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So the research began, I was reading up and collecting information on places of interest for children. As for Melbourne, we took a day tour on the Puffing Billy, had a warm fuzzy lunch by the winery, yummy gelato at the Yarra Chocolatiere and had a guided tour of the Healesville Sanctuary (got up-close with the Red Kangaroos, emus, platypus and koalas). So what could a Stay-At-Home-Mom do for money considering there is already so little time after all the dishes and laundry and cooking and cleaning are done? Blog - I started a blog when my first born was about 2 years old and began earning USD4-5 thousand monthly very soon after. Write for others - This is if you can write, you could be a freelance writer for advertising agencies who are always on the lookout for part-timers.
Bake - there are many, many Moms baking for income which means lots of competition but there is only one you. Start a little home business - this could be anything from making something to being a trader to being a marketing affiliate. Failing which, allow me to interview you and I will think of what you could do for a living from home. I have been working with a company for 18 years and for the past 7 years, I have been working full time from home. My kids were 3yo and 1yo then and I knew I wanted to spend those precious growing years with them and not having to depend on anyone else to care for them.
Working from home does not mean that you can sit at home, shake legs and catch the latest Korean drama Yes - unfortunately for some. This is important because if you’re going to be in conference calls for a least 30 mins, the last thing you want is to be holding the handset to your head.
In between work, I need to step to for my school run and this timing is fixed and has been shared with my manager and peers.
If you’re going to be spending 8-10 hours of your day sitting in front of a computer, make sure your workspace is ergonomic. Remember to take mini breaks and stretch or go for a little walk to get that blood circulating. She was excited initially (we did some prep talk weeks before), thinking that she will be going into the same class as her older brother. We didn’t have a party for Honeybun, we had a small celebration for her at her play school and also with our families. Her favourite for the past few months has been rubber duckies (and bath toys) and particularly characters from a cartoon called Lucky Duck. It took me more than a year to resign from my previous job as an engineer in a multinational oil & gas company. However, as time went by, I started to think about my children who were about to enrol in primary school.
But if you really want to change your profession from FTWM (fulltime working mum) to WAHM (working at home mum), I’d like to share some tips that might help you to have something in mind.
I always suggest to friends who wanted to let go their jobs for a home business, to get some ideas about how and what their home businesses would be. I like to recommend to my fellow friends who want to resign and start a business, begin before you sign your resignation. Don’t leave your job if you just can’t take it, leave it if you figure out there are other priorities than your career. I was at the Asia Model Festival Awards 2015 in Seoul, Korea but had to rush back to attend Ashton’s School Day. Mother’s Day is coming so I would to wish all mommies, “Happy Mother’s Day and enjoy motherhood! He was in an art class holiday program which he enjoyed a lot; learning crafty things and the best part was that he had a good friend participating in the same program. He also attended a three-day Speech and Drama program in which the main program focuses on the kids having to perform a mini sketch.
I will not deny that a couple of months ago, I bought a tab (of course, it’s slightly smaller than my iPad) for my then 2-year old. Even when my son was younger, I started to expose him to technology – I absolutely loved the idea that my son will not feel like an outcast had he not been exposed to one from an early age. Fast forward two months later, we re-introduced the iPad & the tab to him BUT very gradually. As parents, I guess the hardest part of actually spending more time with Nooh to do these exciting fun-filled family activities is…. Gradually moving away from these gadgetries and being less attached to these smart electronic ‘imps’ really does make us better parents. Especially for kindergarten - if they can’t make it for a full day, we can send them for maybe an hour or so. Set boundaries and set some rules during schooldays so that the child won’t feel attached to home during his school time. Our bottom line is to plan properly, get mutual understanding with our spouse, decide and stick to the plan. But then whenever I look at my son (who himself loves other people’s birthday celebration), I feel guilty of not organising his own birthday celebration. So much has happened in the last year that this New Year 2015, is a year full of changes for me and my family. I found out that it is impossible for women to get along in a group of more than a hundred. Although everyone knows what is good for you for great health, they are still not practising good healthy habits. So after all the stress that I went through last year, there was one blessing that entered my life despite having to quit my job and make regular visits to the hospital. Ashton went on a holiday without us for the first time and it was also the first time he was away from us.
When he was walking pass the immigration check point at the airport, he kept looking back at us.
It is the school holidays and I am already cracking my head on kids’ activities as we are not planning any trips this time. Last but not least, they had a ride on a pony.  The fee had increased from last year and even the ride’s duration was shortened!
Letting kids take a year out from school or at any time during the course of their educational path is a great choice that many parents are reluctant to make due to the kiasu nature of Asian parenting in always wanting to get ahead and staying ahead. The thing is, at 15 or 16 or even at 20, did you know exactly what you wanted to do with your life? We ourselves here have experienced taking a year out merely by accident but nonetheless a good thought out coincidence because my kids are only 10 and 5 this year yet they have already experienced what it is like to not only NOT go to school every single day but were given the great opportunity to explore the world and get to know themselves a bit better.
NEW EXPERIENCES & EXPLORATION – With not going to school, we actually had the opportunity to participate and attend many events that being in school would not have allowed us to do due to scheduling conflicts.
EXTRA TIME - Being at home every day gave them the extra time to learn new languages and skills such as how to make glue, how to make sago Melaka, how to make Sugee Cake, how to prepare for a public exhibition, how to present publicly, etc. GETTING CLOSER TO SELF – Inherently, I feel that one succeeds in this world when one is comfortable in their own skin. Iceland had always been my dream destination because I would like to see its midnight sun during summer solstice, where there is no night in Iceland.
When my husband told us that the next country on our list would be Iceland during the mid-year school holiday (in June), I took it as a gift! However, we were lucky as the weather was so good from day one – the sun shone brightly for us.
Iceland is a land of fairies; many locals still believe that trolls and elves still exist around the island. Ashton is at the willfull stage – I made my decision already, I am not going to change my mind!  And he has a ready reason for everything he wants to do too.
I asked Ashton for his opinion on his coming birthday party and he surprised me with “I am already a big boy, I don’t want Angry Bird party. Ever since the kids were comfortable in the water, it has been part of our family weekly activity – Swimming! Lu Chuan has been making films for the past 17 years but the changes he has encountered at work in the last few years have been huge. The Chinese director now finds himself speaking English more frequently, leading members of international filmmaking units and even supervising shoots in China's remote areas from Beijing. Born in China, the upcoming Disneynature feature directed by Lu Chuan, focuses on the lives of endangered animals in China. Hailed as one of the best directors of his generation, Lu's recent experiences can be attributed to one thing - an upcoming Disneynature feature called Born in China, which is set to hit mainland theaters in the second week of August. The film is being made jointly by Disneynature, a film label of Walt Disney Studios and Lu's Chinese film studio. Typically, foreign films in China are released either simultaneously with the rest of the world, or a few days after their global release. The film covers the lives of five animal families in China - snow leopards, giant pandas, snub-nosed monkeys, Tibetan antelopes and red-crowned cranes. Lu's international camera units - from Germany, Britain and the United States - went deep into the animals' habitats and filmed for 18 months.
Although the trailer of the film makes it appear like a documentary, Lu says it is actually a "narrative feature". China is home to more than 120 endangered wildlife species, and Lu had initially selected 10 for the film.
His award-winning Kekexili: Mountain Patrol (2004) is based on a volunteer patrol that tries to protect endangered Tibetan antelopes from poachers.
But the Disneynature film gave him a new understanding of the craft and filmmaking management. He found that the main priority of the five teams of photographers, who were each assigned one species, was "not to disturb the animals or the locations".
With the snow leopards, for instance, it was very hard to get the right footage for sequences, so Lu was forced to rewrite this bit of the story. The wild giant panda, described by Lu as a "lonely creature", and the Tibetan antelope, which moves hundreds of kilometers every summer, were also challenging when it came to filming. Though the film took more time than his other projects, Lu says it was worthwhile, as it gave him a lot of insight into both nature and people.
Lu says while China has enhanced its protection of endangered species and natural habitats in recent years, an expanding population and increasing urbanization has meant a shrinking space for wild animals.
Based on American author and journalist Peter Hessler's best-selling memoir River Town: Two Years on the Yangtze, the film is produced by Jamie Gordon and Courtney Potts from Fugitive Films. While Lu is reluctant to give details of the film, he says American scriptwriter Tristine Skyler is now working on the film. The book is about Hessler's teaching experience as a Peace Corps volunteer in a remote town in southwestern China in the 1990s.
Lu says the most interesting part for him is that it reflects the life of ordinary Chinese amid the country's unprecedented transformation.
An English major, Lu does not face problems with the language, which is a barrier for many Chinese directors when it comes to working internationally.
Lu who recently won two awards at the 2016 WorldFest-Houston, one of North America's longest-running film festivals, has just returned from a trip of Britain, where he supervised the post-production work for Born in China besides delivering a speech at Oxford University. Lu first gained international recognition in 2009 for City of Life and Death, a war epic based on the 1937 Nanjing Massacre. His earlier works of note include The Missing Gun (2002) and Kekexili: Mountain Patrol (2004). In recent years, Lu has directed several big-budget commercial films, such as the Daniel Wu-starrer The Last Supper and adventure fantasy Chronicles of the Ghostly Tribe.
But despite his big-budget work, Lu is widely regarded as a diligent filmmaker who works hard to strike a balance between art and commercial interests. The country's largest online broadcasting platform held a two-day seminar in Beijing called iQiyi World last week to offer a view of the company's ambitions in TV dramas and films.
According to iQiyi, 304 feature-length films were released via the website in 2014, which Yang Xianghua, vice-president of the company describes as the "first year of big films online". As of now, only a certain portion of the money that iQiyi makes from advertisements or paid programs is given to filmmakers. Explaining the rise in the number of films expected to cross the mark of 1 million yuan, Yang says this is due to improved quality of film making. He also says that the lower cost of distribution online compared with the cinemas will attract major production houses to switch to online distribution channels.
Both online films and drama series are often rapped for focusing mainly on horror, soft porn or supernatural themes which the authorities keep a close eye on. It has since cooperated with South Korean producers to make and release Descendants of the Sun, a military romance which attracted more than 2.6 billion views since its premiere in February, making it the most watched Korean drama broadcast on Chinese websites. Hou, who was speaking at an industry forum at iQiyi World, says: "There is no such thing as material which typically suits online drama or TV drama. But Xia Chen'an, CEO of Beijing Culture, a new film studio, says online dramas have their advantages.
He also says interactions between online platforms and users offer a major way for online platforms to maximize their earnings. For example, users can immediately purchase apparel that actors wear in online dramas, offering the platforms a lucrative opportunity. Meanwhile, the internet conglomerate signed agreements last week with Warner Brothers to produce a Chinese version of popular American teen TV series Gossip Girl, which will be released in 2017. Separately, despite the growing popularity of the online platforms, producers seem to be getting the message that ultimately it is about quality.
For instance, iQiyi's founder and CEO Gong Yu has said they will now try and follow the example of American drama series which restrict their episodes to 12 - unlike typical Chinese TV series that have an average of 45 episodes - to maintain the quality of each episode and ensure that the budget for each can match a regular film.
A still from The Destiny, directed by Zhang Wei, which portrays conflicts in the lives of an autistic child and his mother. Zhang Wei again courts controversy with his latest film about how the world treats an autistic child. Two years ago, Zhang Wei made his name by directing The Factory Boss, a plot based on true stories that tells of the rise and fall of made-in-China products through the perspective of a sweatshop owner.
This new film earned him an invitation to the 18th Far East Film Festival in the city for a premiere on April 29.
His classmates' parents protest and have their children boycott classes, forcing the school to expel him.
Zhang depicts Xi's mother shouldering pressure from all sides and begging to send Xi back to a normal school. Zhang initially tried to dodge questions about his motivation, which drove him to interview more than 100 families facing such challenges and people working in the special-education system across the country.
He eventually disclosed that a close relative faces this reality and declined to say more, citing privacy concerns. In 2012, a 9-year-old autistic boy in Shenzhen jumped out of a window and died after other parents' protests kept him out of school, the local New Express Daily reported.
The World Health Organization estimates one in 160 children has an autism-spectrum disorder.
The four films Zhang has finished focus on sensitive social topics that trigger public debate.
Many scenes of Xi and his mother in The Destiny were shot in two subway cars that Shenzhen's government offered for free, partly because of his reputation. He paid all the passengers who appear in the film 80 yuan ($12) per day, which added up to 30,000 yuan daily.
Zhang is unique among China's big-name directors in that he spent most of his life as a businessman and finances his films with his own company. Zhang started out as a migrant worker in Shenzhen at age 16, when he left his family in Hunan province's Hengyang in 1981. His company, Shidean, was the top producer of video-intercom doorbells and paid more than 10 million yuan in taxes to Shenzhen a year, he says. He sold a major chunk of Shidean to Legrand, a multinational electrical-installation supplier based in France, in 2006. The Destiny made it to the final rounds of the Golden Mulberry at the 18th Far East Film Festival but lost to A Melody to Remember, a wartime drama directed by Lee Han from the Republic of Korea.
Back in his studio in Beijing, Zhang says he has received invitations to screen The Destiny at international film festivals in the United States, Russia, India, Italy, among other places. Director George Miller, president of the 69th Cannes Film Festival, holds a film clapper on the eve of the opening.
With almost enough star wattage to forget the grim anti-terror measures in place, the Cannes film festival opened on Wednesday with Woody Allen's Cafe Society, starring Kristen Stewart. The red carpet awaits some of Hollywood's biggest stars, such as Julia Roberts, Jodie Foster, Sean Penn, Robert De Niro, Charlize Theron and George Clooney, as the French Riviera town transforms into the film capital of the world for 12 heady and exhausting days.
The event has heaped pressure on French authorities already on high alert six months after a terror attack left 130 dead in Paris. Hundreds of extra police officers have been deployed, with daily bomb sweeps to take place at the main venue, the Palais des Festivals.
Authorities have vowed security measures will not dampen the party atmosphere that lures billionaires, celebrities, film-industry schmoozers and tourists to Cannes.
This year is one of the most star-studded in recent times, and Twilight megastar-turned-indie-darling Kristen Stewart, Blake Lively and Steve Carell are among those appearing on the red carpet for the opening film.
Allen, 80, gets the party started with his coming-of-age tale about a young couple who fall in love in 1930s Hollywood, which is being screened out of competition. Allen is the narrator of Cafe Society, his 46th film which he describes as "like reading a novel on his life". The feature is Allen's 14th presented out of competition in Cannes and his third - Hollywood Ending in 2002 and Midnight in Paris in 2011 - to open what is arguably the world's most prestigious film festival.
Cafe Society is also one of five films whose rights are held by Amazon, a sign of a shift in the cinema industry, which is increasingly opening up to subscription services, although straight-to-streaming site Netflix is still being snubbed by Cannes. Nearly 90 feature films from all over the world will be shown in this year's official selection. These include 21 which are in the running for the Palme d'Or main prize, such as The Last Face by actor-director Penn featuring his ex-girlfriend Theron and the latest offering from French-Canadian wonderkid Xavier Dolan of Mommy fame. The first of the big Hollywood films, Foster's drama about a Wall Street tipster Money Monster, starring Clooney and Roberts, screens on Thursday.
Hundreds of other films are showing in the film market, and the Director's Fortnight and Critics' Week sections. The population of Cannes is set to nearly triple to some 200,000 people as film producers, industry workers and actors roll in to soak up the glamour, sell films, network and party. French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve has visited Cannes to ensure all was in place to secure the event, declaring an "extraordinary mobilization" of security forces.
Police on horseback, foot and motorbikes patrolled the Croisette, a strip of beach lined with ultraluxury stores as hardened autograph hunters braved blustery winds to set up chairs and folding ladders at the foot of the red carpet.
Xu's latest directorial work beat Mr Six, starring Feng Xiaogang, and three other domestic titles to claim the festival's highest honor. The film is about a Wingchun school practitioner's ambitious journey to establish his reputation in what was then northern China's martial arts hub, Tianjin.
Many film fans hailed the award as an overdue recognition for Xu, who has imbued the struggling martial arts genre with innovation. While the films traditionally feature dizzying fight scenes and fantastical moves, Xu's movies employ simple and real moves. But his knowledge of weapons, schools and history have failed to hit the spot in the box office fight, where special effects and lowbrow laughs bring in big bucks. Actor Chen Jianbin's directorial debut A Fool (jury award), Jia Zhangke's Mountains May Depart (best director), and the Tibetan movies Tharlo (best art-house picture) and River (best new rising star) have faced the same situation. The primary demographic of Chinese filmgoers were born in the 1990s, China Film Association figures show. Feng Xiaogang, who won the best actor award for his performance as a Beijing hoodlum in Mr Six, and Go Away, Mr Tumor's lead actress Bai Baihe, who won best actress, were among the ceremony's most spotlighted stars. Others included Taiwan singer-actor-director Alec Su, who won "the director most welcomed by students", and actor Li Chen, who took "the actor most welcomed by students". More than 300 domestic movies released in 2015 competed for the main awards of the annual festival, staged by Beijing Normal University and the capital's top movie regulator. The event also received more than 4,000 original films and 15,000 photographs submitted by students. In 2011, Chinese folk singer Gong Linna's lyric-less song, Tan Te, or Perturbed, was one of the most controversial and talked-about songs on the internet. Gong Linna's performance of the song The Lord in the Clouds at the Bang on a Can in New York concert wins rave reviews. The 41-year-old, who has also performed songs like Fa Hai, You Don't Understand Love and Golden Stick, is popular because she has a powerful voice, a wide vocal range and produces dramatic facial expressions when she sings. Her popularity has also helped her husband, 48-year-old German composer Robert Zollitsch, who Gong calls Lao Luo, share the limelight.
Zollitsch, who plays the guqin (Chinese zither) and has been researching and writing Chinese folk songs for the past 20 years, is credited with writing her "unconventional" songs. The couple will stage a concert in Beijing over May 20-22, which will give audiences a different perspective of their music. Titled Five Elements of Love, the concert, directed by Zollitsch, uses the wu xing theory, which contains five elements - wood, fire, earth, metal and water - to symbolize the energy expressed through the music.
Since last year, the duo has been working on turning Tang (AD 618-907) and Song (960-1279) dynasties' poems into modern songs. Gong will perform songs adapted from works by such ancient poets as Li Bai and Du Fu in her upcoming concert.
Last June, she was part of a marathon concert called Bang on a Can in New York, a music project launched by composers Michael Gordon, David Lang and Julia Wolfe in 1987, which aims to break barriers that separate music communities. Her performance of the song, The Lord in the Clouds, composed by Zollitsch and the founders of Bang on a Can won rave reviews globally. The New York Times said that "whether belting, keening or murmuring, insinuating or girlish, Ms Gong is a star". The song is also a part of Zollitsch's latest work, which is inspired by famous Chinese poet Qu Yuan's Chu Ci Anthology. Speaking of her husband's work, Gong, who met Zollitsch in Beijing in 2002, says: "As a foreigner, he reads more Chinese books than I do. A versatile singer since childhood, Gong, who studied folk music at the Chinese Conservatory of Music in Beijing, held her first solo concert in 1999 with the China Central Nationalities Orchestra, China's most prestigious traditional music orchestra. Recalling an embarrassing moment onstage, she says: "Once, when I was performing at a gala in my beautiful gown and heels, I suddenly forgot the lyrics.
Now based in Beijing with her family, Gong says that she spends two hours every morning harnessing qi to maintain her breath.
The musical was first performed in Shanghai from April 29 to May 5, and will tour other cities, including Xiamen of Fujian province, Zhuhai and Guangzhou of Guangdong province, Chengdu of Sichuan province, Chongqing and Beijing, where it will be staged from June 9 to 19. The eight performances of the show in Shanghai, which drew more than 10,000 people, impressed the audiences with its energetic cast, sets and timeless music. The Broadway musical My Fair Lady is touring the mainland as a celebration of its 60th anniversary. Speaking of the audience response, Moss, who has been to China with smaller productions, says: "They have been so captivated by the show that they have been laughing and applauding all the way through. The show, which first opened on March 15, 1956, at Broadway's Mark Hellinger Theater, is based on George Bernard Shaw's 1921 play, Pygmalion. The musical, with lyrics by Alan Jay Lerner and music by Frederick Loewe, tells the story of Cockney flower girl, Eliza Doolittle, who was transformed into an upper-class lady by linguistics professor Henry Higgins. After its success onstage, My Fair Lady was adapted into a film, starring Audrey Hepburn as Doolittle, which won eight Oscars awards in 1965. Moss says that although the musical is 60 years old, it presents new challenges each time it is produced.
Songs written by the lyricist Lerner and composer Loewe in the musical, including The Rain in Spain, Wouldn't It Be Lovely and Get Me to the Church on Time, are clever, witty and very specific to each moment.
In the latest version of the musical, Sarah Cetrulo makes her international debut by starring as Doolittle. The director believes that the musical's longevity also lies in its story, which could happen in real life, especially today, as more and more women, like Doolittle, look to improve themselves and move to better places in their lives. The Pena National Palace mixes styles of the neo-gothic, neo-manueline, neo-Moorish and neo-Renaissance architecture (left), and its interior is sophisticatedly decorated (top right). Lonely Planet recommends it as the "perfect Valentine's date", in no small part because the legacy of Europe's second-oldest capital is shaped by the antiquated structures that straddle cobblestone lanes, engendering a vintage vitality. The edifices that conjure this charm hike up the hills that hug the Tagus River that tickles the city's south. But perhaps the most striking feature of Lisbon's landscape is that its edifices are sheathed with miles of tiles that radiate colorful geometric patterns flamboyant enough to make a peacock blush. Indeed, the passion Portugal's capital constructs isn't limited to buildings designed during the period when the romantic movement was most adored in the country. It's a polyamory of neo-gothic, neo-Moorish, neo-baroque, neo-classical, art-deco, art-nouveau and generically medieval structures.
Melody is underwritten by melancholy fado, a haunting folk genre performed by caped musicians that floats through ancient alleyways, bouncing off buildings like the anthems of gloomy ghosts. Another cheek-kiss for kissy-face romantics - this charming miscellanea of buildings breaks against an ocean shore like the waves that, in the other direction, explode into aerosol against coastline cliffs. The Castle of the Moors indeed defends its position among Lisbon's most ancient and esoteric constructions. Ironically, it was abandoned after Christians conquered the settlement in 1147, having punctured the state security apparatus from elsewhere.
The stronghold was built by boring holes into rock that cleaved when wet wood was inserted and swelled.
King Ferdinand II, who reigned from 1837 to 1853, later built a second layer of walls to protect villagers who moved near the castle for safety.
Again, the romantic movement was rooted in nature's spontaneity, childlike curiosity, adventure's adulation, unbridled imagination, and amorousness for its own toe-curling and hair-twirling sake.
The fortification - which, as a stone bulwark, resembles small sections of China's Great Wall - had an escape channel for if defeat was imminent.
A blade caressing a captured absconder's throat could turn a soldier more concerned with flight than fight into a stoolpigeon. An equally explosive yet less dire reality of the design of the nearby Pena National Palace is that lunch was announced with an actual bang. A balcony sundial not only homed rays to tell time but also concentrated beams through a magnifying glass to ignite gunpowder to declare chowtime. The compound Ferdinand II reconstructed on the ruins of a medieval monastery is ultimately a sanctuary of romanticism. He not only drew the merman likeness of the Greek sea god Triton's statue above a main gateway but also rendered the complex into a shrine adulating romantic philosophy.
The palace is packed with the movement's major motifs - nature, kids and an amalgam of architecture that would otherwise make no sense.
Pillars and arches painted on the walls make the Arabic Room appear like a huge Middle Eastern complex - an embrace the muddling of styles, of exotic destinations and of illusion, since the modestly sized room appears to be a vast compound.
Indeed, the palace proves romantic beyond its architecture, as it's still a popular wedding venue. The president of the Mediterranean nation's tourism authority, Luis Araujo, visited China this spring to promote his homeland as a destination. China Daily sat down with him for a Q&A about the country's plans to woo Chinese visitors. It's a safe and stable country, where tradition and modernity blend together in perfect harmony.
Portugal's diversity is reflected in seven famous regions with distinct experiences to offer. Lisbon enjoys an exquisite mixture of trendy modern life, long history and cultural treasures.
The Azores Islands are well known for lush green volcanoes with lakes and amazing ocean resources. The number of Chinese travelers to Portugal broke all records in 2015, with 155,000 Chinese tourists, an increase by 36 percent as compared to 113,177 Chinese travelers in 2014. Portuguese authorities will soon open new visa-application centers in six cities in China, namely in Shenyang, Nanjing, Fuzhou, Wuhan, Guangzhou and Chengdu. The visa-application centers will receive applications for Schengen visas (short-term visas with a maximum validity of 90 days per half-year) for standard passport holders.
Tourism Portugal will continue to promote Portugal as a destination in China's market, to implement campaigns with local tour operators, to host workshops in China in order to create more awareness about Portugal as a tourism destination in this market. The founder of the Jakarta-based Lippo Group was in Beijing to release his autobiography and witness the opening ceremony of Mochtar Riady Library, his philanthropic project in the university.
Chinese-Indonesian tycoon Mochtar Riady shares with readers his life's journey and wisdom in his autobiography. He built a conglomerate from scratch and made friends with world leaders, including former US president Bill Clinton.
But he remains a generous giver who supports education not only in his home country, but also in China, where his family roots lie.
When still young, Riady was fascinated by a building in Malang, Indonesia, where he saw no commercial goods and the staff dressed smartly. He talks of leaving his sons alone to cope with failures and to learn from their mistakes just as eagles teach their babies to fly.
He has tried to share with the reader his life's journey and wisdom, so as to inspire them to achieve more than what he achieved in business and society, the daughter says. She says it was difficult for a Chinese descendant like her father to achieve remarkable success in Indonesia.
But Mochtar Riady says that hard work and prudence, plus the idea that "I know I do not know", are the reasons behind his many achievements.
Born and raised in the Indonesian cities of Batu and Malang in a family from East China's Fujian province, he received his higher education at Nanjing's former National Central University in the 1940s. He established the Lippo Group in the 1980s, making it an international company in the following decades. In a chapter on the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, he says China will devote its time toward a shared prosperous future with other countries. Wang Qiaozhen, editor of the Chinese version, hopes the book not only works as a case study for management students, but also appeals to general readers.

Wechsler's multilayered plot realistically touches on legal ethics, political intrigue and construction double-dealings with aplomb and plenty of twists.
Abby says she wants to handle gangbanger Orlando Jones' trial when fellow prosecutor Tim Mooney is murdered the night before he is to deliver his opening statement.
Abby blames Orlando for the death of her best friend 17 years before; she and Tim had a long-running affair that continued after his marriage.
Abby is sure Orlando ordered Tim's execution-style murder, but she begins to doubt her colleague's decisions. Abby begins to wonder how far corruption has infiltrated the district attorney's office, and who can she trust. The believable plot of Mission Hill excels, complemented by the intrepid Abby, who guards her many secrets and emotional baggage and is constantly at war with her wealthy family over her choice of career.
While Wechsler loads the Harvard-educated Abby with a myriad back story, the character is convincing as a prosecutor who loves her job and believes that justice trumps winning. But Abby's refusal to pay the monthly maintenance on her apartment - a running side plot - comes off as silly. Wechsler's strong storytelling fits well into the legal thriller genre and should attract fans of Linda Fairstein, Alafair Burke and Lisa Scottoline. For Chinese art lovers, the Academy of Fine Arts of France is as familiar as the distinguished National School of Fine Arts in Paris where many leading Chinese artists studied.
Abstract painter Chu Teh-chun (1920-2014), who was born in East China's Anhui province and became a French citizen in 1980, was the first ethnic Chinese to be elected a member of the French academy in 1997. Five years later, Zao Wou-ki (1921-2013), Chu's schoolmate at the China Academy of Art in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, who emigrated to Paris in 1948, also joined the French academy. Both Chu and Zao are internationally acclaimed for integrating Chinese and Western artistic approaches in their abstract works. An exhibition now on at Beijing's National Art Museum of China brings the French academy closer to viewers here. The French academy, which has 45 members now, is one of five academies under the national learned society Institute of France based in Paris. A triptych oil painting by Chu Teh-chun, titled Green Energy, an in-house exhibit, is also on show in a bid to create a dialog with the other artworks displayed at the show. The ongoing exhibition is titled Inheritance of Immortality as members of the French academy are often referred to as the "immortals" in that country, says Wu Weishan, the director of NAMOC. Speaking about the French academy, Didier Bernheim, the curator of the exhibition and one of its "correspondent" members, or people who assist it with their knowledge and talent, says that the academy is an open institution that has no intention of imposing on viewers one or more of the artistic styles on show.
The evolution of modern Chinese art has been enormously influenced by Western art, especially French art. Many Chinese art masters of the 20th century once studied at the prestigious National School of Fine Arts in Paris. He even co-exhibited his works with Claude Abeille, a sculptor and academy member, at a two-person show there titled Dialog of Soul in Paris in 2014. The current exhibition also allows artists like Philippe Garel, who was elected to the French academy last year, to get to know more about home-grown Chinese art and exchange notes with local artists. Garel, who first visited China in 2000, says this is his second trip to the country, and adds that he is amazed by the country's changing architecture. The painter says he is interested in the history of Chinese painting, and is inspired by the concept of liu bai, or blankness, in classical Chinese ink-and-wash painting. The festival at the China Millennium Monument in Beijing comprises three parts: the magic and reality of contemporary art, the inheritance and development of culture and the sharing the beauty that includes works from both China, Latin America and the Caribbean. Artists from 16 countries including Argentina, Grenada, Mexico, Venezuela, Peru and Costa Rica display about 280 paintings, sculptures, installations, videos and photos at the show.
The painting is part of an ongoing exhibition of Caribbean and Latin American art in Beijing. One of the displays includes Ecuadorian painter Ramon Piaguaje in a blue costume leading visitors on a walk through the Amazonian rainforest, using his art pieces. Piaguaje's Rainforest series of oil paintings comprises rivers, trees and colorful plants, portraying the Amazon as full of vigor and color. And whenever they encountered a river mouth, he was always urged by his parents to drink water from the river in the hope that he would become familiar with the creatures living there. An installation showing a suspended cow next to Piaguaje's paintings draws plenty of visitors keen on taking pictures.
The couple were excited about their impending journey to see the mountain after the show's opening ceremony on Thursday. Half of the 24 artists taking part in the magic and reality of contemporary art section will be invited to visit art studios and address artists in Hunan.
In the segment inheritance and development of culture, there are plenty of photos that record people's daily lives, traditions and the natural beauty of the countries in Latin America and the Caribbean. The exhibition is part of the yearlong celebrations to mark China's cultural exchanges with Latin America and the Caribbean.
A quirky art installation featuring 650,000 plastic balls is breathing new life into a dingy and long-forgotten former underground trolley station in the heart of the US capital. Through June 1, the expanse below Washington's bustling Dupont Circle is being transformed into a hands-on show where visitors young and old can get creative.
The installation uses white translucent balls from a popular previous one at Washington's National Building Museum. The Dupont Underground, a nonprofit, launched a competition to transform the venue into "an unexpected experience".
Some 153 candidates from 19 countries took part, with New York architecture and design studio Hou de Sousa submitting the winning proposal. With the tracks exposed as a reminder of years past, Hou de Sousa assembled the bricks in a semi-circle and in huge columns. The creations - a large face mounted on a wall, a princely palace, an arch - are immortalized on smartphones before being destroyed by their creators or other visitors. The installation - put on in partnership with the nearby Phillips Collection modern art museum among others - conjures up the Minecraft video game and life-size Legos. The installation isn't widely publicized, with no address or hours online and the entrance of Dupont Circle resembling a subway station. The organization, in envisioning a future for the space, points to New York's High Line, elevated tracks in the Big Apple that have been transformed into a popular outdoor destination, as an example of the type of urban revitalization it espouses. Looking ahead to the fall, Cook hopes to bring smaller music and cinematography installations to the venue. Frankie Zou is pouring one of his housemade vermouths, this one infused with chamomile, into a gleaming crystal glass. Frankie Zou uses herbal bitters - and occasionally smoke - to give cocktail drinkers a distinctive experience. He froths the carefully measured ingredients with a hand blender, to make the mixture airy and creamy, then pours it into a cocktail shaker and rhythmically pumps it up and down. Zou's showmanship at Botany goes far beyond the shake-rattle-and-roll of bartenders in film, but his style is far too sleek for gimmicks like flipping peanuts into customers' mouths.
Instead he uses things like smoke - to add a touch of wonder to his creations but also to add flavor. Cocktails like the Amortentia he's just finishing, for example, arrive in a smoky haze that could be produced with dry ice if the effect was just for show.
His signature cocktails include two that are particularly spicy and herbal: the Amortentia and the Black Truffle Martini.
Zou summons smoke for two other popular drinks - his smoked negroni and a silky old-fashioned. On first hearing about Botany, it would be easy to dismiss it as yet another speakeasy - how many does Beijing have now?
The bartending duo, Zou and JC, welcome guests with the easy familiarity of house-party hosts.
They are served with freshly made snacks such as foie-gras crackers, dainty pancakes with minced pork and chives, and Spanish ham tarte flambe. And while Zou has polish from years in Singapore and running bars at Maison Boulud, TRB and Domus in Beijing, the Hubei native's natural good cheer seems to blossom in his own space and place, where he can deliver something quite special.
Jarrod Verbiak's porchetta, succulent inside with crispy crackling outside, is a work of culinary art. The body of the year-old piglet is gutted, deboned and arranged carefully with layers of stuffing, meat, fat and skin.
Porchetta is traditionally heavily salted in addition to being stuffed with garlic, rosemary, fennel or other herbs, often gathered wild in the French countryside. If you've grilled some pork yourself, you may wonder what takes even a fancy French chef like Verbiak so long. A more modest version has become popular in North America, a skin-on pork belly that's just long and wide enough to wrap around a trimmed, center-cut pork loin for slow-roasting. Verbiak, however, isn't cutting any corners, and the result is sublime pork and crispy crackling, cooked to perfection along with two sumptuous side dishes. As a unit of CJ Group, the largest food company in South Korea, Bibigo offers diners fresh and healthy Korean specialties.
The delicacies follow traditional recipes but also combine with modern tastes and local palates, according to Ye Xiaohui, a marketing executive with the company. For example, fried rice cakes in South Korea usually are cooked with chili paste and kimchi, and are very spicy. The menu offers 25 dishes, which are all signature delicacies of South Korea, such as bibimbap, soybean-paste stew, kimchi tofu and fried rice cakes. A must-have is Korean ginseng chicken soup, a national specialty of South Korea, which is made with jujube, Korean ginseng, chestnut and a whole young chicken filled with rice, garlic and other spices.
South Korean people believe that, in spring and summer, it is wise to have hot food instead of cold dishes, because cold food is likely to discomfort the digestive track and harm people's health. Additionally, when the weather is hot, people sweat profusely, and thus need more energy from food. The soup I tried had a pleasant, mouthwatering aroma from the ingredients that have been simmered for a long time, and tasted smooth and refreshingly savory.
Unlike the traditional version, the soup in Bibigo uses abalone to elevate its nutrition value. I also liked the fried rice cake, which had a bite and was very delicious, having a sweet and spicy taste.
Another must-try is the japchae, a traditional Korean stir-fried dish of sweet potato noodles, bulgogi, pepper, mushroom, garlic, onion and burdock. A letter that a famed scholar wrote about 1,000 years ago will be auctioned in Beijing on Sunday. Zeng, a Song Dynasty (960-1127) politician and literati, had been assigned to different local administrations over a 12-year period. Less than a month after the letter was posted, Zeng was called to the royal capital of Kaifeng, in today's Henan province, where Emperor Shenzong promoted him to an imperial post. Zeng is regarded by later scholars as one of the "eight masters of prose of the Tang (AD 618-907) and Song dynasties", a designation that also includes his contemporaries, Ouyang Xiu and Wang Anshi.
The letter, titled Jushi Tie, which translates as "a letter on happenings", is written in kaishu, the regular calligraphic script. The letter was once part of the collection of the Belgian couple Guy and Myriam Ullens, who sold it in 2009 for 108.64 million yuan ($17 million) at a Poly Auction sale in Beijing.
Guo Tong, who heads the company's Chinese paintings and calligraphy department, says it is "an old customer", and they hope the letter will boost the sluggish Chinese paintings market. However, he collected and studied calligraphic inscriptions on ancient bronze ware and stone tablets - it is said he had more than 500 pieces - which nourished his writing technique. The letter is important to understanding the official's life because it expresses deep personal feelings, says Yin Guanghua a Beijing-based painter and connoisseur of Chinese painting.
The few lines convey his disappointment with how high-ranking officials were running the country and his deep sorrow about lacking the opportunity to realize his political ideas. Yin says the letter also shows that, although Zeng had earned a good reputation as a local administrator, he felt a need - as a responsible statesman and intellectual - to change the country.
The letter boasts a sound provenance that is proven by the seals of several important collectors it bears. China Guardian will auction 44 other Chinese paintings and calligraphy pieces dating to the Qing Dynasty and earlier in one of its two Grand View night sales.
Another two ancient works expected to see competitive bidding include a calligraphy album in caoshu (running script) by Ming calligrapher Song Ke and an album of calligraphic Buddhist sutras, poems and paintings by Tang-era and later literati. The ancient Chinese painting and calligraphy market posted a stable performance last year, when the modern Chinese painting bubble burst. Xu Cuiyun, a researcher of the Beijing-based Art Market Monitor of Artron, says that while the volume of ancient Chinese paintings sold decreased 14 percent last year, they grossed a 10 percent increase in turnover. Xu says that last year's grand Shi Qu Bao Ji Catalog art exhibition at the Palace Museum ignited interest in classical paintings. With this in mind, the museum announced its recent major academic achievements in Beijing last week. It recently released a 20-volume compendium of furniture from the Ming (1368-1644) and Qing (1644-1911) dynasties that included 2,000 articles housed in the museum. Its research institute has published more than 100 scholarly books on a vast array of subjects since it was founded in October 2013. The institute has also completed an 11-volume series on ancient porcelain kilns based on 50,000 porcelain pieces it has collected.
The Forbidden City will host the world's largest academic research space in a museum when its 13,000-square-meter scientific research and cultural relics-protection center opens in October, Shan says. But the institution doesn't plan to stand as an ivory tower that closes its doors to contemporary society, Shan says. The research body opened a calligraphy department last week to initiate in-depth studies of its vast collection of works. The institute will also work to expand international cooperation to raise the international profile of Chinese archaeology. The museum's archaeology institution director Li Ji says it launched two major projects in India in the past two years. The Visakhapatnam and Kollam ports of the southern Indian state of Kerala were the Palace Museum's archaeological team's first destinations abroad.
The Heart of the Matter: What Does America Really Know about Coronary Artery Disease Treatments?
As a nursing mom, I studied a lot what a proper diet for losing weight while breastfeeding should be.
When I started the program (6 weeks after baby delivery) I was 60 pounds overweight and had zero stamina. There are basically only to simple steps – eating well (the most important thing) and do some activity (which helps with weight loss too). From many times, I am looking for losing weight because I have gained a lot after a baby birth. A good health care plan is very much important and a great way to ensure to your health on regular basis.
So far, we have been taking the kids on holidays to no other than beach destinations in and out of Malaysia and the kids loved every bit of it, even more especially after they had learnt how to swim. If you don’t, you just need to be that much more disciplined but it can be done and I am pure testament to that. But then blogosphere got crowded and I got pregnant again and then went back to full time employment for a bit so the blog got put aside for awhile.
Finding something you could do from the computer is an easy and fast way to save some pocket money.
I switched from a consulting job to a desk-bound program support job which enabled me to work from home full time and support the Asia Pacific region.
So when I got this job, I thanked God and my colleague, Agnes because she was the one who roped me into her team. Therefore, it’s important that you invest in a good headset with the ability to mute your line.
I also block off my time in Microsoft Outlook for school runs so that my colleagues will know that I will be out of office at specific times of the day.
We are all given a notebook to work from but since I am a teleworker, I am able to order additional accessories for my notebook which include a docking station, monitor stand and a 24 inch monitor so that I can comfortably work in front of the computer (like a geek). We should resign from our job in a way that reinforces our professional image and keep our current employer relationships positive. It might be different for those who resign and decide to stay at home taking care of family, without any proposal to do home-based business or work.
If you start now, you’ll get the rhythm and it’ll be easier to adapt later when you leave the office. Sugar is not just defined as the raw sugar that you put into your coffee but sugar from fruit, sugar from carbohydrates such as white flour, rice, noodles, bread and pastry. Although you may lose weight purely by limiting the portions and the quality of food that you eat, exercise is still incredibly important because it not only strengthens your bones and muscles but promotes the circulatory system within your body.
In order to live a great, healthy life that will not succumb to illnesses, the body requires an ovoerfluous amount of vegetables. It is so worth it to do so because I have seen too many people suffer from poor health being once a patient of poor health myself. Recently, he modelled for Lord’s Tailor at the Pavilion Fashion Week show (he stole the limelight!) and was the opening model for the Go Go Green Charity show. Chinese schools give their students a lot of homework so my husband and I have to watch him finish his homework every day. He is the first person I want to see, the first person I want to kiss, the first person I miss. Every night, as mummy is lazy to read bedtime stories, he’ll ask me to have a chat with him before he goes to bed.
Well, really I had intended it for my own use, but over time I felt it was more convenient (and lighter) for me to bring around just to console my son whenever my husband and I needed some “rest time” during our family outings. He’ll get to use it if he truly behaved and finished his food or slept earlier the night before. We even introduced Nooh very light housechores for him to assist Mommy & Daddy with, and we began to seriously organise more fun-filled family activities on alternate weekends. My cousin makes really beautiful cakes, so I’m going to ask her to make a customised birthday cake for Nooh. Over the last year, I learnt several lessons along the way that I would like to share with you in hope that it will benefit you in some way.
To be fair, not everyone in Malaysia is educated enough about health but they should really take the initiative to learn it up as it is their own bodies and they should never take that for granted. We had planned for the trip to a theme park in China well in advance but I could not make it as it was just 3 days after my operation.
I spoke to him every day for the 5 days that he was there.  The first day he asked, “Mommy are you okay?
Sometimes, he gets drinks of water for me and tells me that when I am sick, I need to drink a lot of water. We plan to have a small do with just my family but my friends asked me to hold a small party.
We had been there before last year but it is still a fun place, especially for young toddlers. I can never understand this concept why it is so important for children to be the youngest graduate. By widening your children’s eyes, stretching their ears, increasing their perspectives in having a broader mind, they get to think more, do more, and ultimately make better decisions about what they like and do not like. This year alone, we got to participate in entrepreneurial markets where my eldest daughter got to learn how to barter, trade and sell.
They also managed to hone in on their language skills and dug deeper into any subject of interest such as loom bands and art and model making.
The world becomes clear and there is no pretence on any part when you know who you are, what you are capable of, where you want to go and how you are going to get there. When people are directionless sometimes, they take a year out from the hustle and bustle of work and spend a year traveling or doing other things to decide where they truly want to be. It is extremely enlightening and if you ever have the opportunity, don’t think too hard about letting your kids take a year out. We departed from KLIA to Schipol, Amsterdam and transited for about 8 hours to taste the freshness of raw herring, standing on the bridge overlooking a canal near Central Station. Our target was to drive from Reykjavik to the South, around Iceland, and back to Reykjavik from Sn?fellsnes Peninsula. One minute, you might be blinded by the hot sun whilst the next minute, you could be soaked by an extreme downpour.
According to an Icelandic we met, they were having bad weather for weeks before we arrived.
I asked my children about going back to Iceland and they replied that they really wanted to visit Iceland again. I want Pocoyo party!“ So, he is going to have an entirely different themed party this year after having Angry Bird themed parties for three years.
He has set ideas on colours for girls and boys - pink and red are for girls and blue is for boys. My son already knows simple arithmetic like 1+2=3, 4+5=9 and can count the money I give him . I was going,  “The Angry Bird opens his hands to pick up the things” when he said, “NO NO Mommy, Stop! But his list was cropped and among the animals left out was the Asian elephant as it is found in India as well.
But, after they completed preparations for the shoot, only the photographer and an assistant would stay on in the wild, with the rest leaving the area," says Lu. Right: South Korean drama Descendants of the Sun becomes a hit with China's online community. So, where will the rest go?" asks Yang, who believes that websites will give them the opening.
For example, iQiyi says it plans to focus on more positive material after paid users on its platform surpassed 10 million in December 2015. But as the technology develops and efficiency improves, it is inevitable that more bigger themes will be tackled," he says. It is claimed that the series has a storyline that can compete with the Game of Thrones series.
Two years later, the director has again grabbed media attention by turning his camera toward autistic children with The Destiny. Those scenes took over two weeks to shoot, and Zhang loathed the notion of wasting any shots. And Steven Spielberg will roll out his blockbuster version of Roald Dahl's The BFG on the weekend, although neither are competing for the main Palme d'Or prize.
A much larger number watched the live broadcast on CCTV 6, China's most watched film channel. Backed by her husband, German composer Robert Zollitsch, Gong hopes to show the artistic value of the pieces, which she feels is often missed. The audiences enjoy the songs because they are entertained, but the artistic value of the pieces is often missed. But the authors, including Shaw, have provided a great wealth of material to draw from," he says.
But I hope, at least, to present the story in an entertaining way, so that the tale of a smart young woman who tries to improve her situation in life can clearly be seen and enjoyed by all," says Moss.
Erik Nilsson explores the romanticism conjured by the cityscape that's in turn conjured by romanticism. The Castle of the Moors (bottom right) defends its position among Lisbon's most ancient and esoteric constructions.
These testify to the area's Moorish legacy, although are sometimes tweaked to portray images rather than just configurations of shapes, as realistic depictions were banned under the Islamic empire. They bestride flagstone streets along which century-old trams rattle, adding percussion to the city's romantic soundtrack. In the spirit of romantic thought, these were never manicured but rather left uncultivated and are today wild woodlands of burgeoning biodiversity. It seized life with more than an inkling of abandon - an ethos that lives on in the city today among its buildings of yore. Its superb cuisine, fine wines and hospitable people make Portugal a tourist paradise with an enviable quality-to-price ratio. A combination of different landscapes, several leisure activities and UNESCO-recognized cultural heritage make a trip to Portugal a unique experience for many Chinese tourists. Algarve is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts, with golden sand beaches, golf and water sports.
The Madeira Islands enjoy picturesque traditions, famous wines and breathtaking mountain and ocean views. Last year, Portugal reinforced the teams responsible for issuing visas both at the embassy of Portugal in Beijing and at the consulate-general of Portugal in Shanghai. But you can reach our country by traveling with Emirates, Lufthansa, KLM, Air France, Turkish Airlines and British Airways.
Riady and his family were ranked the sixth wealthiest in Indonesia on a Forbes list earlier this year, with a net worth of $2.2 billion. It was his teacher who explained to him that the building was a bank, and it earned money by lending money. Mochtar Riady, has been published by Tsinghua University Press, and talks of his faith in education, strengthened both by families and schools. Besides the accounts of his professional ups and downs, the book has a large section on how he and his wife nurtured their children and grandchildren with the family's core values, handed down by Riady's father and rooted in traditional Chinese wisdom.
She's all too aware that her involvement could derail the prosecution and jeopardize her career.
An investigation into a construction scandal that targeted Orlando's wealthy builder father, Melvin, was halted. The academy promotes artistic creation in France and abroad through many forms including granting awards and funds.
They include painters such as Xu Beihong and Wu Guanzhong and Liu Kaiqu, a pioneer of Chinese sculpture and the first director of China's national art museum from 1963 to 1993. Many Chinese have studied fine arts in France and one of them who has become well known in Europe is Yan Pei-ming (a Chinese-French painter)," he says. So, the ongoing Latin American and Caribbean Art Festival in Beijing offers them a good opportunity to learn about the regions. Some of the tiny cows which make up the piece are made using plastic while some are of metal. And their knowledge of China is limited mainly to the mountain in Zhangjiajie in Central China's Hunan province, which was featured in the Hollywood movie Avatar. It has largely been empty since, attracting the homeless in the 1960s and briefly hosting a food court in the mid-1990s.
His "tricks", in short, have to be relevant, enhancing the customers' appreciation of what they are drinking. The latter attracted plenty of attention from media and connoisseurs during Botany's soft opening this past winter.
While smoky presentations make lively moments in the intimate bar, a converted apartment space with a 12th-floor view of the lights of Sanlitun, the center of his attention is an array of elegant, apothecary-style jars on the counter labeled "shiso", "lemongrass", "cardamom" and many more. Like the best ones, however, Botany is inviting and comfortable, though you might not call it homey unless your postal code is rather posh. Press the doorbell (no sliding bookcase, no password here) and you get drinks that are subtle, layered and uniformly terrific, almost all priced at 85 yuan ($13). Perhaps the quietest of Beijing's highest-flying foreign chefs, Verbiak is happy to invest three full days to prepare a new signature dish for his menu at Bistrot B: Porchetta.
Roasting with low heat avoids drying out the pork or filling, so each slice will be succulent after the pig gets a high-heat flash finish to make the outside nice and crisp.
If you're quick enough, you'll get one of the pig's ears, which the chef considers a special treat.
It will take that long anyway to organize a party for six to 10 of your closest friends or favorite gourmands. Ginseng, chicken and other nutritious ingredients in the soup are good choices to achieve that purpose.
The letter, which has 124 characters, is expected to yield hundreds of thousands of yuan, giving it a very high value on a per-character basis.
Zeng also expresses anxiety about not being able to serve in the royal court and fully implement his ideas about governance. The sales, which also see the auctioning of modern Chinese paintings, often generate high prices.
The main fields include imperial history, categorizing ancient files, the royal families' fine art collections and Buddhist history. It'll also guide calligraphy education from primary through high school and serve as a public calligraphy-training center, department director Zhang Zhihe says.
For instance, it hosted relic-preservation training in Qatar this year and Tanzania last year, and plans to extend the program to Singapore next year. I would like to show you the health benefits of home cooked meals and that healthy food can be tasty too! I made a simple guide here where you can find healthy meal plan for couple days including shopping list (what food to buy). If we have the chance to visit Melbourne again, we’ll definitely take a train to spend our own sweet time at those places.
Whatever it is, whatever it takes, you either have a project going or take time out to be by yourself, do something. Many of us waste far too much time on Facebook when some of that time could be spent more productively. All you need to do is to have samples of your writing in hand and inform them that you are available. Get out of your comfort zone and start a business where you will be in complete control of your life.
When I work from home, I am very productive because I already save time to get ready for work and to commute to and from work and there have been times that I work through lunch as well.
It’s important that they are not neglected as well because the whole idea to work from home is so that you can spend quality time with the kids right? But the good news is; on the 1st week itself, the teacher informed us that she just sobbed a little and stopped after we left.
This can be anything from processed cheeses, processed cereals, canned food, snacks that you buy from the convenience store wrapped in plastic, even commercial muesli bars; they all add toxins into the body over time.
Good circulation ensures that every part of your body functions well and gets good quality oxygenated blood that is filled with the nutrients that each part of your body needs. Usually this is not possible and especially not for children when they are fussy eaters and thus, good, natural supplements are necessary.
This is because water has Hydrogen and Hydrogen is everywhere in our cells binding our DNA.
If you do not sleep enough, you are giving the free radicals more opportunity to multiply within your body. Think of your children, they need you thus you owe it to them to care best for your own body at no sacrifice. The place was pretty packed which limited us to much fewer activities in comparison to the first time we were there.

Of course, occasionally work beckons, but it is more important to be connected with your own children – especially during their formative years.
Now at 4 years old, he still carry that same temperament even though I had sent him to kindergarten since he was 2 years old with a change to another school since then.
However, after meeting his friends and as the learning session begins, he starts to enjoy himself. As much as I tried to moderate little tiffs and differences in opinions, some women are so set in their ways and are unforgiving. She had always been a sparkle of health doing daily morning brisk walks and eating mostly vegetables and fish with very little oil and lots of fruit, but still despite the clean health record from the Doctors, she died suddenly when her heart stopped without warning. Instead of taking prescribed drugs from the Doctors which could potentially lead to other problems, let alone side effects and what not, I am now healing with only these natural supplements and it has been very positive. My husband also stayed behind to be with me so my mother-in-law and father-in-law took Ashton on the trip. Your tummy is okay?” Second day, he asked: “Mommy why so long you aren’t here yet?” I had to explain to him again that I told him I cannot go and he sounded disappointed. We had a great time with the orphans and I am very glad that Amber Chia Academy and Pensonic supported this campaign. He keeps asking me, “How many days are there to Christmas?” Christmas and his birthday are the 2 occasions that he looks forward to the most.
It is not entirely stroller friendly as there are a couple of bumpy rides but overall, a stroller comes in handy especially with younger toddlers.
Had we been at school, the most we could have taken off would be 2-3 weeks but since we weren’t at school, 5 weeks was our Haven. With all this time, the world was their oyster and they only needed to drown themselves in anything that they wished.
Unfortunately for us, this was also a year that my Mother-in-Law passed away, my Mother passed away and the diagnosis of my heart disease happened, all within this last 2 months. It is nourishment for their soul to find themselves and it is only when you know who you are that you can truly succeed in this amazing world. We had no internet connection and relied only on the hotels’ wifi (which we didn’t book any, except Reyjavik’s), a GPS and our travel book.
We went to the district which is famous for the hidden valley of elves, fairies, and puffin! I think it is because of the different experiences they had while they were in Iceland - rivers, waterfalls, larva field, fjords, valleys, hills, glaciers, icebergs, beaches, lagoons, towns, villages, and many more. We went back to Keflavik, had a little rest before catching our flight back to Kuala Lumpur via Amsterdam at 2.30 o’clock in the morning. What was most important thing was the kids: as long as they enjoyed themselves, the whole trip would be the best we ever had. Ashton will be turning four soon, at the end of this month and it’s time for me to plan for baby number two.
It is a different stage of motherhood, a different set of experience and I enjoy every moment of it. Recently, I asked him to try on a wig so that we can have an idea of how his sister will look like. I think it became a habit from the time he was little when I would ask him about his day without fail.
Sometimes when I ask him about a certain character, he will go to Youtube and tell me the history.
I'm also trying hard to show the life struggles of a mother facing desperation," the 51-year-old says, while sitting up in bed in his signature red T-shirt and plaid pajama shorts in his room at the Ambassador Palace Hotel in Udine, Italy. Pinball games of seafowl play out in sapphire skies, punctuated with pearly clouds that project flashing apparitions of themselves on the roiling ocean. The flavor of the charred herb is first absorbed by the foam on the drink, then lingers on the palate for the rest of the evening. Housemade Roma bitters, tropical fruit and a spice mix meld with the truffle and dark rum in an intriguing fungal fugue. Each bottle of bitters represents up to six months of hand preparation - processing, cooking, infusing - and reflect his fascination with what can be extracted from plants to make a familiar cocktail something special. His slow-cooked version boasts a secret-recipe stuffing made with fresh herbs from Provence, bacon, pork belly, spinach, carrot, rice, chilies, eggs and more. 48: a€?Whoever receives this child in my name receives me, and whoever receives me receives him who sent me. Please note that I will never recommend any product just because I want small referral fee. So, we narrowed it down to Hong Kong (as they have Disneyland there), Japan (Disneyland too, but main language is in Japanese) and Australia (heard good reviews from people who travelled there with young children).
Generally, the people there are ever willing to give an extra hand and give way to people with strollers. We also managed to visit the SeaLife Aquarium, spent some time at the DFO South Wharf by Yarra River. We of course pray that it never happens, but is it not wise to just be prepared even if a little? This is also something I have done before and is a good way to earn if you do not like moving about. Actually, I should start this business on what to recommend for Stay-At-Home-Moms to do to earn an income!
Instead of spending every waking moment in front of the TV, spend some time actually building something for yourself. If you consume it in very low quantities, you can probably get away with it, but if you are a regular consumer of processed food, at some point in your life or your child’s life, there are bound to be consequences. If you have poor circulation, certain parts of your body will start deteriorating and over time, disease sets in. However, if you can be diligent to juice several times daily in order to make up for the lack of nutrients that your body requires, then you could almost negate the supplements but honestly, how many of us have the time to juice 6-7 times a day on top of eating 3 meals that are filled with several dishes of fruit and vegetables? Sometimes, it is a struggle, “Mommy I don’t like Chinese!” I think he is picking up Mandarin well. For the first few days, he kept asking and looking for the iPad & tab – pining like a lost lover! Nooh is now 3-years young, and every time we look at him, we know we’ll miss his baby face and cheekiness when he eventually goes off to college to pursue his studies.
I have led a life of over indulgence eating lots of sugary desserts and chocolate, and I literally ate anything I wanted to as nobody slapped me into consciousness. I have much more energy as a busy Stay-At-Home-Mom now (previously I would collapse in exhaustion whenever my Oxygen levels were low and sleep during the day for up to 4 hours) and I haven’t had a bout of chest pain since.
By choice, we did not visit all the touristy sites in Europe because we decided from the start that this was a children’s trip to experience another continent, the weather, the food, the people, learn about currencies, and to observe most of all how people lived other than in our home country.
We attended the Home schooling Sports Day which was completely different from a typical school’s sports day where the community just stuck together with support and trust with everyone seen helping one another and not being at competition with each other. When you truly know yourself, you get to dictate your own terms on how you will live your life and not have the urge to compare yourself and your life to anyone else like the majority of people do.
This makes me realise that there is a reason for everything and had we not taken a gap year, the stress of these changes might have flung me towards a nervous breakdown. We wanted to discover Iceland’s glory for ourselves and decided that the best way to explore the country was on a road trip. During that flight, the man who sat next to me would not allow us to change seats with him despite my child crying in front of him. It was 11 o’clock and supposedly near midnight in our country but thanks to the midnight sun, it was bright as day. I have been trying to conceive for a year and I thought a relaxing holiday may well do the trick. The other day, he told me, “Mommy, it is okay to have a boy” because I am used to comforting him with, “Ashton, it is okay…” whenever he is not happy with something. From thyme to Yunnan black truffles to the orange peel and cloves that rock the Glen Grant-based Friday Night cocktail, the raw material behind each drink is a bow to the science that inspires the bar's name. I have personal experience with this product, I am highly satisfied by it and would recommend it to my best friend with no doubt. It is similar to a science centre; older children would be able to relate more on the exhibits. We learnt how to take a train to Brighton Beach where the famous colourful bathing boxes are located (those boxes are basically storage space for surfers). One would go mental and seriously lose a lot of self-esteem plus not to mention that once the kids leave the nest, you’d be crippled. I’m too lazy to bake these days so I’d most likely order from you instead if your cake tastes good. If you are interested, send me your CV and tell me what you like to do and I will find you a work from home job based on your interests, your time that you want to put in versus how much money you would like to make.
Processed food contain food preservatives, additives, fillers, food conditioners and flavourings, or you would not be able to keep them in your pantry for more than a few days. Because it not only feeds our already existing but dormant cancer cells within our body but overworks our pancreas and gallbladder into producing excessive insulin.
Exercise will also strengthen bones and build muscles, keep a healthy heart and give you overall great health. Of course there is a thing as too much water so the correct amount to drink per person is based on their weight in pounds (lbs) divided by 2 in ounces (oz). Sleep is the time when our cells regenerate and heal, so if you sleep very little, there is very little opportunity for your cells to do a thorough and complete cell renewal process.
And as much as I tried to diffuse situations, it was only me in the end that ended up getting burnt to charcoal.
The lesson learnt is that if you have spent quality time with your loved ones continuously, the tragedy of loss will be much easier on the heart.
I was an emotional eater too and that didn’t help so it was a very bad habit, this daily eating bad food habit.
I am praying very hard that these supplements will heal my heart so well that I will not have to go for an open heart surgery as the Doctors have suggested. Some just want their kids to get into the working world as fast as possible to either be ahead of their peers or to start earning as early as possible. From the batch of my classmates and peers, I’d say less than 50% are performing what they graduated in.
It was an amazingly rich experience for us just spending the whole 35 days as a family unit moving from city to city, having to make decisions, compromise and spend quality time with host families in every country. The kids got to participate in story telling sessions, yoga classes, baking classes, started Capoeira classes, went ice-skating, made an array of new dishes in the kitchen, learnt how to prepare a full dinner without my intervention, visited Bank Negara, the National Musuem, etc and you know what?
Having this time out of school undeniably has given my girls a chance to get to know themselves better.
I have to really study all the cartoon characters as Ashton is getting more knowledgeable about the cartoons than me. It’s a great tool for many reasons but is reading and posting about what you ate yesterday going to change your life? They are stuck because they never had the forethought to keep something for themselves and when shits hit the fan, they are well and truly stuck with not enough options. Whenever we consume sugar, our body produces a spurt of insulin to balance out our body’s blood sugar level. For example, take a heavy, large me who is 80kg which is 176lbs, divide that by 2 to make 88 ounces, which is the amount of water for my body to function optimally, which converted into litres is 2.64 litres. So when’re you can, do sleep and best by 11pm because that is the best time the body starts its healing work. Where are you?” It can be frustrating at times when I am busy at events but I enjoy the sweet feeling that he misses me. The ring is not my style but I love it and wear it because it was given to me by my beloved son. At that moment, I saw a different side of my son, the expressive side and the confident side. I truly think now that if you want your kids to love school, to give them a year out and keep them at home but do NOTHING with them until they get so bored that they are begging to go back to school.
I am thankful that we did just that and so although we are terribly saddened by their deaths, we are not crippled and celebrate their passing with continuing their legacies in our daily living. And suddenly last year, when I least expected it just before my Mother passed away, I had a bout of chest pain and was diagnosed with heart disease. Another blessing is that I found a business that I could run from home and am exploring other business opportunities too! I want him to know that there are children who are not as fortunate as him,  children who do not have parents but are still able to stay positive. Some did a degree of their parent’s choice because they just couldn’t decide and didn’t know how to decide, some are just going with the flow and carrying on with the degrees they’d graduated with. It has given them a quiet confidence that no school could ever instil as it is a solo journey of self-discovery.
He can also explain somewhat the meaning of words – “Surprise is when you see something and you are happy” and “Disgusting is when the people are very ugly”. When I asked him to tell me bed time stories instead, he insists that it is Mommy’s job to do that. You could have your own definition but better still if whatever you do actually contributed to the family income, wouldn’t that be fantastic?
It takes many years of experience to know what works and what doesn’t and I have experimented with various blogs to learn all that. Over time, our body becomes insulin resistance and despite the pancreas producing more insulin, it no longer works to remove the sugar from our blood.
However if you exercise or are active and sweat a lot, then there is no harm drinking a little more than your recommended water intake. If you have work to do, wake early to do it even at 4am, but sleep early rather than sleep late.
It is not that I have no confidence in him but he is such an active character, always bouncing about, moving and learning ever so quickly that I am amazed he could listen to the drama teacher’s instructions pretty well. Just be the politician and be nice to everyone even if you do not really agree with what others do. Some people are not so fortunate and feel a deep sense of regret, sometimes for the rest of their lives. I hope he continues with this habit in future as I want to be able to give him proper advice when required. When I asked him about his China trip, he told me, “Boring, Mommy!”  I am looking forward to our little family holiday trip. I am very grateful that my kids had this opportunity to give themselves the time and love for the things they are truly passionate about.
We grabbed a couple of souvenirs at Paddy’s Market for decent prices and our kids were overjoyed with their new kangaroo and platypus soft toys.
I’m just saying out of the very little time that you already have, spend a portion of it doing something productive. Like it or not, we will die without water and water contains good Hydrogen that will repair and cleanse out our defective cells known as free radicals from the body.
I want to spend as much time as possible with him so I try to cut down on my trips and travel.
So listen up, if you have not been spending quality time with your loved ones, start now because they can go. Happy with sticking to our core degrees and spending the rest of our lives making a living out of it?
Free radicals are defective cells that get produced from bad food, stress, environmental pollutants, smells, creams, pollution, and the mere act of breathing because our body is like a car and cars produce fumes as a by product from burning fuel.
If any of you are Stay-At-Home-Moms and want to have something for yourself apart from children and the household only, there are definitely options that you could explore. Time to come home.” I am touched that he misses me so much but sometimes I feel helpless, not being able to have him understand why I cannot be with him. However, most people aren’t consuming sugar after a long workout and their livers are already full of glycogen.
And I believe that even if you had the most forward thinking women in a group, this problem will still surface. It is a big problem because now, not only have we lost a source of big income, we have an extra expense – HOSPITAL BILLS!!!
So please, please, please, make a conscious decision on how you will be improving your lifestyle health-wise today. Some of this fat gets shipped out, but a part of it remains in the liver and builds up over time and you get Liver Disease.
Eating sugar also increases bad cholesterol and triglycerides and can contribute to Leptin resistance which will then cause weight gain, cravings, sleep problems and such.
I had this wonderful sermon today on resurrection but I am changing it due to something in this morninga€™s paper.
Eating sugar will create an addictive sugar response in the brain plus it doesn’t fill you up and instead encourages you to eat more. Our daughter who is also in the Army was in special training for 3 A? months and Oma and I took care of Alan at our home.
At the local daycare, Alan met his friend Noah and they played together for the duration of this time.
Donations can be sent to any PNC bank location in Pennsylvania directed to the Noah Staley Trust Fund.
This cancer is so rare that only about 100 people in the US have ever been diagnosed with this.
I am asking all of my readers, please pray to our Lord for his healing, that his parents get the much needed monies, and that everyonea€™s faith shall increase as they see the Glory of God do a miracle. Help me boldly claim my full capacity for your use.a€? ------------- Donna Givlera€”quoting Katie Brazelton of Saddleback Church in her devotional book titled a€?Praying for Purpose, for Womena€?. Everyone who lives in me and believes in me will never die.a€?1 Corinthians Chapter 15, vs. 42: Our earthly bodies are planted in the ground when we die, but they will be raised to live forever. 27: For you will not leave my soul among the dead or allow your Holy one to rot in the grave. 2: The leaders were very disturbed that Peter and John were teaching the people that through Jesus there was a resurrection of the dead. 11: I want to suffer with him, sharing in his death, so that one way or the other I will experience the resurrection from the dead.
It proved that he was God and that He had power even over His own death and Satana€™s dominion.
God can resurrect our lives, our dreams, and our visions if we ask him to or if it is His will for us. If we have a dream or vision and we lose sight of it we can gain our sight back if we ask Him in prayer. She continued her life style and left her son with babysitters while she partied and enjoyed life (she thought). One day, depressed of how her life was going, she drove past our church and stopped in on a whim. We sponsored her that Christmas and had much joy running around buying her son Jared presents. Over the next two years we connected a couple more times and gave her encouragement when we seen her. Last year we gave her a gift card for a restaurant so that she and Jared could have a nice meal out together.
She now has a good full time job with benefits, her son is doing fantastic in school, and she is looking exceptionally healthy and emotionally stable now. For she took the courage in her slow death of life and laid all her hope at the foot of the cross.
My wife and I thank God that he let us participate, even if it was very little, in her re-birth. Shortly after the dream, we were visiting YWAM in Lebanon and they were showing us their prayer tent that they use in Lancaster and Cape Cod. This was with the hope that someone would step up to the plate and donate a space to erect it. However, recently the pastors of the Gathering Place (a project to help people with Aids) asked us to help bring CAP some clothes this winter. Just open your mouth and ask.a€?A a€?Even though your promise may be postdated, remember whose signature is on the checka€? Pastor Pop-Pop 11-8--09.
What started out as something to just help pastor my children, has turned into something that may be helping lots of people. According to Yahoo my host, I have an average of 50 hits a week on the Pastor Pop Pop site. This weekend at a prayer tent at a local flea market, I seen a leg grow that was shorter than the other one.
Every week from now on there will be two tabs to the right of the Home Page that will be new.
We will address both today and you may click on the Tab in future weeks to experience the Altar Call again. A Christian artist once said that when she was in another country and away from her Church, she would sit and pray alone and have communion by herself to remind her of her faith.
That inspired my wife and me to do it occasionally by ourselves and with some of our Amish friends. It can be about your body, mind, soul, family, friends, healing needed, finances, challenges, or anything that you wish. Turn away from your former self, study in the Word (the Bible) and find yourself a good Christian Church that will support you and help you grow in your faith.
The Son being Jesus Christ who died on the cross at Calvary and shed his blood for our sins. I believe that since I now accept Him as my Lord and Savior that I have been washed clean of my sins and guilt by his blood. Jesus, I love you.a€? A If you prayed this simple prayer, you are saved and re-born in Him.
We are going to drown!a€? He replied, a€?You of little faith, why are you afraid?a€? Then he got up and rebuked the winds and the waves, and it was completely calm. The eyes of the Lord are upon those who love him; he is their mighty shield and strong support, a shelter from the heat, a shade from the noonday sun, a guard against stumbling, a help against falling. Although I own and study from many various different Bible translations, I personally normally use the NAB version. Occasionally I like to read some of the a€?missing books of the Biblea€? sometimes called the Apocrypha.
They include the books of the books of Baruch, Judith, both Maccabees, Sirach, Tobit and the book of Wisdom.
If youa€™re Amish (I do have some Amish readers), you may find these books in an earlier version of the King James printing.
Any way, I was reading the book of Sirach and through some of the verses it was put on my heart that I treated this person somewhat wrongly and it could have been done through ambition or pride of mine. I immediately broke down and confessed this sin to Jesus and asked for Goda€™s forgiveness. However, I will declare that the Lord has closed a door but he will surely open a new and better one. I choose to believe this truth and not the news media and evil spirits who would much rather us to believe that this bad economy, unemployment, and world affairs will defeat us.
He was led by the Spirit in the wilderness, where he was tempted by the devil for forty days. The Scriptures say, a€?People do not live by bread alone.a€™a€? Then the devil took him up and revealed to him all the kingdoms of the world in a moment of time. 12: For we are not fighting against flesh-and-blood enemies, but against evil rulers and authorities of the unseen world, against mighty powers in this dark world, and against evil spirits in the heavenly places.
It is good for us to know the Scriptures and write some down to pray and declare a€?in Jesusa€™ namea€™ when we are being attacked.
When you are in the battles of life, say a verse or two out loud and declare it over your life in Jesusa€™ name.
Tell Satan to, a€?Get out of my life, body, mind, and soul and leave me alone in Jesusa€™ namea€? And use the arrows against him. Have mercy on me and hear my prayer.Go away, all you who do evil, for the Lord has heard my weeping. He rescued me from my powerful enemies, from those who hated me and were too strong for me.
I will thank the Lord because he is just; I will sing praise to the name of the Lord Most High.
My enemies retreated; they staggered and died when you appeared.Turn and answer me, O Lord my God! Dona€™t let my enemies gloat, saying, a€?We have defeated him!a€? Dona€™t let them rejoice at my downfall.Even though I walk through the darkest valley, I will not be afraid, for you are close beside me. Protect my life from my enemiesa€™ threats.But God himself will shoot them with his arrows, suddenly striking them down. Pray and think on this thing called freedom, which we take for granted but is being eroded away. 37-40: Then He said to him (a Pharisee), a€?Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind. 21: The one who pursues righteousness and faithful love will find life righteousness, and faithful love. Many relatives were coming to our home to partake in the golden turkey and all the other foods and treats my wife prepared.
So I will not be spending Thanksgiving having dinner around a table with my family like you are going to. If people like you would not patronize this store on holidays and make sure that you have all your stuff the day before, it would be unlikely that they would stay open.
It also made me think about all the other stores that are open on these days and the countless others that have to work those days and cannot have an enjoyable time like some of the rest of us.
And dona€™t forget to thank them for being there if you just cannot bear not to go to the store for that a€?emergencya€? item. 37-38: On the last day, the climax of the festival, Jesus stood and shouted to the crowds, a€?Anyone who is thirsty may come to me!
For the Scriptures declare, a€?Rivers of living water will flow from his hearta€™.a€?Matthew Chapter 11, vs.
On one day before his memorial service when we were all there at his home, his daughter went out in the backyard by her self. She was walking around in the back yard and my other brother and I decided to go out and comfort her.
She said that she looked up in the sky (it was blue and full of clouds that day) and, a€?I saw a very large white hand that seemed to reach down to mea€?. She stated that she felt it was her daddya€™s hand and because of this she felt better knowing that he was still watching over her. We may go through many troubles and trials in our lives but God will always be with us and never forsake us. 12-13: If a man has a hundred sheep and one of them goes astray, will he not leave the ninety-nine in the hills and go and search of the stray? And if he finds it, amen, I say to you, he rejoices over it more than over the ninety-nine that did not stray. After a few days, the younger son collected all his belongings and set off to a distant country where he squandered his inheritance on a life of dissipation. When he had freely spent everything, a severe famine struck that country, and he found himself in dire need.
So he hired himself out to one of the local citizens who sent him to his farm to tend the swine.
Coming to his senses he thought, a€?How many of my fathera€™s hired workers have more than enough food to eat, but here am I, dying from hunger. I shall get up and go to my father and I shall say to him, a€?Father, I have sinned against heaven and against you.
While he was a long way off, his father caught sight of him and was filled with compassion. Loads of cars and cameras were set up by the Audubon society to just catch a glimpse of it. You may have had parents or grandparents that were religious and went to church and prayed.
Perhaps you have done something you consider really bad and believe God just doesna€™t love you anymore. Through his Son, if you confess your sins and ask for his forgiveness, you will be washed clean again. One that will help you feel better, enriches your soul, shower you with His Word, and nurture your faith so it grows in the path of Christ.
I wish to thank all my readers for visiting my web site this year and I hope that it helped in some way.
She will give birth to a son and will call him Immanuel (which means a€?God is with usa€™).Micah Chapter 5, vs. 2: But you, O Bethlehem Ephrathah, are only a small village among all the people of Judah . God sent him to buy freedom for us who were slaves to the law, so that he could adopt us as his very own children.John Chapter 20, vs.
30-31: The disciples saw Jesus do many other miraculous signs in addition to the ones recorded in this book. But these are written so that you may continue to believe that Jesus the Messiah, the Son of God, and that by believing in him you will have life by the power of his name.Luke Chapter 2, vs. 9-12: Suddenly, an angel of the Lord appeared among them, and the radiance of the Lorda€™s glory surrounded them.
The Savior a€“ yes, the Messiah, the Lord a€“ has been born today in Bethlehem, the city of David!
The names have been changed and the name of their Church deleted to help keep their identities secret. It was at this Church that we also got baptized together and rededicated our lives to Christ. I desire a man after your own heart and if that is not Mark then remove him.a€? I also said, a€?But Lord, divorce is not your desire, I believe in you. Mark has too much pride to come down to the altar, but I know if you can make a Donkey talk, you can call him out!a€? (Read Numbers Chapter 22, vs. God has something to say.a€? Now the Pastor did not know Mark and did not know what I had prayed before we came here, only God knew. I now read the Bible to them every day, monitor their TV, take them to Church, and lay hands on them and speak blessings into their lives.

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