Bernice is a highly motivated and compassionate weight loss and lifestyle Counselor with an extensive background beginning with competing in sports from an early age and later serving in the United States Air Force. Becoming a mother to her two children allowed her to utilize her passion for sports and fitness to inspire people of all ages to understand the importance of a healthy lifestyle. Bernice has received extensive training and experience directly from our Genetix Program doctors and nutritionists. My ambition to counsel weight loss clients is based on a strong desire to do my part to ensure that more people become aware of the benefits of a healthy and active lifestyle. I believe that through education, motivation, support and patience, I can empower people to reach their true potential through weight loss which ultimately leads to a better quality of life. I wanted to thank you for your support and guidance over the past month or so, as I was able to reach my goal weight far more quickly than I expected. Bernice, just wanted to drop a quick note to tell you that I have been enrolled in The Genetix Program for 7-weeks and I just feel wonderful. Just a short note to you and the Genetix Program to say thanks for my current success in losing just short of 14 pounds in my 7 weeks of following the program.
I feel I owe my improved healthy cholesterol levels and new sense of well being to the Genetix Program and especially to my counselor Bernice who rocks with her encouragement, expertise and patience. I realized after starting Genetix and speaking with Bernice on a daily basis that what my previous weight loss regimen was lacking was accountability and focus. I am one of those people that is overweight just enough that self motivation is slow in getting a foothold. I am definitely getting positive reinforcement from you, the plan, and for once my most dreaded enemy, the SCALE!?! We started working together just a couple of months ago and in that time, not only have I lost weight for the first time in years, but more importantly, I have gained a better understanding of my body and what it really needs. Thank you for your continual support, encouragement, and wisdom in guiding me with my weight loss journey. Changing my eating habits have been instrumental where I have more control over my emotional and or stressful moments and make wiser choices with less guilt feelings afterwards such as inhaling a bag of chips. When I started this weight loss program in May 2013 I was 272lbs I am 6' 3" and need to be around 220lbs. So that is what I told myself that I can do anything for 3 months and with Bernice's help and the everyday phone call and getting on that scale everyday it drove me and at the end of our 3 months I lost 42lbs down to 230lb and now 7 months later I am still hanging in there at 232lbs to 238lbs depending on how bad I cheat on the weekend but now I know what I have to do on Monday and the rest of the week to maintain.

I started my Genetix weight loss journey at a time in my life when I was so depressed from the recent deaths of my mom, brother and nephew, that every night after work, I sat in my comfy rocker-recliner in front of the TV making sure I experienced all the food groups – sweet, salty, crunchy, creamy, hot, cold, and frozen. Bernice, I don't think you really know how bad things were for me when I first met you, but I want you to know that I am a thousand times better for having you in my life and this Genetix experience has worked for me both physically and mentally.
Try a new diet plan, find easy weight loss tips and discover the latest wellbeing advice for a happier, healthier you! We bring you the foods you would never imagine were secretly packed with high levels of the sweet stuff. Benice also spent over 15 years serving as a substitute teacher, PTSA Executive Board member and Coach, helping students become productive, healthy, successful adults. While I had a relatively small amount of weight to lose, you were able to give me the accountability to get there, where I had failed for the past few months. It truly has opened up a whole new world for me in terms of understanding who I am and what I can do if I just change my mind set! I find the being accountable to an encouraging counselor on a daily basis the impetus to keep me strong in my pursuit of staying healthy and looking better.
I've almost lost 10lbs, I'm feeling more energetic, and my skin has cleared up significantly.
If that doesn't work, I find an alternative that I'm allowed to have and save it for a snack or a meal, or for my day off.
Somehow I must have felt that the pounds would magically dissolve because I wasn't extremely obese. As a 50 plus woman, who gained weight while going through my womanly changes, and the unexpected passing of my mother in the last year, (not to mention the weight I needed to lose before all of these changes), losing weight has been an overwhelming challenge. I now eat more fruits and vegetables and exercise on a regular basis, and for the first time I am drinking water, in large part because I know that I have to be accountable to you.
With your support I was still able to lose about 5 lbs while on business travel which usually never happens!
I don't know where I would have been without your constant support, but I know I would not be 50 pounds lighter and brighter!
Simply eat 2 plant foods for every 1 animal food and ensure you keep to a healthy portion size and you could lose up to 10lb in two weeks! My daily check-ins with Bernice Rach have been incredibly helpful both nutritionally and spiritually.

Bernice told me that I would never see "those numbers again" (former pounds on the scale) and for the first time in years I actually believed losing weight and keeping it off was possible! It's been really liberating to take control of my appetite, it's been the other way around for most of my life.
In the past it would be so easy to get off track and stay off track, but now I remember that I have to tell you what I have eaten and my exercise for the day and I stay on track (even if I get off track, I am back on by the next meal before I have to talk to you).
When I signed up for the program Bernice called me and told me what to do and what I HAD to do I was not sure I could or should I say would do but I made a commitment and it was only for 3 months and I always told my kids you can do anything for 3 months or however long they were going to have to go through something to complete it. I needed someone who could guide me emotionally and talk me through the difficult feelings I was having that were causing me to eat to feel better. The information on this site is designed to support, not replace the relationship between a patient and their doctor. I can hike 5 mountain miles without resting whereas before uphill hiking was a distant vision.
I felt like I had no one to talk to and nothing to do, so I comforted myself with food, knowing I was digging myself into a deeper hole. When the doctor's office phoned to give me the results, the nurse's comment was "whatever you're doing, keep doing it. I look forward to hearing your bright sunny voice and have a real appreciation for your genuine concern and patience.
I am very thankful that I found Bernice Rach and she became my Genetix weight loss counselor.
Once I lost the excuses and made myself my priority, magic started to happen with the help of my Genetix counselor, Bernice Rach. So many, many days, Bernice has influenced my decisions, not only in what I chose to eat, but much more. She has an infectious attitude of gratitude and my daily interaction with her has made me such a more grateful and appreciative person and has positively affected the way I interact with others and the way I look at situations.
I feel comfort knowing that I can speak with Bernice about any situation and I feel confident that she will provide a prospective that will have a positive outcome.

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