Many people are willing to commit to your health and follow a healthy and balanced diet that strengthens defenses and provide the body with essential nutrients. There are so many myths, many fad diets and so on allegedly deceptive advertising products slimming and full of additives and toxic substances, which is really difficult to know what information is correct and accurate. So let’s see how to create our own diet considering and reviewing some basic principles which foods are most beneficial in the kitchen, how much and how to distribute them throughout the day. In general, with respect to nutrients is essential to understand that proteins , fats , carbohydrates , vitamins and minerals are essential nutrients all the body needs to survive. Needless to say that all those foods that are canned, processed, packaged, etc … have lost lots of nutrients (if not most).
Of course, it is essential to consume extra virgin olive oil as essential for cooking and salad dressings element, as has been done in the traditional Mediterranean diet .
Our view is that there are no generalized diets for everyone, because everyone is different and you do not feel good the same things. Cooked vegetables (steamed better, little facts and simmer) provide a good supply of nutrients and promote digestion of any nutrient. The brown rice is definitely the king of cereals and foundation of a healthy and balanced diet. Twice a week should take fish ecological, noon and combined with plenty of vegetables (salad or vegetables). Once a week can incorporate meat diet but, yes, raised organically, ie natural fodder and outdoors. Apart from the aforementioned grains, we can incorporate into the diet occasionally grains such as oats and millet. Best combined with legume (2 parts for 1 cereal legume) and with vegetables on salad or steamed. As we have seen, the legume is a delicacy to be made ??to the diet two or three times a week combined with cereal in the proportions mentioned. And vegetables with no problem, as it contains a greater abundance of complex carbohydrates (polysaccharides sugars), fruit contains a large amount of simple sugars that increase blood glucose levels. Some nuts and seeds are the source of many essential nutrients (possess great wealth of vitamins, essential fatty acids and minerals), so it is advisable to introduce in the diet regularly but sparingly, particularly those who have no physical wear and carry sedentary. It also includes elements probiotics such as yeast (great nutritional importance, especially vitamins and minerals), miso, tempeh, horchata of groundnuts, kefir or yogurt . Industrial food animals (including sausages, meats , seafood, organ meats, eggs, etc.) contain numerous chemical additives that alter its taste, shelf life and appearance, contain hormones and antibiotics that the animals are treated, which have been treated with unethical industrial processes. In this category we include the vast majority of products you find in conventional supermarkets, ie, any processed product containing additives and preservatives, which has lost its vital elements, which have been manipulated or converted from its original and natural way.
This category includes white salt , refined sugar, refined grains, artificial sweeteners , etc. Besides the problem with GM , many professional voices to numerous diseases related to the consumption of these cereals (especially with industrial methods today).
Well, now that we are clear about which foods are healthier to develop a balanced diet and when to take them, it’s time to take a look at some basic issues of food hygiene (tips, habits and practices to eat well) and get down to work to develop a proposal healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner . Dieting is regulating food intake to improve physical condition, especially to lose weight. There are some risks associated with any diet and also any weight lost is gained back as soon as the diet is over so people should follow always right way when they are dieting.
When you watch the nutritional composition of the food you eat, and get exercise, it is plenty enough to stimulate your body to maintain a healthy weight.
The problem arises when we are not sure exactly what it means to a healthy and balanced diet.
For proteins of high biological value necessary or eat meat or fish, or combine cereal (75%) + legume (25%) + seeds and nuts.
The most beneficial are unsaturated, which come from cold-pressed vegetable oils, seeds and nuts and fish.

Complex carbohydrates are the most efficient source of energy for the body and must be the most abundant nutrient in a balanced diet. The main sources of vitamins and minerals are in fruits and vegetables raw and fresh elements. There is a basic and very simple law: protein-rich breakfast plentiful and carbohydrates (cereal flakes, vegetables, fruit, etc), including moderate food and raw plant foods (salads and cereal + vegetable, meat or fish, or protein vegetable and tofu) and light dinner and hot with predominantly carbohydrates and vegetable hot (soups, purees, cereals, vegetables, etc).
A good way to ensure the nutritional richness of many foods, is vary them by following the patterns of nature, ie, consuming fresh seasonal food. Some of the most recommended are the garlic , thyme, rosemary, turmeric , ginger , oregano, cumin, etc. Therefore, although we will offer you the principles can serve as a general guideline, we must adapt to the tastes, lifestyle and individual characteristics of each person.
The cereal (combined with legumes such as lentils, chickpeas azukis or a ratio of 2 to 1 grain legume) should form the bulk of the diet (at least four days a week). Like the fish and eggs, should take at noon and combined with salad or vegetables, and very undercooked simmer. Healthier: lentils, and chickpeas azukis and, as always, with vegetables and raw vegetables in salads or steamed. Therefore, although the fresh fruit is an excellent nutritional choice, we must take it more sparingly than other vegetables. By contrast, those who make sport and suffer greater physical wear can consume larger quantities. All these foods, like any processed product have been deprived of their essential biological characteristics so that no other nourish and poison the body. Then, if you want to when developing your weekly or monthly menu, you can take as a reference these sample weekly menu omnivore or vegetarian weekly menu.  healthy and balanced diet.
There are many benefits to weight loss if it achieved at a moderate pace through diet which means healthy eating and exercise.
Meat contains many saturated fats and almost all processed products contain the most harmful and dangerous trans fats. Furthermore, we also suggest you that you elaborate vegetable pates like hummus or mushroom pate and many others … are delicious and nutritious. Since each nutrient needs different factors for metabolism, it is better that you include a few foods at each meal. If you have not yet raised to have an urban organic garden at home, perhaps it is time to do so. Occasionally, used in salads (raw) other vegetable oils first cold pressing as wheat germ, evening primrose, sesame, etc. You can also use them in digestive tea for dessert at lunch, or tranquilizers infusions as dessert at dinner. For example, it is not the same diet for athletes, a child’s diet, pregnancy diet, weight loss diet, diet for diabetes, diet for cholesterol diet for seniors, vegetarian diet, etc. Better yet if stews we include cereal legume vegetables and raw or undercooked vegetables steamed.
Because of the controversy that arose with soy , if you’re going to consume better moderation. Try not to mix fruits (acid with acidic and sweet sweet) and remember that the best time to consume fruit is in the morning or between meals, ie, without mixing it with other foods. A good way to incorporate them into your diet is by adding them to salads, stews and vegetable cereal, breakfast smoothies, etc.
But for everyone else, a small handful of seaweed every day in any dish is synonymous with health. Use unrefined sea salt and the best natural sweeteners and still restricts its use to the fullest.

Signalet and its predecessors Kousmine, Burger and Fradin, genetic transformations indicate that these grains have suffered over the years and the inability of our enzymes to metabolize proteins. It is best that instead of including a lot of different foods, go varied over a week and you elaborate different recipes. And moreover, we encourage you to explore new possibilities brought from distant lands to give a special flavor to your dishes (plus nutritional elements) such as the gomasio , the soy sauce ,miso, or Ayurvedic Chyawanprash. Surely you are in for a pleasant surprise when you discover the taste and texture in oil (try to eat raw broccoli, cabbage, zucchini, etc … They are delicious!) The salad should include a bitter element as escarole to promote secretion biliary and antioxidant element such as broccoli or cabbage. Some of the healthiest are almonds , walnuts , the sesame seeds , chiia seeds , flax seeds , etc.
Why and when in doubt, better to take those cereals for which there is no doubt or controversy.
Thus, you get not only aid digestion but eat you be more entertaining and different every day.
In any case, if you start buying organic, follow the natural rhythms will not cost as in organic shops abound often seasonal food. Some of the most recommended vegetables are endive, escarole, carrot , celery, cabbage, peppers, garlic, onions and of course, the broccoli or broccoli . A well-balanced diet might help prevent numerous health problems, including cardiovascular disease and some types of cancer.
However, you shouldn’t eat foods containing sugar for example sweets, jam, sodas, cakes, biscuits and frozen treats too often.
Whenever you do eat these food types, try to ask them to mainly with meals to lessen the risk of cavities.The sugars present in fruit and vegetables really are a better source compared to those found in sweets and cakes because they usually include other nutrients. The fibre in fruit, vegetables and pulses, will also help reduce blood levels of cholesterol. For instance, the margarine or butter we placed on the bread and also the cream or cheese sauces we increase pasta. Nutrients in Fats and SugarsIn addition to fat, including some efa’s, foods containing fat offer some vitamins.
Proteins are the foundations of protein, your body can make a few of these, but some are known as ‘essential amino acids’ because we are able to only have them from the food we eat. NOTE: Two-thirds in our protein has a tendency to come from meat, fish, eggs and dairy products. So if you possess some dishes containing pulses or nuts rather than animal products, this helps lower the quantity of saturated fat you consume and give you different nutrients.
And when you eat lots of animal protein, it’s smart to sometimes have vegetable protein instead.
The reason being meat and dairy products that are full of protein also contain saturated fats. High intakes of saturated fats are connected with an increased chance of coronary heart disease. As we don’t use up all of the energy only then do we put on weight, which could eventually result in obesity.Just how much should I be eating?Eat foods containing fat sparingly and appear out for that low fat alternatives. For instance, margarine and butter, other spreading fats (including low-fat spreads), cooking oils, oil based bandages and mayonnaise. Stick to a minimum the quantity of foods for example cakes, biscuits, pastries and frozen treats that you eat and select low fat alternatives where available.
Have food and drink containing sugar mainly at mealtimes to lessen your chance of tooth decay.Guidelines for Balanced DietA proper balanced eating-plan includes foods all main recommended food groups, as outlined within the Food Guide Pyramids.

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