There’s been plenty of ink spilled on the virtues of oriental eating habits when compared to western dietary habits.
Life is always on the move, particularly the city life and inadvertently stress finds its way into our lifestyles. Kids throughout the UK are enjoying delicious Jamie Oliver recipes thanks to a new school program.
Jamie Oliver has spent years campaigning throughout the United Kingdom to encourage schools to ban junk food and substitute fresh and nutritious meals to students instead.
His six-point plan was developed to improve the quality of food the children of Britain are eating.
The program also puts a large emphasis on educating the parents to help them understand the importance of serving healthy foods regularly and how to cook Jamie Oliver simple recipes that are not only healthy, but taste good as well. A new body of evidence points to yes - and George Monbiot says we need to change how we think about obesity. America has higher rates of obese and overweight people; an unbelievable and alarming two thirds of the population.

Obesity has become a world-wide epidemic, but world renowned chef Jamie Oliver is trying to change that, one school at a time. With the help of a commitment from former Prime Minister Tony Blair, the new program shows parents, students and schools the importance of eating nutritious and getting exercise to stay healthy. Heads of schools and children’s organizations are encouraged to make these places junk food free. The website is packed full of advice about how to find out about the quality of meals at your child’s school. We can help fight for our children’s health as well by following the guidelines that chef Oliver has set. The program not only teaches kids to cook healthy food that tastes good by following Jamie Oliver recipes, but teaches them the life skills they need to develop healthy eating habits and how to shop and eat well while still on a budget. Schools are also encouraged to hire lunch room staff who are properly trained to prepare healthy recipes by Jamie Oliver and makes pre-packaged processed foods off limits in school zones. There are also insightful ideas on how to improve your child’s diet along with sample menus and several Jamie Oliver easy recipes.

The lunches being served to school children were nothing but piles of over processed food, with very little fresh fruits and vegetables being served. Staying hydrated is key to your health and choosing the right liquids to hydrate your body is essential. That is when he decided to take action and the Feed Me Better campaign was born and based on recipes from Jamie Oliver himself. No food or drink is so high in calories, fat, or sugar that including them on occasion within overall healthy eating habits is going to cause a problem. When you skip meals, your metabolism not only drops, you also tend to overeat at your next meal. Fad diets, which usually promise speedy weight loss and insist you cut out certain foods or even entire food groups, are not long-term solutions.

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