In case you may not have noticed, we enjoy Instagram for the food possibly more than the fashion.
Although, that really depends on the day that’s in it, but at SHEmazing we find it hard not to double tap any time we see a pretty foodie snap. So almost every time we open the app we are left feeling practically ravenous, and that’s before we’re even close to lunch time! While many believe that scrolling through some #foodporn is just harmless fun, a new study has made us all regret following that last pastry chef immediately.
Basically, seeing everybody and their pug post pictures of their meals encourages you to feast every time they feast regardless of whether you are actually hungry or not. If you spend too much time scrolling through a food-heavy Instagram feed you could end up eating excess calories that contribute to weight gain.
However, the study does draw attention to the link between those staring at mouth-watering looking recipes all day every day and their weight-gain.
Yup, some are adept at getting our metabolism REALLY fired up – while others do little except slow everything down. But did you know that there are a load of metabolic rate rumours that continue to fly despite having somewhat questionable origins? This is definitely a healthy habit – but those who eat breakfast are not necessarily thinner than those who skip it. Adding in lots of spice to your food is seen by many as a great way to burn calories and fat.
Indeed, studies in the area show that even a lot of chilli only eliminates about 50 extra calories a day.
Since pumping iron increases your calorie burn long after you stop working out, it's by far the best thing you can do for your metabolism. This trend has really taken off in recent years, but there is no evidence to suggest that eating your calories throughout the day is necessarily better than sticking to three meals. Ever since Victoria Beckham was cited as a fan more than a decade ago, dieters have eagerly been tucking into green tea. Caffeine raises your heart rate so your metabolism actually starts burning calories immediately.
Our slimmer Mediterranean neighbours confirm that alone will not cause excess weight gain.

She turned to classes which championed strength training and weights mixed up with cardio exercises in circuits. Two years after setting out to get in shape and improve her health, Natalie weighs just 74kg – a reduction of close-to 20kg from her heaviest.
Becoming the healthiest version of yourself can be somewhat challenging (looking at you 6am cardio sessions) but also incredibly rewarding. Controlling your portions can be a huge factor when it comes to weight-loss, and you also need somewhere to store all of your delicious healthy snacks. Not everyone will be your cheerleader and they may become jealous when they realise that you've become such a fit badass. Possibly the most important thing for any person to keep in mind is that while your weight can change when you adjust your diet and exercise routine there are things you cannot change.
The internet is a wonderful place where you can find plenty of useful workout tips and guides to help you get started. Being an expert at the top of the aerobics class might give you a confidence boost, but if you get too comfortable you’re going to stop seeing results, so try and mix it up. Making the time to look after your health now is only going to help you develop better habits your future-self will thank you for. Filling up on more nutrient dense foods like leafy greens or other non-starchy vegetables will fill you up without all the calories. While it will probably come as no surprise to many, another recent study has found that the humble potato is one of the most fattening vegetables.
Harvard researchers have said that rather than filling up on potatoes when you’re hungry, you should try and opt for brown rice or a wholemeal bread instead. So what are the other vegetables we’re eating that might not be doing our healthy lifestyles any favours?
While they aren’t necessarily going to make you gain weight, researchers say that there are more nutrient dense (and tastier) vegetable options out there. A study published in the journal Obesity found that the one thing that is the biggest barrier to weight-loss is not in fact edible.
Sleep deprivation is in fact the biggest obstacle to dropping any excess pounds you might be worried about. This is because when we get enough deep sleep, we are better equipped to make healthier choices throughout the day.

So, rather than tormenting ourselves and shunning any and all tasty (although mildly unhealthy) treats, perhaps we should consider having an early night instead?
Eating habits are quite complicated and vary from person to person, so you may not need to unfollow every pizzeria on social media.
I learned that I needed to eat way more protein that I was, and that actually made the biggest difference.
Instead you're going to be eating a lot more homemade snacks instead of strolling to the vending machine. Spend more time with the people who actually support you instead of those who try to bring you down. If you do decide to go on a weight-loss journey however, here are a few important things to keep in mind. While late nights and extra early mornings can mess with your hunger hormones and lead you towards high-calorie foods. No matter how many hours you spend at the gym it won’t work if you consume more calories than you could possibly burn.
The tinned or packaged kind tend to be devoid of the good nutrients that the fresh vegetable can provide for you. Researchers again pointed to fruits for helping participants shed weight, as people tend to substitute them for sugary desserts.
Before you know it the fantasy is reality and we are drowning in biscuits wrappers and not ever a little bit sorry. Similarly you may not reap the benefits of this vegetable when it’s covered in melted butter. If you really want more veggies though, cauliflower came out as the top vegetable for helping aid weigth loss in this study.

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