Kaddy lost 68 pounds in less than 11 months by eating 1200 calories a day of healthy foods and exercising. Click here to see more of her before & after weight photos and to read her weight loss success story. RULE 1: You eat 4 to 6 small meals per day, ideally breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, and dinner.
So that you know, I don’t care what kind of exercise you do as long as you are active. I’m definitely not perfect, and still struggle with binging way more often than I want to, but I am the smallest and fittest that I have ever been.

You WILL be required to post in our private facebook group your meals and your workout each day to qualify for the prize. That means, out of the 2 weeks of the challenge, you may treat yourself to ONE CHEAT SNACK (like a cookie or a glass of alcohol) in addition to your cheat meal.
You don’t have to post them but they will be great for you to compare to after the challenge ends.
For those of you doing carb manipulation or following a special plan for diabetics, that’s fine, too.
All I have to say is never give up, no matter how cliche it may sound, the day will come where all your hard work will pay off.

For others, it might mean having a bagel for breakfast, a fruit for lunch, and a salad for lunch and dinner.
Again, I just don’t want folks to think they are eating clean if they eat 4 bowls of cereal per day.

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