UPDATE: Click here to see how I did in the 2nd weight loss challenge and how I lost 75 pounds.
I still have 20-25 more pounds to go (30 if I’m feeling ambitious) to get back to feeling really good about myself again and true pre-pregnancy size. This was me in September 2012, a few months after having the baby and still wearing maternity pants (ugh!!). Not that I think I look so fabulous or something, but I am proud for finally starting to lose, and proud that I am now healthier and can cross my legs again and sit indian style comfortably.
Now for the exercise part which I told you in my January post that I despised…I actually have not worked out much per se, but I have done things sporadically like Zumba and walking. And while I do love me a good casserole and have some awesome recipes, I haven’t made one in 2 months. PS-I know I should have worn the same outfit for my after pic as my before pic, but I totally did not think to do that at the time. UPDATE: Click here to see how I did in the 2nd weight loss challenge and how I lost 75 pounds. Coconut oil helps you to say good bye to your excess body fat!A  Here is all you need to know aboutA  how it can help you lose extra body weight. Coconut oil is defined as the saturated fatty oil or edible oil that are obtained from the meat of matured coconuts. Overweight may also suffer from a condition or disease called yeast infection or Candida characterized by cravings for food, sudden weight gain, stress, fatigue, etc.
Natural weight loss is generally promoted by the detoxification of the body which coconut oil can do.
It metabolizes fats in the liver and converts it to fuel for the brain and muscle functioning. Take a couple tablespoons of coconut oil and melt it to add it in your smoothies, protein shakes, fruit juices, apple sauce, cottage cheese or yogurt. Pour all these ingredients in a blender and add either 2 handfuls of cherries or a cup of blueberries.
Blend it thoroughly till it has mixed properly and you can add Stevia (a natural sweetener) as per your taste.
Put a tablespoon of raw virgin coconut oil, a cup of berries, a cup of unsweetened almond milk (vanilla flavored) and 5 ice cubes into a blender and blend. This smoothie is high in antioxidants and the coconut oil contained in it helps to increase nutrient absorption that helps to fight against the weight loss. A few years ago, a study was conducted to show that olive oil is not the best oil that helps you lose weight. For 90 a€“ 130 lbs, you have to use a tablespoon of coconut oil before each meal for a total of 3 tablespoons per day. For above 180 lbs, use 2 tablespoons of coconut oil before each meal for total of 6 teaspoon per day.
The best time to consume coconut oil is 15 a€“ 20 minutes before taking meals, producing a reduction of appetite, although make sure to melt it to its liquid form before consumption. There are many types of coconut oil available, but it is advisable that you use only high quality coconut oil manufactured by a reputed brand. Make sure it is pure, organic, unprocessed or unrefined extra virgin coconut oil as this preserves all the necessary essential micronutrients. Expeller is a pressed refined coconut oil and is the best alternative to virgin coconut oil. Both cold pressed coconut oil and expeller-pressed coconut oil can be stored for about 2 years. When you start including this coconut oil into your regular diet then your digestion process becomes comparatively slow, making you feel fuller for longer. 40 women were separate, one section of women was given 30 grams (2 tablespoons) of coconut oil and other has given same amount of soybean oil for a period of 28 days. Results: Both groups has lost weight (about 2 a€“ 3 pounds), but the group who has taken coconut oil has decreased their waist circumference (belly fat). Coconut oil is also an efficient cooking oil .It does not generate the detrimental hydrogenated fat while getting cooked. Baking the Food: Use melted coconut oil in replacement of butter, shortening or other vegetable oils to prepare baked food items like cookies, muffins, cupcakes, brownies, scones, etc. Roast Vegetable: Use this oil to roast fresh vegetables like beets, butternut squash, rutabaga, capsicums, sweet potatoes, etc.

Prepare Popcorn: Make your own homemade popcorn by dropping the kernels in a pan and adding a spoonful of coconut oil. Nut Butter: Take a food processor and grind 2 cups of nuts like almonds, pecans or cashews and add 2 a€“ 3 tablespoons of coconut oil. Mayonnaise: Prepare your own mayonnaise by using half of olive oil and half melted coconut oil.
Coconut oil for oil pulling is always a better option as it contains anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory and enzymatic properties that helps to kill the unwanted bacteria, toxins, pus, mucous and other harmful things from your body. According to Oil Pulling Therapy by Bruce Fife this process detoxifies the body and combats the germs and bacteria which causes gum diseases, tooth decay and contributes to many other health problems.
Remember that not to swallow the oil as it is filled with toxic pathogens, so spit into a bin and not the sink.
Many people suffer from a thyroid problem, which means you cana€™t lose weight no matter how much you diet.
Coconut oil is not an unsaturated fat, it helps the thyroid gland to function normally and also helps the people to meet and stay at their desired weight.
Researchers suggests for adults those who want to get a good amount of medium chain fatty acids should consume about 3 A? tablespoons of coconut oil throughout the day.
Simply taking 2 tablespoons of coconut oil in your morning coffee is a great way to lose weight. Stir a tablespoon of coconut oil and a teaspoon of grass fed butter in a cup of hot coffee. If you carry a small packet of coconut oil in your bag then you can enjoy this coconut oil coffee anywhere! Medium chain triglycerides (MCT) are rich fats that are commonly seen in coconut oil which is used in the context of ketogenic diet to promote weight loss.
MCTa€™s are not broken down in these intestines and therefore it is not stored immediately as fat in your body. It is proved in a study that taking 15 a€“ 30 grams (1 a€“ 2 tablespoon) of coconut oil per day will increase the energy expenditure by 5%, a total of about 120 calories per day. Sitting and eating coconut oil will not make you lose your weight, instead use this as a replacement for other fats.
She has never publicly disclosed her weight, but she is thought to weigh approximately 205lbs or 93kg.
But when I calculate how much I have lost since the 2nd baby was born, it’s a whopping 56 pounds!!! BUT, I finally did commit to a baby boot camp class and have been to 5 classes now, and go 2 or 3 times a week. I did sign up to do the challenge for the next 8 weeks too and we are into the 2nd week now.
Try little things like when you make oatmeal use water, not milk and that will save you 120 calories. I’m not an expert or anything but I have done this a few times and know what works for me at least. How much do we consume and how much do you use up in a day.A  It is a decrease in the body weight that arise due to loss of body fat, loss of protein and other substances, or by another health problems. A large portion of this fat content is made up of a medium chain saturated fatty acids (MCT) that is 3 times more effective than longer chain counterparts in fighting extra weight. This is a delicious way to help target fat or weight loss particularly when youa€™re doing the regular fat or weight loss workouts.
It revealed that the fatty acids which are present in our body fat are much more likely to found in olive oil.
To start with, use 1 a€“ 2 tablespoons of oil in your diet, then slowly increase to 5 to 6 tablespoons.
Both the section people are instructed to eat fewer calories and walk everyday with some little exercise.
Unsaturated oils block the protein digestion in the stomach that leaves the sufferer malnourished even though you eating healthy and nutritious foods. This is why because your body cannot readily stores the MCT fats and promotes the fat burning and prevents you from storing the fat from coconut oil in your body. Instead they absorbed intact and sent right to liver, where they turn and used as energy that helps to maintain perfect weight. Try coconut oil to reduce your overweight and makes you slim and fit, and don’t forget to share your experiences with us!

The before picture was taken just 5 days into the program, and the after was taken when the 8 weeks was up. If you are carrying baby weight still around or just extra weight in general, there is hope.
And obviously I am feeling better about myself since I put on real clothes and makeup that day. And just remember that exercise alone won’t give you the results you are looking for.
I am in the same boat as you, gaining way more weight during baby number two, and feeling like a blob. Coconut oil does not contain these mono-saturated fats and helps to convert the fat into energy. Also you can customize each batch by adding additional flavours like honey, flaxseeds, cinnamon, maple syrup or even ground coffee to it. Generally there are no clinical studies to validate any of these claims but it is considered as an effective weight loss by coconutresearch.org. Coconut oil makes it easier for you to achieve the targeted weight by switching your body easily to fat a€“ burning mode. I wrote a post at the beginning of January telling y’all I was starting an 8-week weight loss challenge, like an accountability group type of thing. Well I thought I was going to there at the end but the other girl came in with a 5 pound loss right there in the last week (which really surprised me btw), so she won.
I really am trying to step it up in that department so I don’t look so frumpy each day.
I stuck strictly to my 1200 caloric intake (and my milk supply has been great btw), and only had 1 cheat day in the 8 week period, and at The Melting Pot…yum!
I just don’t buy the bad stuff or the sweets anymore so my whole family is suffering with me. Normally I’d put a pat of butter in my oatmeal, but I stopped doing that completely too. I have to say though that grey shirt is loose on me now and definitely not fitted like it is in the before pic.
It’s really important to start a healthy eating lifestyle so they work well together. We had guidelines to follow, such as eating the right amount of veggies and fruit per day, no food after 9pm, no junk food, exercise, etc. Make sure to consult the doctor or your healthcare provider before taking these pills to know the extract dosage and the perfect time to take it for weight loss. I wasn’t too excited at first (because it takes me a while to really want to lose), but after the first week I was.
I will say though that the first week or two of the challenge, I was grumpy and bit everyone’s head off. I knew that if I ate stuff like that for my dinners, that the weight wouldn’t come off. Oh and those coral tops are from Marshall’s, and the black leggings from Ann Taylor Loft. You should check it out bc as a mom it’s easy to get one of her 10 minute workouts in. So it makes you want to get all of your points possible for the day so you have a chance at winning the point portion of the contest. I am always glad after class that I did it and do like it when I’m sore the next day. I would order corn tortillas instead of flour and only eat one tortilla, then the rest meat. You are an inspiration.Thank you for sharing your experience and being honest with all you felt and what works for you.
I only made spaghetti maybe twice during those 2 months for the family, and I just left the pasta out for me.
I set aside a portion of the meat sauce and just ate that (and likely with a tostada shell).

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