A few weeks ago, this column told you about options of grocery and produce delivery to Edmonds homes. While researching grocery delivery companies, I also stumbled across a few companies that deliver complete meals, ready to heat and serve, including Turmeric N’ More. The food of Turmeric N’ More focuses on vegetable and legumes, with a few dishes of chicken and lamb.
The stand out on the menu was the Tofu Tika Masala, each bite revealing a different element of the spice blend.
Tumeric n’ More is not the heavy Indian food of most restaurants, and that’s (mostly) a good thing. A culinary adventurer, Lara Alexander grows, cooks and writes about food from her home in Edmonds.
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Widespread frozen foods recall includes Kroger frozen vegetables (2) Does this include Birdseye frozen vegetables? It is such a relief to get home from work and find ingredients for dinner and the next mornings milk and fruit waiting for me on the front porch. I enjoy the flavors of Indian food, but it dawns on me, while slurping deep spoon-fulls of curry, that it’s probably hard not to love sauces made with generous amounts of cream and butter. For families who are not concerned about calories, it may be just as easy to call in an order for take out and pick up dinner on the way home. Bukharti cooks all of the meals in a commercial kitchen in North Seattle and employs a couple of drivers who make deliveries on Sundays to Edmonds and surrounding areas. For those of us who frequently walk in Edmonds, we will have opportunities to see families again and again.
To encourage constructive community dialogue, all commenters must use their real names, first and last. Not only is the convenience appreciated, I find that my grocery bill is reduced when I am not browsing aisles and adding things to my cart that weren’t on the list.
The colorful Biryani rice was full of savory flavor and big pieces of chicken, and avoided the problem of being too greasy like many fried rice dishes.
The dishes from Tumeric n’ More are closer to how I would cook at home, with a focus on vegetables, grains and spices rather than oil, butter and cream.

But if you are concerned about your heart and your waistline, restaurant food is a major saboteur of a good diet. Meals are delivered in insulated bags with ice packs to wait safely for you to refrigerate them.
Bonus: They have a mobile app that allows you to place new orders, and edit or cancel your current ones. If you wish to customise your order, the Grain Personalised service lets you mix and match items for your meal. If you are looking to mix things up a bit, Turmeric n’ More delivers fiber, flavor and convenience. To find out more and to read the week’s menu, visit the website here or call (206) 859-9591.
Bonus: For an additional $1, you can upgrade to wholegrain rice or Korean buckwheat noodles.

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