Slimming down, and keeping it off requires dedication and a strong commitment to living a healthy lifestyle. The body soon enters starvation mode and starts holding onto calories making weight loss hard.
Losing those first three to five pounds of weight can be a great motivator to continue with a diet. By keeping a food diary, you will be able to monitor your food intake accurately and see if you’re overeating at any point in the day. Sodas, alcohol and coffee actually dehydrate the body and have little to no nutritional value, so try to drink as much plain, fresh water as you can a day. A good way to achieve consistent results is by focusing on a lifestyle goal rather than a specific amount of weight loss per week.
Get fast results in short time in the weight loss process while you enjoy drinking this excellent smoothie.
Blueberries and bananas are not just super healthy and delicious, they are also beneficial for all those you aim at reducing weight and getting rid of the excess pounds.
Spinach, mint leaves and flax seeds are perfect for shedding extra pounds and burning excess body fat especially those accumulated in the most critical areas of the body.
Prepare this drink and consume it whenever you feel you can’t control your appetite and you want to grab more and more food.

The human body has the amazing ability to lose two to five pounds of weight without entering starvation mode. When an individual stops the low-calorie diet, the weight often returns quickly and to a higher level than before.
Not only will you feel better, but you’ll look better as your skin retains its youthful, fully hydrated glow. You could focus on exercising for 30 minutes and drinking 10 glasses of water per day instead. They are rich in fiber, so they will help you feel full for longer, burn additional calories and curb food cravings.
This smoothie will help you prevent constipation, improve bowel movements and prevent overeating so that you don’t consume too many calories. This is why many of the low-calorie diets seem to work at the beginning but many people hit a wall soon after and losing any more weight becomes increasingly harder. A diet based on sound nutritional and dietary advice will allow you to consistently lose weight every week. Keeping track of how much and how long you exercise is important if you want to achieve your goal to slim down. However if you need to lose weight fast and go on a low-calorie diet, make sure you do it for no longer than five to seven days.

Here are some weight loss tips to help you get started with healthy and long-term weight loss.
Most people have no idea how much food they really eat every day and would be shocked if they really knew.
If you don’t already exercise, try incorporating some light activity into your daily schedule. You will feel great during the first three to five pounds of weight loss, but as soon and your progress starts leveling out, it can knock your motivation. Drinking enough water hydrates your body and helps to flush out toxins and waste products through your sweat, lungs and kidneys.
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