Many people don’t realize that raw apples are far more healthy than prepared or cooked apples.
If you are looking to drop a few pounds make sure you read my post on the foods you can eat to help you gain energy too. We think of working out and eating less, of course, but we rarely consider that the foods we eat can help us out. Dark chocolate has long been considered to be good in small amounts because of the effects it can have on our cholesterol.
Also consider there are many different varieties to choose from and you will quickly see why they are popular among the weight loss crowd.

This is a wonderful way to ward off the hungry feeling and to get healthy things in your gut.
This is because they have the pectin and mass that fills us up quickly and sends a signal to your brain that you have eaten your fair share.
The foods that power us are the veggies and the fruits where vitamins are concerned, so eat plenty to stay healthy and thin.
I have been using my fit bit and that has really helped with showing how much I need to burn in order to continue losing weight. If you ate a couple of spoonfuls of applesauce one day and a whole raw apple another, which day would you feel more hungry?

With that said, you should hunt down the foods that make you feel fullest with the less calories.

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