Several studies of egg-eaters versus those who eat cereal or other carb-rich breakfasts, find that the egg breakfasts are more waistline friendly. To help start your day right, we have some of our super fast  best breakfasts for weight loss that take less than a minute or two to make. Ever better is using tofu, nutritional yeast, soy yogurt, tomatoes, spinach, mushrooms and onions!
But newer studies suggest a high-protein, carbohydrate-poor breakfast with about 20-30 grams protein (or 25% of total calories) may better stave off hunger and carb cravings throughout the day compared to cereal, toast, pancakes or other carby choices.

Researchers believe that the quality of egg protein and the leucine content of eggs is what makes them more filling. Spoon the egg salad into a lettuce a€?bowla€? to keep it looking pretty and enjoy with cocktail bread and veggies. Just discuss the word ‘fashion’ with him, and he will come up with the latest happenings and trends in the fraternity of fashion. In his free time, this frisky guy loves to read books on screenwriting and fashion, and of course, listening music.

Nestle a dip-size container in with the bread; fill it with pistachios and chocolate chips. Fun loving guy confesses that he believes strongly in Karma, and adds, that what goes around comes around.

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