Also referred to as retinol, this vitamin is essential to proper growth and development of the body.
To provide your body with good amounts of vitamin A, be sure to consume foods including fish oil, beef, dairy products, liver, eggs, butter, chicken, winter squash, pumpkin, sweet potatoes, carrots, and leafy vegetables. If you take in too little amounts of this nutrient, you may be prone to health concerns including depression, bladder problems, nerve damage, sleeplessness, anemia, low resistance to infections, night blindness and depression. Cholecalciferol or vitamin D promotes the proper utilization of the minerals phosphorus and calcium in your body. If you apply this vitamin topically, your skin will become clearer and free from burns, scards and stretch marks.
You can get your daily dose of vitamin E from several food items including walnuts, sunflower seeds, almonds, green leafy vegetables, broccoli, asparagus, wheat germ, butter, safflower, sesame, eggs, spinach, yams, sweet potatoes, fortified cereals, liver, mangoes, corn and avocados. Although deficiency in this vitamin is rare, there are some issues linked with insufficient levels of vitamin E in the body. There are numerous sources of this vitamin such as vegetables, legumes, soybeans, leafy green vegetables and dairy products. Just two problem foods -- solid fats and added sugars -- count for about 800 of our daily calories. Instead of solid fats like butter or margarine, use olive, canola, and other oils that are good for your waistline and heart.
Instead of baked goods and cereals with all white or refined grains, make at least half of your grains whole grains. Other healthy choices: nonfat or low-fat dairy foods, eggs, beans, and lots of fruits and vegetables. The outer shell, or "bran," of a kernel of wheat, rice, barley, or other grain is full of fiber, vitamins, and minerals. You may have grown up being told to "clean your plate." The problem is that dinner plates in homes -- and restaurants – have gotten bigger.
How many calories you should have depends on your age, your gender, and how active you are. If you use a mouse every day, it's easy to grab the right size of potato at a grocery store.
Eat lean protein -- fish, poultry, eggs, nuts, and beans -- at every meal to help build muscle and lose weight.  But you may need less protein than you think. Chips tend to be packed with the things we need to limit: unhealthy fat, refined grains, and sodium.
Read the label: Baked, multigrain, and vegetable chips -- like carrot and sweet potato -- have more nutrients and may have less fat.
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Have you ever wondered if you could lose more weight by exercising more, but without having to change your eating habits?
Perfect Partners: Diet and ExerciseDiet and exercise are perfect partners for successful weight loss and improved health. Do You Have to Count Calories to Lose Weight?It depends on the kind of weight-loss regimen you choose.
If you don’t want to bother with counting calories, the Paleo Diet — one of today’s most popular weight-loss programs—will be easier to handle. Loren Cordain, PhD, professor of health and exercise science at Colorado State University, and author of The Paleo Diet, explains that this type of eating lessens the body's glycemic load by eliminating foods that cause dangerous spikes in blood sugar levels, such as simple sugars and highly processed grains. Paleo-Friendly Whole30® Approved SnacksThe Chomps team is proud to produce a safe and nutritious snack product for your family made with non-GMO beef.
Order Chomps natural beef snack sticks online in three juicy flavors—Original, Crankin’ Cran, and Jalapeno.
We’ve all heard where the candidates stand on hot issues like immigration, gun control, and climate change, but the issue of GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) labeling is not getting as much press.
Former New York Senator and former Secretary of State Hilary Clinton has had a long association with Monsanto and the biotech industry.
Ohio Governor John Kasich has not provided clarification on his position regarding GMO labeling. Bernie Sanders is a senator from Vermont, the third state (after Connecticut and Maine) to successfully pass a GMO labeling law.
Note: Similar GMO labeling initiatives are continuing in over a dozen other states, in addition to a national initiative, Just Label It! Billionaire New York businessman Donald Trump is a proponent of GMOs and opposes GMO labeling.
The Chomps team is proud to use non-GMO beef in our snack sticks that is safe and nutritious for your family. A growing body of research suggests that healthy meats are not only good for us; they have played a crucial role in making us human over millions of years of evolution.
Another enhancement in human development came when our ancestors began cooking their meats which released even more nutrients and calories for their developing brains. A Swedish study showed that when early humans became carnivores, their higher-quality diet allowed mothers to wean their babies earlier than their prehuman ancestors. In a separate study, the skull of a prehuman child who lived about 1.5 million years ago in Tanzania, Africa, revealed a bone disease that resulted from not eating enough animal products. Vitamin B-12 is one of five essential nutrients for a healthy brain that is exclusively found in meat, fish, and eggs.
Vitamin D3 – Vitamin D3, one of two types of Vitamin D (D3 and D2), comes from animals and is more important to the body than D2. DHA – Short for Docosahexaenoic Acid, DHA is the most abundant Omega-3 fatty acid in the brain and is vital for normal brain development.
Chomps Natural Beef Snack Sticks help you stay healthy when you’re on the go or in an emergency situation. While all the big weight-loss organizations are promising rapid weight loss and using the power of celebrity endorsements to pitch their message, the Whole30® program is promising much more than lower numbers on your scale. In 2009 Melissa Hartwig and Dallas Hartwig, founders of the Whole30® program, invited people to stop eating the way they normally eat for 30 days and end their unhealthy relationship with food for the rest of their lives. Since then, thousands of people have taken the Whole30® challenge and enjoyed remarkable health benefits that the latest medical treatments couldn’t deliver. Healthy and active, Marlene ran 5K three times weekly until she contracted a cough that wouldn’t go away and eventually turned into asthma.
Physicians, chiropractors, doctors of osteopathy, obstetricians, and gynecologists are just a few of the professionals in main-stream and complementary medicine who prescribe the Whole30® program to their patients to improve their health. Chomps Natural Beef Snack Sticks are one of the Whole30® Approved snacks that helps you stay on your program when you’re on the go or in an emergency situation.
What if you made the decision to stop eating the way you normally eat for the next 30 days, knowing that it could put an end to your unhealthy relationship with food for the rest of your life? What if you could do all of this for FREE—without having to pay membership or meeting fees, without counting calories, without being forced to eat pre-packaged meals every day? Whole30® founders Melissa Hartwig and Dallas Hartwig challenge you to push the re-set button on your current eating habits for 30 days and watch the amazing changes unfold.
These types of food are off the table because they are connected to inflammation, painful chronic disorders and diseases, allergies, weight gain, mental and physical discomforts, and many more problems too numerous to list here. Carrageenan, MSG, or sulfites – If you find one of these substances on a processed food or beverage label, don’t buy it. Do not try to re-create baked goods, junk foods, or treats* with “Whole30 approved” ingredients. It will undermine everything else you do during your 30-day program. Chomps Natural Beef Snack Sticks are one of the Whole30® Approved snacks that help you stay on your program when you’re on the go or in an emergency situation.
Artificial preservatives are used to prolong the shelf life of processed foods and prevent them from becoming rancid.
BHA (Butylated Hydroxyanisole) and BHT (Butylated Hydroxytoluene) – You’ll find BHA and BHT in foods you routinely feed your family like breakfast cereals, meats, butter, baked goods, and chips. Sodium Benzoate – This preservative is found in many diet and sugary soft drinks, fruit juices, salsa, pickles, salad dressings, and dips.
Sodium Nitrite – Used as a preservative and a curing agent, this type of salt is used in meats such as jerky, bacon, and deli meats. Sodium Nitrate – Also used as a preservative and curing agent, sodium nitrate is commonly added to the jerky, bacon, and deli meats. Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) – MSG is present in countless processed foods, not just foods at Chinese restaurants. When you eliminate preservatives, you simultaneously eliminate the wide array of complications and health risks that come with them. Convenient snack foods, for example, can be both healthy and nutritious when you choose snacks like Chomps Natural Beef Snack Sticks. The optimal amount of protein for each of us is dependent on your age, level of activity, and percentage of lean body mass. Pregnant Women -- Expectant mothers need about 25% more protein for optimal health, meaning50-88 grams per day. Seniors – As we age, we naturally lose muscle mass, because it becomes harder for our bodies to synthesize protein.
Instead of 62 grams of protein per day for a 170-pound person, the study revealed that seniors need 93 grams of protein (the equivalent of 11.5 ounces of beef) to increase their rates of muscle protein synthesis.
Good health is not just about the amount of protein you should have every day; it’s also about choosing healthy protein foods instead of unhealthy ones.
Even when you need a tasty protein boost on the go, you don’t have to choose those familiar, unhealthy beef jerky sticks. Sweet potatoes are a classic superfood, loaded with vitamins, minerals, and natural sugars that are slowly released into the bloodstream.
So delicious and versatile as a spread or a dip, hummus is made from chick peas, which are part of the legume family of beans, peas, and lentils.
Gluten-free Bagel – Spread it on a multigrain or whole-wheat bagel and top with a tomato slice. Gluten-free Dip – It’s perfect as a dip for organic gluten-free chips and bite-size vegetables like grape tomatoes, celery, carrots, and bell pepper strips. Trail Mix – A classic backpack favorite, trail mix is one of the most popular, healthy travel snacks with or without nuts. Greek yogurt – A healthier choice than the regular version, Greek yogurt is processed differently. Chomps Natural Beef Snack Sticks – Now there’s a healthy and delicious alternative to those familiar, yet unhealthy, beef jerky brands. Americans love beef—whether it’s a grilled hamburger at a back-yard barbecue or a filet mignon at a five-star restaurant. Historically, American beef producers raised healthy cattle on pasture lands of endless grasses and vegetation. Even though all cattle graze on grass for the first part of their lives, they are switched over to grain as soon as possible for the fattening-up process. Healthy non-GMO grass-fed beef is usually imported from New Zealand and Australia—two of the top beef exporters in the world. In New Zealand, where the climate is temperate and the air is pure and crisp, GMO seeds and products are illegal. When cattle dine on natural grass their entire lives—free of GMOs and pesticides—they are ingesting the right balance of “good-for-you” anti-inflammatory polyunsaturated fats—Omega 3’s and CLA Omega 6’s. For all these reasons, 100% non-GMO grass-fed Angus beef from New Zealand is the good-for-you beef.
Chomps natural beef snack sticks are a modern, healthy twist on the favorite convenience food of our hunter-gatherer ancestors.
If you look closer at the labels on beef in supermarkets, you’ll see that a lot of grass-fed beef products are actually imported from New Zealand and Australia. The benefits of grass-fed beef from New Zealand is a story about tradition, climate, and protecting people’s health.
When you think of New Zealand, visualize the magical landscapes of the Lord of the Ring films—mystical snow-capped mountains, dense forests, sparkling lakes, rolling green hills and valleys, and Pacific Ocean vistas.
New Zealand has a long tradition of growing high-quality Angus cattle on the country’s extensive pasture lands. As a result of the country’s temperate climate, pristine air, and healthy, live non-GMO vegetation, New Zealand Angus beef is leaner and significantly higher in flavor, nutrients, vitamins, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory omega-3 fatty acids. The lower cost of American beef has come at a high price, producing products ridden with pesticides, GMOs, antibiotics, growth hormones and other dangerous additives. Faced with an obesity epidemic and more knowledgeable about the dangers of junk foods and GMOs, Americans are demanding healthier natural and organic foods including beef products. A Paleo diet is based upon eating foods that occurred naturally during the times of our ancient Paleolithic ancestors.
The #1 reason most people quit or fail at a new diet is that they think of it as a diet (which brings to mind feelings of deprivation).
There is plenty of literature linking red meat consumption to an increased risk of heart disease, but recent studies have revealed that this may not be true bringing up the question - can you eat beef as part of your heart-healthy diet? People used to think that because red meat was high in cholesterol and saturated fat that those who were concerned about their heart health could not eat it. According to the study published in the journal, Natural Medicine what causes the negative effects of eating red meat is not due to its saturated fat content or cholesterol levels. Most people don’t know that there are heart healthy beef options, like grass fed beef jerky. Grass fed beef jerky has been shown to contain more essential fatty acids (EFAs) than grain fed beef products and also contains less total fat.
When it comes to the flavor profile of beef you really can’t deny that it’s downright delicious.
Are you hunting for high-quality Paleo snacks that you can conveniently carry with you on-the-go? Wearable technology includes devices like smart watches, heart rate bands, step counters, calorie trackers and sleep monitors. If you want to improve your quality of life, wearable tech devices may be just what you’re looking for! Fat burning foods are an important part of a healthy diet – especially if you have a weight loss goal. It’s one thing to reduce your calories by eliminating foods that contribute to weight gain, but it’s another to eat foods that actually improve your body’s natural ability to burn fat.
CHOMP Snack Sticks. Grass fed beef provides a natural source of Conjugated Linoleic Acid, or CLA.
Eggs contain a large amount of cholesterol so for many years people thought that eggs couldn’t be on a heart-healthy menu. The misconception that dietary cholesterol (the type found in food) goes directly into your bloodstream and then into your arteries is simply false.
A recent analysis of prospective cohort studies of egg consumption and the risk of coronary heart disease and stroke showed that a moderate consumption of eggs was not associated with increased risk of coronary heart disease or stroke. Eggs do contain more cholesterol than most foods and are only rivaled by liver, shrimp and duck meat. If you like eggs and want to get a natural source of all of the nutrients mentioned above, there are many ways to enjoy them. Healthy adults are advised to consume no more than 300 mg of cholesterol a day (about 1 large egg).Those with diabetes or an increased risk of heart disease are advised to limit their intake to no more than 200 mg a day (about 1 medium-sized egg).
Eggs are a great Paleo friendly food that are easy to integrate into many different recipes. Vitamins and minerals themselves are required to maintain the many body processes we need to stay healthy.
An estimated 2 billion people across the globe do not have access to adequate nutrition or even supplements to prevent vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Fortified foods that include synthetic vitamin and mineral additions will clearly state what has been added on their label. For example, a breakfast cereal can be fortified with all of the essential vitamins and minerals you need in a healthy morning meal. The debate continues over fortified foods, but the most important thing to remember is that the words “added vitamins” is not always synonymous with health. If you’re new to the idea of a Paleo diet, here is a quick rundown… The term “Paleo” is short for Paleolithic, or the prehistoric period of human history.
On a Paleo diet you would include lean proteins, especially from grass-fed beef and pasture raised poultry or pork, leafy green vegetables, wild raised fish and fresh fruit. When it comes to macronutrient content, including a lean animal protein at every meal helps to ensure that you will be getting a balance of all the essential fatty acids into your diet including omega 3's like ?-linolenic acid (ALA) and omega-6's, like conjugated linoleic acid (CLA). They taste great, contain a good source of essential fatty acids, along with important vitamins and are a lean source of protein making them the perfect Paleo snack.
Bison falls into the gourmet or specialty meat category at your supermarket or meat market.
These are incapable of dissipating fat, and they are not necessary to be replenished frequently.

They help improve your immune system, fight diseases and ensure the health of mucous membranes.
It also deals with calcium metabolism, which makes it responsible for the absorption of calcium and phosphorus coming from the small intestine. Aside from these, you can get your supply of vitamin D from eggs, oily fish, cod liver oils and cereals. These health issues include cardiac ailments, skin disorders, anemia, reproductive system problems and renal deterioration. Hence, once you get a cut or wound, you will not suffer from excessive bleeding when your vitamin K level in the body is within normal ranges. So, to maintain healthy mind and body, be sure to take these important vitamins as regularly.
To start, learn about some of the worst food offenders and how to replace them with healthier choices. Trans fats should be avoided as much as possible and saturated fats should only contribute 10% of your calories. Instead, keep a mental image of a deck of cards, a poker chip, a baseball, a hockey puck, a CD, dice, and a lightbulb. But a restaurant potato is likely to be twice that big and loaded with toppings and extra calories. Serve it with a rainbow of healthy vegetables -- like red peppers, bok choy, onion, and carrots -- stir-fried in a little peanut or canola oil.
It is intended for general informational purposes only and does not address individual circumstances. A growing body of research reports that exercise can only help burn more calories only up to a point.
Researchers observed that at lower activity levels, participants expended more energy, burned more calories, and lost weight. A regular exercise program of cardio and weight training gives you increased strength, endurance, and muscle tone, while a healthy, balanced eating plan helps you lose weight at a safe and steady pace. If you don’t mind counting calories, you can begin by keeping a food journal of your calorie intake for one week.
The Paleo Diet invites you to “eat like our hunter-gatherer ancestors ate,” a diet comprised of fruits, vegetables, lean meats, seafood, and nuts.
Cordain advises paleo dieters to choose grass-fed and organic varieties of foods to limit exposure to pesticides, antibiotics, and other chemicals prevalent in our modern food supply. With a primary season filled with shouting matches and surprising twists and turns, candidates from both parties continue to jockey for first position in the delegate count to earn their party’s nomination.
More recently, Senator Cruz echoed his pro-GMO stance: “It is important that our food be safe and the Federal Government has a very important role in ensuring that our food is safe.
Sanders supports allowing states to require labels on foods containing GMOs based on the consumer’s right-to-know, but does not believe that GMOs are necessarily bad.
Prior to the first state caucus in Iowa, the Iowa Farm Bureau gave all primary candidates a series of questions to show caucus members where each stood on key issues.
Rich with healthy protein choices, the Paleo menu consists of grass-produced meats (instead of corn-fed factory-farm meats), fish and seafood, eggs, fresh fruits and veggies, nuts and seeds, and healthful oils such as olive, avocado, coconut, walnut, flaxseed, and macadamia. This discovery concluded that the pre-human species was accustomed to eating meat and required it for healthy development. When you look closer at both approaches, you’ll discover that the big heavily advertised programs have actual success rates in the single digits, while the Whole30® program continues to generate an astonishing 95% success rate among participants. Whole30®’s promises reach far beyond losing weight, predicting that the Whole30® plan will help bring an end to chronic diseases, allergies, and years of chronic pain. One patient in particular has lost 20lbs, and her most recent lab studies show a normal A1C, increased HDL, and lower overall cholesterol and LDL. Since then, 95%--that’s right—95% of program participants have called it “life changing.” It’s a remarkable accomplishment especially since the big weight loss organizations with even bigger advertising budgets have success rates in the single digits. Check labels for sugars on everything even when you can’t imagine why sugars would be in the product.
Chomps are a juicy and delicious alternative to those familiar, unhealthy, beef jerky brands. Both preservatives affect the neurological system of the brain, alter behavior, and have raised cancer risks in animal tests.
Research has shown that sodium benzoate affects behavior and has been found to cause children to become more hyperactive and distractible. Sodium nitrite in foods is linked to higher rates of colorectal, stomach, and pancreatic cancers. It is in a class of substances known as “excitotoxins,” which means that MSG over-excites your cells so much that the cells become damaged or die. Even though our fast-paced lives make it difficult for us to avoid choosing convenient processed foods, we recommend that you always check the label for dangerous artificial preservatives. Protein is an essential part of a healthy diet plan, but for adults aged 50 and over, recent research has shown that current U.S.
Coupled with strength training, individuals can enjoy even better results and healthier aging. A 150-pound muscle-building athlete needs to consume between 96-123 grams per day if their fitness goal is to build muscle mass. Recent estimates report that over 75% of foods in supermarkets are GMO foods with ingredients that are hazardous to our health.
Challenge yourself to keep adding to the list as you introduce your kids to a nutritious variety of delicious gluten-free snacks.
Here’s a simple recipe for one of our kid-pleasing gluten-free snacks: Wash, peel, and cut the sweet potatoes into “French fry” strips. They are known for their high protein and fiber and also contain key vitamins and minerals that will benefit your kids health.
It’s easy to create your own mix with different combinations of dried fruits, nuts, and seeds to suit everyone’s taste buds. It is strained repeatedly to remove most of the liquid, whey, lactose, and sugar, giving it a tasty, thicker consistency. Chomps snack sticks are packed with nine grams of protein and made from 100% grass-fed non-GMO New Zealand beef, farm-fresh ingredients, and a safe, natural preservative. They wanted the cattle to grow big enough to sell or slaughter in two to three years instead of the normal four to five years.
Omega 3 fatty acids are essential for normal growth and may play a role in preventing and treating coronary artery disease, hypertension, arthritis, cancer, and other inflammatory and autoimmune diseases. It’s leaner and significantly higher in flavor, nutrients, vitamins, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory fatty acids. You know you’re adding healthy protein to your diet that is good for you and delicious, too! Chomps delivers nine grams of protein in a blend of natural ingredients starting with 100% grass-fed Non-GMO New Zealand Angus beef and palate-pleasing spices.
Whereas New Zealand is about the size of Colorado, Australia is almost as large as the United States.
It is a place where the human footprint is very light (three-million population), and the air is amazingly clean and pure. The cattle enjoy an idyllic life, free to roam in the sunshine doing what ruminant animals do best--eating healthy non-GMO grasses all day long. Consequently, a simple “grass-fed beef” label on domestic beef doesn’t mean the beef is healthy or devoid of GMOs. American beef producers started feeding cattle a diet of grains instead of grasses to deliberately fatten them up.
With the proliferation of CAFOs, the healthier alternative of free-range cattle nearly disappeared, For American producers dealing with the higher costs of raising grass-fed non-GMO cattle, it’s been hard to compete with New Zealand beef. Thanks to New Zealand’s robust grass-fed cattle industry, you can confidently dine on delicious and healthy non-GMO beef at a significantly lower price than our own domestic grass-fed beef. Today, many of the foods you can buy in grocery stores contain loads of added sugars, artificial ingredients and hydrogenated fats that have all been associated with an increased risk for some very serious health problems.
Another perk of following the hunter-gatherer diet plan is that you are more likely to lose weight.
Eating foods that existed when cavemen roamed the Earth isn’t as convenient as grabbing a box or a bag off the shelf.
One thing that all successful dieters know is that it takes a strong support system in order to avoid temptations and other pitfalls. When a caveman heads out to find food he brings the necessary tools (think a leather bag for foraging and a spear for hunting).
Remember: it’s OK to slip up every now and then but the more you practice eating Paleolithic foods, the easier it will be. Every year it is estimated that about 715,000 Americans suffer a heart attack and another 600,000 die from heart disease. They have added extra-lean cuts of beef to their list of certified foods as a part of an overall healthy dietary program and have displayed the Heart-Check mark on some cuts. But a recent study showed that doubling or even nearly tripling saturated fat in the diet does not drive up total levels of saturated fat in the blood. While the American Heart Association does certify some cuts (Extra Lean Ground Beef (96% lean, 4% fat), Bottom Round Steak (USDA Select grade), Sirloin Tip Steak (USDA Select grade) and others) there is one way to make beef a staple on your menu without having to worry about cardiovascular risks.
The content of omega-3 EFAs in grass fed beef jerky has been shown to promote a healthy heart and provide a myriad of other benefits. Just a few years ago the people that used heart rate monitors were limited to fitness enthusiasts. If you want to improve your activity levels there are some great wearable pedometers out there. Losing weight is never an easy task, and most people fail or quit their diets within the first few weeks because they simply don’t have the willpower to keep going. About 60 million Americans suffer from some type of sleep disorder including everything from occasional sleeplessness to insomnia. Apple has created a new experience in health tracking technology that allows you to use your older data and information from other health trackers all in one place. They may help you to increase your activity levels, reduce your calorie intake and even improve sleep quality so you can reach your health, fitness or weight loss goals faster and easier.
No matter how much you work in the gym, it won’t show if you’re not doing the work you need to do in the kitchen. This drink is not only one of the most widely consumed and healthful beverages in the world, it also is ultra-friendly to your waistline. This healthy cooking oil contains essential fatty acids including lauric acid, capric acid, caprylic acid and myristic acid. This compound is known to be especially effective for developing lean body mass and when consumed from beef snack sticks also offers a good source of dietary protein for muscle development. According to the USDA Nutrient Database 1 large egg contains about 211 milligrams of cholesterol (all in the yolk) and for this reason they’ve gotten a bad reputation as a health food. In fact, saturated and trans fats have a much bigger impact on blood cholesterol levels than dietary cholesterol. But they also contain a wide range of nutrients including omega fats, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and all of the essential and nonessential amino acids making them a great health food when eaten in moderation.
If you are concerned about the amount of cholesterol they contain you can always simply eliminate the yolk.
They provide a wide range of nutrients and offer health benefits that make them one of the best foods available. For people with the type of health problems caused by deficiency, synthetic versions of vitamins and minerals may be the only option. You might see, “Fortified with Vitamin D,” or “Added Calcium” on a food but these labels are simply hiding a very scary reality. But they are likely to also contain loads of sugar, artificial flavoring, and artificial colors that can wreak havoc on healthy body systems.
Remember to read all of the ingredients in any food you eat before you decide if it’s good for you. The main concept behind going Paleo is to eliminate foods that can cause inflammation in our bodies and replace them with foods that our bodies are naturally made to digest.
The foods you would cut out include all processed items, sugars, legumes, dairy, grains and any high-glycemic simple carbohydrates. These are nutrients that cannot be made in your body and must be consumed through your diet. You’ll have to make a few sacrifices at first in order to experience the full benefits of fueling your body with nutrients instead of just feeding your taste buds. Plus, they are so easy to bring along with you anywhere in your bag, your pocket or even to send with your child in their backpack.
Athletes know that when their bodies are working at an optimal level, their performance will also improve. Dietary supplements are a common thing for athletes to use in order to supply their bodies essential nutrients. Additionally, these vitamins tend to accumulate in fatty issues and liver as they absorb dietary fat located in small intestines.
This vitamin also prevents various ailments such as macular degeneration (age-related), cardiac concerns, Alzheimer’s Disease, cataracts, and arthritis. Failure to receive the right amount of vitamin D can lead to rickets, osteoporosis, weak bones, osteomalacia and sleeplessness. It also prevents coronary diseases, regulates levels of calcium in the body and production of health teeth and bones. Another problem that may arise is your susceptibility to bruises and injury, which is made worse with your blood’s failure to clot.
However, maintain the intake to normal levels because too much of these vitamins can never be good. We also load up on calories in chicken dishes (often breaded and fried), sodas, and energy and sports drinks. One serving of low-fat cheese is one-third the amount of nonfat or low-fat dairy you should have in a day. It is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment and should not be relied on to make decisions about your health. Yet, we don’t think this is enough and we are setting new year resolutions to eat better to look better and to improve our quality of life. For example, if you have a sedentary lifestyle and then start walking every day, you will increase the number of calories burned.
Unfortunately, at a certain point in higher activity levels, the energy expended and the amount of calories burned actually plateaued and so did weight loss. Also known as the caveman diet, his weight-loss plan has a healthy ratio of saturated-to-unsaturated fatty acids, increases vitamin and nutrient consumption, and contains an optimal balance of protein, fat, and carbohydrates. But I think we should be celebrating the innovations in science that have expanded the ability to produce food… We need to stand up to the hysteria. One survey question asked, “Do you support the use of biotechnology in food products and oppose efforts to require mandatory labeling for foods simply because they contain ingredients derived from biotechnology? Meat-eating carnivores are bigger brained than plant eating herbivores; and their anatomy is dramatically different to accommodate their dining requirements. Each snack stick is packed with nine grams of protein and made from 100% grass-fed non-GMO New Zealand Angus beef, farm-fresh ingredients, and celery juice (as a natural preservative). It does sound unbelievable until you read the heart-felt success stories that continue to pore in from Whole30® participants across the country who have lost weight, healed themselves, and eliminated chronic conditions.
Then her symptoms worsened, and she began suffering from poor sleep, daily headaches, trouble focusing, and tingling and numbness in her face, arms, and legs. She also was able to completely resolve her non-ulcer dyspepsia without the need for medications. Each snack stick is packed with nine grams of protein and made from 100% grass-fed non-GMO New Zealand Angus beef, farm-fresh ingredients, and celery juice (natural preservative). Each snack stick is packed with nine grams of protein and made from 100% grass-fed non-GMO New Zealand Angus beef, farm-fresh ingredients, and natural celery juice (natural preservative).
Unfortunately, decades of research have shown that artificial preservatives in foods are linked to serious health problems like cancer, heart disease, allergies, asthma, serious brain disorders, and symptoms of ADHD (Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder) in children. This leads to serious brain dysfunction and has the potential of triggering or worsening learning disabilities as well as life-threatening diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases and more.
Chomps are packed with nine grams of protein and made from 100% grass-fed non-GMO New Zealand Angus beef and farm-fresh ingredients. Unless a food is labeled “non-GMO” or “Organic,” it can have any number of GMO ingredients, pesticides, chemicals, additives, and synthetic preservatives—all of which are potential health hazards. Chomps is packed with nine grams of healthy protein and made from 100% grass-fed non-GMO New Zealand beef, farm-fresh ingredients, and safe, natural preservatives. Instead of repeatedly having to say “No!”, get them excited about shopping for healthy snacks they can have, like the ones featured here.

Toss the strips generously in organic extra-virgin coconut oil and season with salt and pepper. You can even create a special dessert mix by adding a modest amount of organic dark chocolate pieces.
With about the same calories as regular yogurt, it delivers twice the protein and half the sugar.
Unfortunately, in the 1950s, beef producers took a turn down a road that would inevitably lead to raising dangerously unhealthy cattle.
They started injecting the cattle with growth hormones to speed up their natural aging process. So ranchers developed Confined Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs) where cattle were shoved into small pens—nose to tail—and never allowed to go outside, walk around, and graze.
These days, a steak or hamburger arrives on your plate filled with pesticides, GMOs, growth hormones, and antibiotics.
Cattle ranchers never feed them grain, they never give them growth hormones or antibiotics, and they always let them graze and stay outside all year round. Chomps are gluten, soy, hormone, and antibiotic free, and they don’t contain dairy, MSG, or any synthetic preservatives.
Dramatically different in size and terrain, both countries are world-famous exporters of high-quality grass-fed beef products.
The temperate climate translates into mild, wet winters and warm, dry summers—good news for grass-fed beef producers. Growing research and evidence connects GMOs with health problems, environmental damage, and violation of farmers’ and consumers’ rights. New Zealand cattle is pasture-raised and finished, meaning that they are fed on natural grass and vegetation their entire lives.
It can be especially challenging to refuse morning pastries in the office or walk by a vending machine when you first begin your new Paleo lifestyle. Don’t let D-I-E-T become a four-letter word and you will reach your ultimate health or weight loss goals in no time!
It’s no question that maintaining a healthy heart is important as it is the #1 killer for both men and women.
However, eating large amounts of carbohydrate-dense foods in the same study showed an increase in a risk for heart disease.
This amino acid converts into another compound called trimethylamine-N-oxide (TMAO) – a substance shown to cause atherosclerosis (the buildup of plaque inside the arteries). Grass fed beef jerky contains lower levels of dietary cholesterol and larger amounts of health promoting vitamins A and E, along with antioxidants.
If your beef cuts don’t read “grass-feed” you can count on a weaker flavor and possibly more brutal slaughterhouse practices. They’re Whole30 approved, gluten free and made from 100% grass fed beef.One taste and we know you’ll love ‘em! Here is a quick breakdown of the latest in wearable tech and how they can help improve your health and fitness.
You may remember seeing runners, swimmers or cyclist wearing chest straps in order to get a reading on their heart rates as they exercised. With a variety of options ranging from the classic type that clips onto your shoe or belt to something more fashionable like a sleek wristband these devices are made to help you keep track of how many steps you take every day.
Fitness and nutrition professionals agree that keeping a weight loss journal is vital to long-term success. You probably already know that sleep is important to maintaining high energy levels throughout the day but it’s also a critical to your good health, your fitness performance and your ability to maintain a healthy weight. Much of the fat that your body stores can’t be burned by simply spending hours on the treadmill. These fat burning foods contain a wide range of nutrients known to improve satiety including a good source of fiber. These are known as medium-chain triglycerides and have been shown in clinical studies to reduce body fat composition overall, with significant effects on abdominal fat. Muscle burns more calories than fat, so bodies with a higher muscle mass also burn fat faster.
But for years health professionals thought that serum cholesterol (blood cholesterol) levels were affected by the amount of cholesterol we ate. It has been suggested that for people with diabetes, one egg a day could increase the risk for heart disease.
But for those who get most of the nutrients they need from a balanced diet, synthetic versions are simply a farce.
You see, the quality of the Standard American Diet is very poor and includes fast food, packaged foods and items with hydrogenated fats and other highly-processed ingredients that not only lack nutritional value but can even harm a healthy body. A better option is always whole natural foods that still contain their essential fats, phytonutrients naturally occurring vitamins and minerals. If you’re one of the many people who is eating in the way of our ancient ancestors you know that you don’t have to worry about artificial ingredients, processed foods or loads of added sugar in your diet. If you decide to start eating like a caveman, it’s also a good idea to choose locally raised or grown foods. While there are many ways to get these essential fats into your body, one of the best sources is grass feed beef. We understand how difficult and time consuming this process can be, which is why we are so excited to bring Chomps 100% Grass Fed Beef Jerky, Paleo friendly Snack Sticks, to market. It's time to kick the sugar-laden snacks out of those lunch boxes and start giving your family (and yourself) a healthy, delicious take-anywhere snack: Chomps!
However, many of the supplements you can find out there including the ever-popular protein powders may contain nutrients NOT derived from natural sources.
But they also need a wide range of other nutrients including all of the essential and nonessential amino acids, omega fatty acids, vitamins, minerals and even sugars.
This theory is called nutrient timing and it’s a popular concept among fitness professionals.
Nutritionally you are getting more protein ani??d nutrients with fewer calories and less fat.
Marchello at North Dakota State University has shown that the meat from Bison is a highly nutrient dense food because of the proportion of protein, fat, mineral, and fatty acids to its caloric value. Among the different functions of this vitamin include reduction of your chances of getting breast or prostate cancer, regulation of cholesterol levels, enhancement of the immune system.
Never ignore professional medical advice in seeking treatment because of something you have read on the WebMD Site. If you change from a walking program to a jogging program, chances are you’ll also burn more calories. The study concluded that you simply can’t exercise excess weight away—whether you’re overweight or obese. Each individually packaged snack stick is packed with nine grams of protein and made from 100% grass-fed non-GMO New Zealand Angus beef, enhanced with the down-home flavors of farm-fresh ingredients and celery juice (natural preservative). I would note, for families, for parents, that don’t want to feed their kids GMOs, in the private marketplace, there has grown up an abundant market. Each snack stick is packed with nine grams of protein and made from 100% grass-fed non-GMO New Zealand Angus beef, farm-fresh ingredients, and celery juice (as a natural preservative. A vegetarian smaller-brained gorilla spends 80% of his waking hours eating and looking for food, while larger brained, meat-eating humans take in nutrition-dense meats in far less time. She was miserable for three years with no hope in sight until she went on the Whole30® program.
For those patients that are compliant with the recommended program I have seen similar results. The problems are compounded by the fact that an estimated 90% of the foods Americans eat are processed foods, not healthier whole foods.
Federal Drug Administration, BHA and BHT are considered dangerous and are banned in many other countries including Canada, Japan, New Zealand, Australia, and throughout Europe. Chomps uses organic celery juice as a safe, natural preservative to keep Chomps safe to eat.
Delicious and juicy, Chomps are gluten free, soy free, hormone free, antibiotic free, dairy free, and MSG free. Try this tasty nut-free mix: pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, dried cranberries (sweetened in juice), shredded coconut, and free dried berries .
Beef can be a wonderful source of healthy protein, nutrients, and vitamins or it can be filled with GMOs, toxins, and other ingredients that can lead to serious health problems.
This change occurred when cattle ranchers started feeding grains to their cattle to fatten them. It’s not surprising that the animals got weaker and sicker and needed bigger doses of antibiotics to fight disease. Loaded with hearty farm-fresh ingredients, Chomps juicy snack sticks will come to your rescue anytime you need a protein boost. Conditions continued to worsen, because it’s not natural for ruminant animals to eat grain; it makes them sick. Check out these Whole30 Approved Paleo recipes and discover new and exciting ways to pair your favorite flavors. If you are hungry and out there in our fast-paced world you can quickly fall prey to processed foods.
Using a pedometer can help make it easier to see when and where you can increase your activity levels during the day. Wearable calorie trackers make it simple and easy to see exactly what you are eating and where you can cut back. When you sleep it’s important to achieve the REM phase, or deepest resting state because that’s when your body replenishes hormones and brain chemicals involved in regulating everything from your mood to appetite.
Add any type of app including a blood glucose reader, body fat calculator and body thermometer to your mobile device and the Apple Health App with paint an entire picture of your health for you!
The compounds in green tea that give it its antioxidant ability are also responsible for their capacity to increase your fat burning potential.
So let’s take a closer look at the type of cholesterol in an egg and what it means to your health.
For this reason they had recommended limiting egg consumption to help keep the risk of heart disease down. Recently an investigation led by New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman found that some dietary supplements don’t even contain the ingredients listed on their labels.
And when those foods contain synthetic vitamin or mineral supplements and are “fortified” they do not become better for you.
The body uses all types of nutrients together in order to perform its many functions including muscle growth, soft tissue repair, fat loss and maintaining energy levels. Basically it means that by eating specific nutrients at certain times you can get an edge over your competition. Publications ranging from Bon Appetit to Sunset magazines are heralding bison as the meat of the future. The members of the NBA feel so strongly about this that they have a resolution opposing the use of these substances in the production of Bison for meat. Comparisons to other meat sources have also shown that Bison has a greater concentration of iron as well as some of the essential fatty acids necessary for human well being. Unless you count fries and chips, fruits and vegetables don't even make a dent in our daily calorie count. But as you continue to increase your activity level, you will reach a point of diminishing weight-loss benefits. Or do they believe that Americans don’t have the right to have foods with GMO ingredients clearly labeled? A recent study from Spain explains that “there is no [traditional] society that lives as vegans,” because it wouldn’t be possible to get vitamin B12.
She now sleeps well, rarely has a headache, and the numbness is reduced to little areas on her body.
Place fries, separated in a single layer, on a cookie sheet in a pre-heated 425-degree oven. Or create an all-organic mix of dried cranberries, sunflower seeds, almonds, cashews, pumpkin seeds, and raisins. Today those grains are grown from GMO seeds which are associated with a long list of health dangers for the cattle, the environment, and consumers. Since fresh grass isn’t available several months of the year, cattle have to eat hay which is dead vegetation devoid of the natural nutrients of living grass and most likely grown from GMO grass seeds. Once you get started, you’ll quickly find that making imaginative meals is part of the process and that creativity is the key to your success. There are tons of people in the world that can help you feel comfortable with your way of life.
Many of these watches, wristbands and other wearables synch with portable devices like your iPhone (and even your home computer) to deliver charts and graph of your personalized data that you can take right to the doctor's office. And don’t forget that by keeping track of how many calories you’ve cut during the day you’ll also know when you can afford to cheat! Sleep monitors are a unique type of wearable tech that enables you to see just how well you are really resting during the night so you can pinpoint health problems that may be associated with a loss of restful sleep. Cayenne pepper, chili pepper and black pepper are spices that you can use in many different recipes to boost your metabolism for fat loss.
Called catechins, these compounds work to inhibit a particular enzyme in your body responsible for thermogenesis. If we become deficient in a specific nutrient it can cause problems in the body, and even diseases like scurvy or rickets. They are simply hiding behind a healthy facade so that you remain blind to the fact that they do NOT contain natural sources of the essential nutrients you need to stay healthy.
There are some supplements made from real food, but the best option is to always consume whole natural forms of nutrients from fresh fruits, vegetables, seeds & nuts, whole grains and clean meat like grass fed beef.
Used by bodybuilders, fitness competitors, runners, swimmers, bikers and other high-intensity athletes, nutrient timing is an important strategy.
Readers' Digest magazine has even listed bison as one of the five foods women should eat because of the high iron content.
Now Karen has the energy and coordination to resume hiking and other activities with her family. In contrast, American consumers can confidently buy grass-fed beef from New Zealand because it is 100% GMO-free. These inhumane facilities force cattle into unnaturally small spaces in filthy conditions where disease runs rampant. Your survival kit should include a grass-fed paleo beef stick, sliced fruits or vegetables and a bag of nuts.
Hot peppers contain a unique substance called capsaicin that has been shown in clinical studies to increase energy expenditure following a meal. Recent studies have shown that the substances found in green tea also enhance weight loss though other mechanisms including the improvement of insulin sensitivity. It has been estimated that 85,000 dietary supplement products in America could contain contaminants.
Most of us get too much, raising our chances of high blood pressure and heart and kidney disease.
Once you start counting calories and looking at carbs, you realize chips are really hard to fit into a low calorie, low carb diet. Shocked at her improvements since the last battery of tests, her doctor advised her, “Whatever it is you’re doing, keep it up!” Enjoy more Whole30® Success Stories.
The aroma of roasted sweet potatoes will fill the kitchen as you and your kids impatiently wait to devour them! The extra heat these foods bring to the table requires MORE energy to digest and that increases the number of calories burned during the digestive process for greater fat loss results.Black pepper contains a compound called piperine that has been shown to help reduce body weight and fat mass in animal studies. This Creamy Carrot & Sweet Potato Soup is a great recipe that is very diet friendly and quite delicious.
It is sweet, creamy, and absolutely healthy.Prepare for delicious smells as a chicken roasting away in your oven. Use a fine Extra Virgin Olive Oil for grilling to achieve a warm toasted crust, without the burn. I am a nacho person so I want to try theseReply Theresa saysFebruary 27, 2015 at 6:43 pm I am totally digging the peppers used in place of tortilla chips for nachos! I have got to try that!Reply Debbie Denny saysFebruary 28, 2015 at 9:15 am These are all great recipes.

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