With the ever changing healthcare debate in this country and so many people unable to afford decent healthcare, I believe it is time for us to take more responsibility of our own health. While the above is the main purpose for this blog, I am also very passionate about healing the black community of past traumas and exposing the white supremacist mentality that plagues too many of us. Castor OilThis oil has regained its popularity recently due to its many health benefits and treatment capacity. Laxatives are recommended for long term use if you suffer from chronic constipation and your medic recommended them to you. You must reserve enough daily time for going to the toilet so that when the need comes up you can do it fast. By following the guidelines for a healthier lifestyle constipation should become a thing of the past.

My mission is to promote preventative practices to minimize disease and offer support to those who wish to make the necessary changes to better their health. Even if not all food fibers give your body any nutrients they work miracles when it comes to eliminating the organic residues from your body. First you should reduce the intake of low fiber foods like ice-cream, cheese, meat and highly processes foods. Working out doesn’t just improve the cardiovascular, respiratory, muscular and bone activity but it also improves your bowl movements. If you get constipated from time to time don’t take laxatives because they can give you dependence. If you resist the urge of going to the toilet that your body is screaming at you your bowl movements will have to suffer on the long run.

Eat more often beans, any type of whole grain cereals, fresh fruits and vegetables( especially salad, cabbage, carrots, asparagus). It is thus a very effective treatment in extreme cases of constipation where the bulk laxatives do not work.** An effective purgative. A typical recommended dosage for the oil is no more than one-half to one full teaspoon per day.Castor Oil is best purchased from a health food store, look for cold-pressed oil only.

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