Hailey is now 14 months old and still an adventurous eater.  Fingers crossed she keeps it up! In August, during our yearly family reunion on Cape Cod, my sister-in-law Mary told me about a delicious bean and vegetable dish that she makes. If you're leaning in a plant-based direction and would like to try something healthier than a slice of pizza or burger, this is a simple, delicious dish that will make you feel great. Being on crutches and a prosthetic leg (I lost my leg to bone cancer 20 years ago) forces me to keep it quick in the kitchen. This dish is great as an hors d'oeuvres with good-quality tortilla chips, on salad greens, on top of cooked brown rice, as a topping or wrapped in a burrito. To keep it extra quick and simple, you'll see that I'm using canned black beans in this recipe.
For more easy and healthy plant-based recipes & tips, sign up for my free monthly newsletter! Everyone there was so sweet and wonderful and I had a such a fun time!…despite shaking like leaf.
I say optional, though, because with the oil from the avocados, I could easily skip the dressing. Canned beans tend to hold their nutritional content, unlike canned vegetables, which sometimes lose some of their nutrition. For one, black beans are excellent sources of plant protein, high in fiber, have no saturated fat and are high in nutrients -- one of the most notable being antioxidants, which may help prevent cancer. I attribute this to string cheeses, more Greek yogurt, and more frozen vegetables to keep on hand.
She eats an egg scrambled with peppers and onion and a little salsa stirred in for extra flavor.
The outline is tailored to my recommended 1,200-1,399 calorie range, so if your calorie count is different, yours will look slightly different.Monday through Friday, I did two yellow containers at dinner (meal 5). It even could be a topping for white fish if you're more vegan-ish than true vegan -- meaning you're adding more plant-based foods to your diet.

She loves fruit with breakfast and always has a whole banana and lately, half a clementine, too.
My green container was also a double for lunch.Click here to download an excel template for making your own meal plan.
And an excellent choice to use on a five-minute TV cooking segment I recently did in Portland, Ore. Sometimes she’ll have a few pinches of the soft part of the bagel and always washes it all down with her milk.
You might notice that for some food groups, I have less foods listed than the number of portion cups allowed for the day. It really is the best way to stay on track with your diet (and ultimately, spend less money too!)For the 21 Day Fix diet, you should be eating mostly whole foods.
This means the majority of your grocery shopping will be done around the outer perimeter of the grocery store, which is always where all the good stuff is hidden.I used this grocery list for the 21 Day Fix by printing it out and making a note in the margins of how many servings of each container I needed for the week. Studies show that starting your day off with a nutritious breakfast is one of the biggest factors of success not only in your diet, but in your life in general.It also makes filling a red container super easy.
It is about being healthy on the inside AND outside.479 Comments Kelly July 5, 2014 Reply Can you substitute Shakeology with just normal protein powder? In the comment, it seemed as though the person felt like if they drank a shake they would get amazing results, so I replied “Whole foods are always going to be best. I like to describe Shakeology as the missing link that fills in nutrtional gaps, but it is never going to make up for a poor diet”. A lot of people think shakes or pills can make or break results, I don’t feel this way, in the post I say that the shake is not a requirement. I never say anywhere that the shake is the best option, I said whole foods are the best investment. It is hard for me to have a highly varied diet, I have to meal prep most of my foods, I’m just to busy and I wind up eating a lot of the same foods. I would not spend money on a shake that contained these ingredients no matter the price or would I recommend others to.

Bethany Naomi February 14, 2015 Hi Bethany, I am in the same boat as Kelly in which I can not afford the shakes AND the fix .
And if you aren’t able to purchase the shakes, just make sure to fill its place with a healthy lean protein. Bethany Jamie April 1, 2015 Reply Actually I believe Shakeology is the best out there and nothing else can compare to it.
Thanks Carol Bethany Lyn March 2, 2015 Reply Hi Carol, Unfortunately, you really need fresh or frozen fruit. Canned fruit has nearly no nurtitional value as the canning process destroys most of the nutrients. Bethany Mary March 24, 2015 Reply Carol, I just wanted to add that anything you do is better than doing nothing.
They might have a city program like Good Food Box Program that offers delivery of fruits & vegetables, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.
The people I see that get the best results are those who follow the diet as is and push themselves in the workouts. Bethany Lelayna August 22, 2015 Reply Hi Carol, I just wanted to let you know that stores like Shop Rite and Stop & Stop offer delivery programs for people who cannot get out to the grocery store. You would also count any other foods that you add with their corresponding colored containers. Also will using lactose free products (yogurt(sadly there is not a lactose free greek yogurt.
I know there is a coconut greek style and it is NOT good at all) and milk) make a difference?

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