trying the powder so I can mix it up some. I like having Whey, Casein, and Egg protein all blended together because it gives your body the protein over a more extended time. Im using lean shake again to lose weight…so for me it does work nd ive tried alot of other diet products with no luck. While I love the scones my body does not love the 22 grams of fat and 17 grams of sugar [stats from Starbucks in store nutrition pamphlet].

I no longer drink milk but did not find that this shake bothered my stomach even though it is milk based.
I also found that it does not taste as good if you use room temperature water – make sure it’s cold! Protein makes you feel fuller longer thus helping to curb my crazy appetite. Again I will mostly be using this shake as a way to help me get through to my next meal with out wanting to chew my arm off or as a something to drink post long run.
I started with two scoops at breakfast, two scoops at lunch, a snack, and a sensible super.
I have tried Lean One from Smoothie King, Sensa, Alli, Xenadrine, prescribed diet pills, and many more with no weight loss success.

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