For all workouts unless otherwise stated do one set of 12 reps, one set of 10 reps and a last set of 8 reps for each exercise. Please tick if you would prefer not to receive news & special offers from Hearst Magazines UK.
Could You Tell Us A Bit About Yourself And How You Got Involved In Fitness?I have been involved in sport for as long as I can remember. I first started resistance training a few months before the Junior World Track Cycling Championships - under the guidance of the NZ Academy of Sport and a military trainer. What Sort Of Rep Range Do You Use?I usually train with 3-15 reps, reps dependent on the body-part or specific day of my training split.
PROS - start out with correct form and technique (instead of moving from machine weights to free weights and having to relearn everything), better for performing functional movements, better for improving posture, can do a wider variety of exercises with free weights than machine weights. I personally prefer free weights (this is where I started - I’m very old school with my training, although it IS Unconventional) and rarely use machines - the only machine weight I use is Rear Flyes. I adjust my nutrition on a weekly - sometimes even daily - basis, dependent on my progress towards my goals of that phase, my diet a specific adaption for me, amalgamating nutritional methods and principles taken from various nutritional protocols. 2 caps 30 min pre-resistance training, 1 cap immediately post-resistance training, 1 cap with post-training meal, and 1-2 caps with a meal later in the day.
2 grams first thing, 1-2 grams immediately post-training, 1-2 grams early afternoon, 1-2 grams pre-bed, and sometimes 1-2 grams post-meal later in the day. It would depend on the person, their goals and needs, training experience, nutrition, supplement usage and knowledge, plus individual factors, etc.
What supplements I highly recommend are dependent on the circumstances, the individual in question, their goals and needs, and will change for everyone; the same goes for what supplements I recommend to be avoided by people. Another example is that there are a lot of supplements that I use that I would never recommend other females use, unless they are experienced trainees who know what they are doing, and are aware and knowledgeable on the benefits and potential detriments of such supplements.
One thing that should always be taken into consideration when looking at supplements and deciding on what to use or what not to use is this: Will this product be beneficial to my body and help me with my goals and needs? Reading - I have loved to read as long as I have loved to write, and it is a nice escape (fiction) or educational experience (research). Research - Whether for personal reasons, to add to knowledge and skills, or for an article. Strength and Conditioning Coach - I have coached athletes for various sports including cycling, muay thai boxing, sprinting, and triathlons.
Modelling - This is an aspect of the fitness industry that I have recently become involved in, and I enjoy it because it has allowed me to embrace the woman inside, challenges me, is something different, and another avenue I can use to help re exposure to influence as many people as possible.
AI Sports Nutrition RecoverPRO (Red Raspberry flavour) - BCAAs are a STAPLE product in my supplement arsenal. My Career Objective really sums all I want to do up: To be an inspiration to, and instil in males and females alike, an energy and passion for sport, health and fitness.
Not only is Ava’s career truly inspirational, but she is a genuinely beautiful person.
A perfect balance between muscle and femininity, Jamie was the woman who first inspired me to consider [fitness] modelling (being the same height).
Wife, mother and grandmother, Gina is a motivation and inspiration to all, proving that no matter how old one is, age is NOT an obstacle to achieving and maintaining the body of your dreams. Not only is Obi a wealth of experience and knowledge, but he is very humble, never seeking to glorify himself and his accomplishments, only wishing to do what he can to encourage, motivate, and educate others to a better lifestyle. I know about P90x and have done it for a while, but that seems more focused towards becoming lean, I want a pure mass gain programme as I am already lean and have little fat. Whether you are looking for a Personal Trainer who can help you with fitness training, weight loss, toning, muscle building, weight gain or injury recovery, Crawley Martial Arts Academy has the trainers & coaches, equipment, facilities, skils and experience to help you to achieve your goals.
We can help with sports-specific fitness training tailored to suit your individual needs and will design a fully optimised training programme, nutrition plans, and health-plan specifically created to achieve your personal goals based upon your age, weight, sex, health and fitness.
Our one-to-one sessions will keep you focused and motivated, setting you constant challenges and monitoring your progress so that getting you in shape becomes a team effort!
The gym is fully equipped with seven full-size bags, an olympic-size boxing ring, a weights area, cardio machines and a private room. Tone4Fitness personal training uses the information gained from your consulatation and initial assessments to design a tailored exercise programme and healthy eating guidance that works towards the goals set in your consultation.
For every pound of lean muscle you gain, you will be burn an extra 50 calories at rest, which is the reasoning behind incoporating some resistance and strength work into every programme.

Suspension trainers allow you to perform natural movements and exercises to build strength, lose weight and tone up. Suspension trainers are essentially length adjustable straps which can be temporarily fixed to an anchor point to allow you to harness your body weight against gravity and carry out exercises in a suspended state.
The benefits of rope training extend to everyone, from athletes to those who are just trying to get into or maintain their optimal body shape.
Tabata training is a form of intensive interval training which concentrates effort into 20 second bursts of highly intense activity. Medicine balls are a great way to exercise any area of your body whether upper, lower, or core.
These cause most women to stay well away from the weights room in the gym through the fear of growing bulky muscles.
The truth is that women don’t have enough of the hormones in their body that allow for increased muscle mass.  In fact they actually have 10 to 30 times less amounts of testosterone and human growth hormone than males.
In fact most male weight trainers will tell you that simply lifting weights isn’t going to guarantee instant muscle gain.  It takes serious dedication, a precise and appropriate weight training programme, a strict and scientifically engineered diet complete with dietary supplementation and for a number of guys, chemical enhancement to see these results!
The bottom line is that muscle tissue weights more than fat.  Therefore, as you increase your muscle tissue, your "weight" will increase.
So, if you gain three pounds of muscle, you will burn 40 more calories per pound, which equates to 120 additional calories per day, which translates into 3,600 additional calories per month and ultimately results in a weight loss of 10 to 12 pounds in a single year.
David Osgathorp is a Health Coach and owner and principle consultant at All About You Personal Training.
What is back pain and how can it be resolved?: Back pain will affect 80% of us during our lifetime.
Why do I have tight muscles?: There are many theories out there as to why you may have tight muscles.
Rebounding for a fit toned healthy body: Bring out your inner child and bounce your way to fitness! However, my athletic career really started with cycling: In my first year of competition, I won all but one National title for my age-group, going on to represent New Zealand in international events such as Junior Track Worlds (where I placed in the Top 10 in all my events), continuing to win multiple New Zealand track and road Championship titles throughout my cycling career.
When I left college, I moved and entered the real world, I still kept training and going to the gym, despite taking time out from cycling competition. That said, everyone is different and needs to do what is best for THEM - there is nothing wrong with doing a combination of free weights and machine weights, and doing so can give a well-rounded training programme!
Steady State Cardio Or HITT Cardio?I prefer HIIT - simply because my body requires INTENSITY for optimal function. For example, a beginner, male OR female, NEVER needs to use anything but the basic staples of creatine, multivitamin, good fats, protein, and BCAAs (depending on one’s body mass, only a creatine and multivitamin may be necessary, since many females can get enough good fats, protein, and BCAAs from their NUTRITION) - I don’t recommend using anything else until they have built up a solid training base, since NUTRITION AND TRAINING are what are going to get them results!
One thing I do NOT recommend for females however, even though it is often done, is hormonal usage, and I would never recommend hormonal products for females, period. EVERY product one uses should have a PURPOSE (like everything done in training) - if it does not, then it has NO place being used (or done).
Definitely the inclusion of Suma Root in Assault makes the difference (I am still using the original version - although soon to finish my last tub of it and going to start on the newest formulation of Assault) - adaptogens work wonders for my body. Not only is Shred Matrix the ultimate and most COMPLETE fat loss product IMO, but it would compliment anyone's nutrition and training for ANY body goal!
Behind-the-neck Barbell Military Press - I first started noticing real delt development and progress after adding these into my training programme. Hammer Bicep Curls - both heads of my biceps have developed since adding these to my training programme. Building up my deltoids and arms, not once, but THREE times (withOUT training Legs), in the last year - not long after the first, I was out with a refractured left wrist, after which I returned to training and had rebuilt the lost muscle mass back BETTER than pre-injury in 10-12 weeks, only to be out from training and lose it all again 12-13 weeks after returning to training, losing it all over again, coming back and painstakingly rebuilding it all for a third time, more than before in ~10 weeks. Women need to be better educated on the importance of using resistance training to achieve their body and fitness goals. When I was having a break from cycling and dabbled in bodybuilding (for fun) she was the woman that most inspired me through her discipline and dedication.
She moves from strength to strength as a person and an athlete, always getting better and better. She inspires me not just because she has had so much success in so little time, but because she is REAL. Writer, trainer, model, and athlete, Gina is a huge source of knowledge, only willing to share it to help others achieve the best lifestyle they possibly can, and GoFitness is a model for what I ultimately want to be have and be doing with my own exercise physiology clinic.

Ben is faith, courage, determination, humility, strength - a true testament to God’s glory.
We make sure that you keep getting results while you train with us through a programme that has 4-6 week cycles with regular re-assessments throughout as we believe variety is one of the main ingredients of personal training success. Suspension training is a superb form of functional training which maximises strength development, stability, and endurance, and over time will tone and define the body. You will get the most effective, short and intense, cardiovascular and strength workout within twenty to thirty minutes.
Unfortunately many women believe this myth and therefore miss out on all of the benefits that strength training offers.
The gym that I used was full of the top NZFBB male bodybuilders, and on a sudden impulse, encouraged by them, I entered the regional Figure competition for fun, the guys helping me out with diet and training, and for the first time in my life I saw my body do things that I had been told before were impossible for me (cyclists’ resistance training is performance orientated, not for aesthetics). Free Weights Vs Machines What Do You Feel Are The Pros & Cons and Which Do You Prefer?Free weights and machines each have their own pros and cons, many dependent on how experienced a trainee is. That, and even when I DO steady-state cardio, my heart rate is generally always above 80% of my maximum heart rate.What Are Your Personal Thoughts On Fasted Cardio?It is personal preference - studies have shown that it has no additional benefits than doing cardio NON-fasted.
One’s diet should be a LIFESTYLE, NOT a temporary plan that they use, adjusting their caloric intake based on their goals and needs of different phases. I have always been quite muscular in my lower body, but Monica was what made me want to add muscle to my body, and work on making my upper body proportional to my lower. She’s not afraid to put herself out there and take risks, strong enough to stand up for what she believes in, and does her best to inspire others. Combined with cardiovascular exercise and dedicated strength training program it offers a well-rounded complimentary routine. Whether you are looking to vaporize fat, scorch your lungs, demand new strength, rehabilitate weak areas or improve your overall level of conditioning, kettlebells are the solution.
Interval training is a very effective way of developing muscular strength, muscular endurance, cardiovascular conditioning, including hand and arm movement speed. They allow for improved range of motion, core strength, coordination, flexibility, joint integrity, and upper and lower body strength. Despite retiring from cycling during my degree, I continued training, my lifestyle still that of an athlete, although my training focus has changed over the years, with my concentration now more on health and fitness than anything else.
That said, I have learnt many things over the years about my body and could have done things differently during certain periods, especially with regards to scheduling time out from training throughout the year - since not allowing myself more than a week or two a year off training was, I believe, a huge contributing factor to my initial bouts of Chronic Fatigue.How Often Do You Perform Cardio? I have done both fasted and unfasted cardio (more in my cycling days) and I definitely prefer the former - in fact, I prefer to do ALL my training in a fasted state, as my body feels the best that way, and my performance is no different than if I was training unfasted. However, henceforth, I am aiming to maintain under 9% bodyfat, closer to 8%, since my body feels the best this way. I would like to see the many wrong mindsets among and about women and weight training be replaced by correct information and healthy attitudes. She inspires me to take my physique to the ultimate level possible for me, and every time I see her Gaspari Fat Loss Cycle ad I am remotivated with my conditioning and striving to be leaner than ever and the best that I can be! Jamie also inspired me to compete seriously (once I had retired from cycling) and to compete in the Natural Federations. Interval training has been proven as one of the most efficient and effective ways of burning body fat and building muscle.
Intervals of 20 seconds intensive activity is followed by 10 seconds of rest, with the exercise repeated eight times. Second Chance, make yours count!” Ben is a great mentor and role model for me, inspiring me to step out in faith and take the risk, to always do my best. I generally just eat what I want when I want - which yes, is VERY Unconventional, but works for my body (although working on improving this so that my nutrition is more HEALTH orientated and COMPLIMENTS my training to work WITH my body).What Supplements Do You Use? That said I use them because they work for ME specifically and everything in my supplement regime has a PURPOSE.
I pretty much have all my supplements covered, and knowing what works best for my body, do not often use products outside of those anymore.

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