Today I have brought this post especially for women who look their age but still want to look younger. Priyanka chopra is one of actress who can carry any hairstyle as perfectly as it should be.
This Srilankan beauty was able to pool praises from the audience for her new hairstyle in her movie “Roy”.
She followed a sleek straight boy cut in her movie PK, which stood to be an eye catching part of the movie. Shilpa Shetty is a person who adores long hair and she looks very beautiful with her long hair.
The more women age the more reason they get to keep themselves looking all fancy because at this age they have done almost everything they are obliged to and they sure deserve to look their best. After looking at this image I cannot help but admire how adorable this women looks with her lengthy and flippy layered haircut, her hair does not look over done but she looks absolutely elegant and sophisticated. The cut has a heavy bunch of layers forming a slight side parted fringe that covers a small part of her forehead and eyebrow with other longer curved layers falling to her cheek bones and jawline for really well framed appearance. Add volumising cream, lotion or spray to damp hair, I have mentioned three but that does not mean you should apply them all only choose one of the three.
Smooth hair by blow drying with a large round brush, start with the bottom and dry while brushing hair outwards. For that really shiny appearance add a small amount of shine serum and then set the style with a finishing spray.
Conditioner is good for your hair but if it is not rinsed out completely then it may become toxic for your hair. This layered is very stylish, elegant and at the same time very suitable for her age, it is not all about pulling off a modern haircut because if it does not look appropriate for your age then you would have done totally nothing. A few hair strands are brushed towards her face from the forehead and the side burns to create a very flattering frame for her face shape. With your hair still wet, apply extra body sculpting foam and gently rub it into your hair to ensure that it completely infuses into your hair.
With the help of a large round brush, blow dry hair behind and brush some hair strands towards the face to create that light fringe. Add texturizing product on your finger tips and start breaking up the layer and arranging hair more into the shape you want it to have. When towel drying hair you should always use a micro fiber towel instead of just any towel, those towels have very strong fiber in that each time you use it on your hair it rubs out the moisture in your hair causes friction which causes hair to break.
Apart from her gorgeous blonde color contrast this haircut is also style more like a graduated bob with behind layers cut shorter as the front layers are left longer though there is just a very slight difference. The cut also features a slight side part and right in the line of the forming the side part we notice strands highlighted with brown. From the shower, go directly into the style by applying styling lotion to your hair when it is still wet, this will help your hair to easily take up all the product you apply. Use a styling brush to blow dry hair, create a dramatic middle parting from the hairline backwards and start drying hair while brushing it downwards to both sides of the head.
Smooth hair from the middle to the ends with a flat iron leaving the top looking shaggy, in fact use your fingers to tease more at the top. For added texture throughout the style, apply a small amount of lightweight texturizing spray. Make sure that you trust the stylist you take your hair to for styling, not everyone who works in the saloon is good enough to give your hair to cut. If you naturally have curly hair now is not the time for you to fight with it trying to make it straight when you can still look super gorgeous your natural curly hair.
In the picture we spot a lady very confident about her short curly hair that has really smooth layers falling to her ears and back to her nape. After getting a very good and quality haircut, thoroughly wash your hair and while it is still wet add your favorite styling product beginning with the roots to the tips of your hair. Dry hair with a diffuser and your fingers, keep opening up hair under to ensure that you dry each and every part of your hair to 90%, let the other 10% air dry for a more natural texture. Apply texturizing product to your finger tips and add scrunch it into your hair for added shine and texture.
Always buy satin pillow cases they are gentler with your hair compared to any other cloth material. This adorable looking lady is wearing a short straight bob haircut with a very light fringe that frame her face shape perfectly while leaving enough space for her face shape to stand out. The straight haircut works well with fine, thin and thick hair as well but will be much easier to style for those that have naturally straight hair, round face shapes will look with this haircut. Add styling product to towel dried hair, when I say towel dried I do not mean that you should dry hair completely with a towel. Spray hair with a heat protection spray, after hair has dried completely you will need to use another heat tool to smooth hair more so it is very safe to protect your hair first with a heat protectant.
Take small section of hair and smooth them over with a flat iron, as you iron ensure to curve the ends under. Look for a very good thermal protectant so that it not only protects your hair from getting damaged by heat but also gives it lasting hold for a good period of time. The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences presented an evening with "Hot in Cleveland" in North Hollywood on March 30, 2011 and pretty Valerie Bertinelli was there posing for the photographers.
Valerie's hair has two tones, one a deep chestnut and her outer shaft on her hair a lighter chestnut tone. And the funny thing is that they didna€™t become popular until women set their foot down and said, a€?No more aging on my face!
In the course of daily living, you are moving your muscles to talk, smile, frown, act surprised, and act mad.
For example, if you frown a lot or express discontent at young children, guess what happens to the area between your brows.
Yes, thata€™s right a€“ you get furrows that look deep and give you the appearance of someone difficult to deal with; someone who is never content. That last statement may have struck a bad chord with someone and ita€™s not meant to be sarcastic.
The fact is that when you frown, it generally precedes take action type of behavior a€“ and often that action is intervening in whata€™s going on. When you do facial exercises, you move your face in a certain way to a€?reseta€? the muscles of the face.
For example, if your eyelids are droopy, it means that the muscles that hold them open have been a little lax. By opening your eyes as wide as possible, holding them there for a count of 10, and then relaxing, you can retrain them to recede back to their original position. At first, I didna€™t believe that facial exercises worked until I attended a local class on the topic. Her motivation to start doing facial exercises was that she didna€™t want plastic surgery and there was a little fear that her husband wouldna€™t perceive her the same way when she was older and wiser.
Looking into her face, I saw no wrinkles, tight skin, no dark shadows, wide open eyes and a pretty mouth. In the very beginning, you wona€™t perform all the possible facial exercises that are available to you.
Excessive muscle fatigue will give you the message that the exercises arena€™t worth doing, just as a day of incapacitation because you worked out too hard at the gym will prevent you from getting back in the gym in a few days.
Facial exercises experts will tell you to look for a huge jump in age reversal in about three months and every three months thereafter.
Facial exercises for those over 40 is one of the best investments you can make in yourself. Once you look in the mirror and see those over 40 signs of aging a€“ potbelly, wrinkles and jowls, added weight gain, and lost waist from youth, ita€™s a real shocker. The effects of gravity start to take its toll and new stresses that we have suffered in life recently add to those we have endured. Our walk shows it and we may shuffle along slowly, also bothered by hip problems, knee problems, back problems, or feet problems. The mind of an 80-year-old is generally slower than that of a 40-year-old; however, there are some exceptionally bright 80-year-olds who are wittier than those in their 20s. Lung capacity has declined, heart function may be more compromised; all these depend on the health status of the person. In todaya€™s society, ita€™s rare to find someone who doesna€™t have at least one major disease and is on at least one major prescription medication. Despite this decline that is seen in our society, ita€™s possible to prevent the over 40 changes.
Select exercise that will be good for your physique so that you can present a good picture of virility and strength to the world, such as bodybuilding or swimming. Dona€™t be afraid of chiropractors moving your joints; be more afraid of what lack of motion is doing to you. These are simple things to do because basically all you do is take some herbal capsules three times a day and record it on your calendar when you start and when you finish. These simple detoxes will leave you with more vitality, more energy, more restoration and youa€™ll lose a little weight, too.
A chiropractor can adjust your spine, restoring the motion, but a massage therapist is as good as gold to get the kinks out of your muscles. This may seem like a lot but you would still be nowhere near the 17 vegetables a day that the Japanese eat. Keeping your mind nimble is especially important for everyone in order to prevent over 40 changes. Crossword puzzles may be thought of as good, but therea€™s nothing better than reading three books on a topic. Some people spend time, effort and money on skin care products or cosmetic procedures for their faces to keep themselves looking younger.
However the truth is, if you forget to take care of your hands, theya€™re certain to give your real age away.
The hands are, very often, the first part of your body to show the signs of aging and whata€™s more the skin on your hands may age faster than the skin on your face.
This happens because the skin on the back of the hands is thinner than the skin on the face. The back of the hands store very little fat, so when the skina€™s collagen and elastin fibers begin to break down during the normal aging process, the results are faster and more noticeable. Hand skin can become wrinkled, crepe-like and veins may begin to bulge and become more noticeable. Exposure to the suna€™s harmful rays is a major cause of skin aging but the effects are even more apparent when it comes to the hands. As a result of sun damage, areas of pigmentation also show up on the hands, these are known as age spots or liver spots. Ita€™s never too late to look after aging hands, although, as with most things the earlier you start the better. There are many cosmetic procedures you can turn to if you want to have younger looking hands, such as peels, wax treatments and even filler injections, but in this article we will consider hand rejuvenation that all-natural way. To keep age spots and wrinkles on the hands at bay it makes sense to care for your hands in the same way you do your face. A once a week deep moisturizing treatment can help to keep your hands looking good and hold off the signs of aging.
If you like you can add honey to the grainy granules or a teaspoon of an aromatherapy base oil such as sweet almond or grapeseed oil.
Some people like to add a dash of rosewater to their scrub to add fragrance or a drop of essential oil.
But make sure you dona€™t choose an essential oil that is photosensitive, such as the citrus-based oils, as this is likely to cause areas of hyperpigmentation on your skin when exposed to daylight and, especially, strong sunshine. Rub the exfoliator into your skin for a few minutes using gentle circular movements, then rinse away with warm water and pat your hands dry. If you think about it, thata€™s a lot of potential damage as we may wash up, wash our hands or perform household cleaning tasks several times each day. Remember to use sunscreen with an SPF of at least 15 on your hands especially during the hottest months.
Age spots on hands, sometimes known as liver spots, are a dead giveaway of the aging process. They are very common in older people and an unfortunate part of aging; they are generally caused by sun damage and can be prevented by following the advice given on sun protection above.
Combine 2 teaspoons of raw, runny honey and 2 teaspoons of natural yougurt and apply to your hands as you would a facemask. Dabbing your age spots with neat, freshly squeezed lemon juice may help to reduce their appearance of age. Lemon juice has a mildly acidic and bleaching effect and helps to uncover new layers of skin, by stripping away dead skin cells. Apply a dab of lemon juice directly onto any age spots, twice per day, for several weeks to improve their appearance. If you prefer you can use buttermilk instead of lemon juice, the treatment is the same; you simply apply dabs of buttermilk to the age spots. Buttermilk contains lactic acid that may help to encourage new cell growth and lighten areas of hyperpigmentation. If you would like to learn more natural skin care secrets and find out about home remedies that you can easily make yourself, the Naturally Skinsational eBook is all you need. This eBook is packed full of helpful anti aging tips that can help to keep your skin looking glowing and vibrant no matter what your age. Certainly it is possible if you have lots of money to invest in cosmetic surgery but we all know the results. The truth is there are many simple and easy ways to look younger than your age without resorting to expensive cosmetic procedures that no doubt will need constantly refining and updating as the years progress. Therea€™s no way around it – eating a healthy, nutritious diet that avoids fats and sugar and includes lots of antioxidant rich fruits and vegetables is a simple way to look 10 years younger. That old saying a€?you are what you eata€™ is certainly true and if you indulge in a high fat, high sugar and high calorie diet youa€™ll end up with a body and complexion that is bloated and saggy a€“ something that is aging in itself. A diet high in fruit and vegetables, lean protein, oily fish or other foods containing essential fatty acids (EFAs) and unrefined carbohydrates is the way to smooth, supple skin and a lithe body.
Being overweight is aging, although being too thin is not recommended either, however staying lean and trim will take years off your age. Refine your diet and make sure the foods you eat have nutritional value this will go a long way in helping to hold off the years. Both men and women will benefit and stay younger looking by moisturizing their skin regularly. That means the body, face and especially the skin of the hands and neck, as these are areas prone to premature aging. During the daytime use a moisturizer that contains an SPF of at least 15 is recommended to prevent skin aging via the suna€™s harmful UV rays. In fact you really must protect your skin from the sun as you age because nothing will damage and age your skin more.
Dehydrated skin is prone to showing up fine lines and wrinkles so try to drink 6 a€“ 8 glasses of pure water every day.
Whata€™s more when you are adequately hydrated you are less likely to overeat a€“ drinking water also helps to regulate your appetite and help you to manage your weight as well as keeping your skin looking younger. Nothing will date you more than wearing your hairstyle or your clothes in a style that was popular in a past decade you really enjoyed. Many people make the mistake of getting stuck in a style rut that reflects a time when they felt young, happy and confident. Staying up to date with the latest fashions may sound like something that is purely the domain of the young but it is possible to adapt and modify recent trends to update your look without becoming an aging fashion victim.
Avoid anything too tight or too fussy, simple classic garments that are well cut and made in high quality materials will stand you well a€“ but dona€™t disregard high fashion completely, there are ways to adopt trends, such as colors, prints or by using accessories, without going over the top. Grey hair can look good if all of your hair is gray or white – as long as gray hair looks shiny and healthy it doesna€™t have to be too aging.
However if your hair is at an in-between stage then coloring your hair may be the best option – and this goes for men too. A mistake many people make is using the same hair colorant they used when they were younger.
Consider highlights or a color that is one or two shades lighter than your natural hair color.
Heavy foundation can settle and accumulate in lines and wrinkles making them more noticeable, so switch to a tinted moisturizer instead for a youthful, dewy and glowing complexion. Eye make up can also enhance creases around the eyes and heavy colors will highlight any dark circles under the eyes.

A fine slick of light colored powder eye shadow under your eyes will help to open them up and lift the area. Lipstick can bleed when there are fine lines around the mouth and as lips become thinner and lose some of their plumpness as we age, dark lip shades can add years to your overall look. If you want to look younger stick to lip gloss and lip plumping glosses in clear or pale shades. Eyebrows give your face definition and if yours are neat and well shaped you will knock years off your face. One for the men a€“ facial hair like beards and moustaches can be aging and ita€™s a truth that most women prefer men who are cleanly shaven. Make sure ALL your facial hair is groomed and this includes your eyebrows a€“ dona€™t let them get too bushy. Get your eyebrows trimmed regularly by a professional if you are unsure of how to take care of this area yourself. Yellowing teeth that have been stained by coffee, wine or nicotine are instantly aging so make sure you get yours regularly cleaned by your dentist or invest in teeth whitening treatment. As your skin tone changes with age ita€™s important to adapt your wardrobe to make use of this. You may have always thought black was sophisticated and slimming but dark colors can drain your face and leave you looking older than your years.
That doesna€™t mean you need to ditch all your dark colored clothes, wear lighter and brighter colors near to your face so they can compliment your complexion. A brightly colored scarf or tie around the neck can give an outfit an instant lift and reflect light onto your face helping you to look vibrant and young rather than drained or tired looking. As we age both men and women lose muscle tone and are prone to piling on the pounds, but this doesna€™t mean you need to get lazy and accept a flabby body as inevitable. Exercising and controlling your weight is the way to stay trim as you age and the best form of exercise for both men and women to get your inner calorie burner fired is weight bearing exercise.
Two to three sessions of weight training per week is beneficial for both sexes as it helps to build muscle mass and give you a body that is toned and trim. For women the added benefit is that weight training also helps to build stronger bones a€“ important if you want to avoid age related bone conditions like osteoporosis. Of course any form of exercise that gets your heart rate up is good for you brisk walking, swimming and gym classes targeted towards older people are all fine. If you really want to see and feel a difference try incorporating some muscle building exercise into your weekly exercise routine.
Attitude is everything if you slouch around apologizing for your age then people will treat you like an a€?oldera€™ person.
Be confident in yourself, celebrate your achievements and enjoy the fact that your life experience has given you a wisdom that your younger friends have yet to achieve. A smiling face and a positive attitude are ageless and if you believe in yourself then others will too a€“ no matter what your age. If this article has given you food for thought and you are interested in finding out more about how you can REALLY fight the aging process then consider the Fit Over 40 program. This book reveals all the inside secrets of the aging process and how to manage it effectively to keep your body and mind looking young forever. The menopause is a hugely significant phase of a womana€™s life, one in which she moves from a time of fertility to a totally new experience of herself.
It generally begins with the peri-menopause when a woman is somewhere in her early 40s and can take up to 10 years until the process is fully over. Menopause occurs when the levels of estrogen and progesterone (the female hormones) begin to fall and the ovaries stop producing eggs.
For some women entering the menopause can be a relief, for others the changes to the body are overwhelming and upsetting.
Women experiencing the early symptoms of the peri-menopause may notice overly dry elbows, drier, flaky skin around the T-Zone of the face and may also notice that their nails are becoming more brittle and splitting more easily. One of the earliest signs that a woman is entering the peri-menopause is the drying out of the skin.
Sometimes referred to as Omega 3 and Omega 6 oils a€“ the best sources of EFAs are found in oily fish, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, linseeds, some of the healthier oils such as sunflower, sesame, walnut and soya, dark green vegetables and fortified eggs. Very hot baths and showers may be a great way to unwind at the end of the day but they can take their toll on menopausal skin. Very hot water is too harsh for your skin as you age and will strip it of itsa€™ natural oils. The solution is to avoid bathing in very hot water a€“ take baths and showers in tepid water and also decrease the amount of time spent in the bath or shower.
Save the soap for the areas where you may really need it such as the feet and the underarms.
Avoid soaps or cleansing products that are anti-bacterial or strongly perfumed however as these will also contain harsh chemicals that strip the skin of itsa€™ natural moisture levels.
Dona€™t forget after bathing or washing to moisturize your entire body a€“ not just your face. There are many simple and inexpensive moisturizers in the shops that wona€™t cost you a fortune and will do the job just as well as the pricier beauty products. Dona€™t skimp on this part of your beauty routine as your skin will dry out and may become itchy if adequate moisture levels are not maintained. The menopause and itchy skin can go hand in hand and moisturizing your skin is a good way to prevent the annoyance of skin that feels irritated and itchy.
Again it is important to choose a gentle exfoliator and not one that contains too many harsh chemicals.
These simple, homemade beauty products can work just as well as shop bought exfoliators and you are safe in the knowledge that they are 100% natural too! Making sure that you are adequately hydrated from the inside will help to keep your skin looking good on the outside and also help to prevent dry, itchy skin. Water also helps to flush out impurities, which in turn can keep your skin free from blemishes. Exercise is important during the menopause for the health of your heart and bones however it also helps to keep your skin healthy too. When you exercise higher levels of nutrients and oxygen are delivered to the skin and this increases the production of collagen, which is vital if we want to maintain a youthful looking complexion.
People who exercise also generally tend to have brighter more vibrant looking complexions than those who dona€™t. The experience of dry skin during the menopause can come as a shock to some women, particularly if they have been used to the problems of oily skin in their younger years. However by following the simple tips and advice given here there is a lot that you can do for yourself to care for your skin and keep it looking healthy and beautiful as you age. The Naturally Skinsational eBook is an extensive skincare resource that is filled with ideas for making your own 100% natural and safe beauty products. Natural products are an excellent choice for anyone suffering from dry, itchy skin as they can be created to suit your needs and wona€™t be packed full of harsh, artificial ingredients.
There is a lot of advice out there on how to look good as you age, anti-aging hints and tips can be found in abundance that aim to show you how you can hold off the years. However much of the advice focuses on aging prevention and is aimed at those who are still in their 20s and 30s. By your 40s some of the damage you have done to your skin will begin to show up on your face and body. If you spent your younger years tanning, smoking and enjoying the odd alcoholic drink or two these articles can make you feel like ita€™s all too late. For certain you cannot reverse all the damage caused to your skin and body by 20 years of living life to the full if thata€™s what youa€™ve done but there is much you can do to prevent further damage and improve the condition and texture of your skin so youa€™ll look good as the aging process continues. These 3 tips will ALWAYS be the foundation of any anti-aging advice – and with good reason. It goes without saying that a good skincare routine for both men and women is the bedrock of beautiful skin. Keeping your skin clean and hydrated from the outside will do much to improve the tone and texture of your skin and moist looking skin will help you to look younger as dry skin highlights all those fine lines and wrinkles you want to disguise. You dona€™t need to spend a fortune on costly creams and cleansers either however soap is best avoided on the face.
Most people find that their skin becomes drier as they get older so a richer moisturizer maybe more appropriate. Try to drink 6 to 8 glasses of water per day to make sure that your skin doesna€™t become too dry. There are so many good reasons to eat healthily for the over 40s that it is difficult to know where to begin! A healthy diet will help you to manage your weight and avoid certain health issues that can creep up on us as we age. Over 40 is the time to really think long and hard about eating more healthily, being overweight is instantly aging and a poor diet will really start to show up on your face. For vibrant skin try to include more fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet, your skin will really thank and reward you for including these vitamin packed wonder foods in your daily diet. Fruit smoothies are an excellent way to include more fruit in your diet and if you have a juicer vegetable juices make an excellent, nourishing low calorie snack or meal replacement.
Ita€™s not just your hair that turns gray as you age a€“ your skin pigmentation changes too. The change to the color and tone of your skin may simply be Mother Naturea€™s way of making sure that it compliments your a€?newa€™ gray hair color.
As a rule, very dark colors will not work on over 40s complexions; they will drain the face and leave you looking haggard. Making sure you have a good haircut is paramount to the aging process, as nothing will date you more than trying to hold on to the hairstyle you had in your 20s or 30s.
Many people say that women should cut their hair shorter as they age and there is something in this.
One anti-aging tip for the over 40s that you may not have thought about is to make sure that you take care of your eyebrows. For men, straggly overgrown or bushy eyebrows will add years to your face so make sure you keep them groomed by getting them trimmed by your barber. For women much as overly bushy eyebrows will make you look unkempt, over plucked, thin brows are actually more aging.
As you age it is better to adopt a fuller look for the eyebrows, if you dona€™t have them naturally you may need to define yours with an eye pencil.
We all know that we look better after a good nights sleep and that a run of late nights can leave us looking tired, droopy and haggard. Aim to get between 6 to 8 hours of sleep per night and see the results on your face – a less tired looking and more vital complexion. Facial exercises are an excellent way for the over 40s to improve the texture and tone of their skin. Secondly then can help to enhance facial features by working on the underlying muscles so if you want to accentuate your cheekbones or define your jaw line facial exercises can help.
Finally facial exercises, like regular bodily exercises, increase your circulation the blood flow to your skin.
Therea€™s no need to fear the aging process a€“ it comes to us all eventually so ita€™s better to embrace it. The Naturally Skinsational eBook shows you how to harness the rejuvenating, anti-aging powers of natural ingredients that can be found in any home. Literally packed full of skin-friendly recipes this eBook is the resource for those who want to age beautifully the natural way.
Once you reach your 50s ita€™s the time to celebrate your age and really feel good about yourself. By now you should be comfortable with who you are, have well-formed friendships and relationships and have a great deal of experience and hopefully wisdom under your belt!
While all the above may be true, over 50 skin may be something that causes you concern and takes away from the confidence and freedoms that come with age. Sagging skin, crowa€™s feet and a sallow complexion are all common skin problems that affect men and women in this age group. For sure your skin wona€™t look as good as it did when you were younger but there is much you can do help yourself look good for your age. A few simple changes to your lifestyle and skincare routine can slow down the signs of aging without the need for expensive cosmetic procedures or costly a€?miraclea€™ lotions and potions. One of the first places to deteriorate throughout our 50s is the delicate skin of the eye area.
Slackness of the skin is also a common problem in this age group especially if you have dieted in the past. If you have avoided exercise in the past this will also begin to show up on your skin now and you may experience a loss of tone to your muscles. In your 50s skin also becomes more dehydrated and you may be prone to very dry or flaky skin. Finally skin pores may increase in size throughout your 50s as your skin loosens and the opening of pores becomes more obvious. People who exercise generally have a brighter complexion because circulation increases and the skin cells are better able to renew themselves. Sallow skin after 50 often occurs because of sluggish circulation and an overload of bodily toxins.
This helps body and skin cells to renew themselves faster and whata€™s more exercise tones the muscles. Maintaining your skins moisture levels from the outside is vital throughout your 50s as skin can become very dry at this time.
Keeping your skin moist is more important than ever and you might want to consider using extra-nourishing facemasks or night creams from your early 50s onwards. Moisturize morning and night to keep your skin hydrated and minimize the appearance of fine lines on your face. Women may want to use moisturizing make-up products such as extra-moist foundations or tinted moisturizers in place of their usual foundations.
Drinking 6 a€“ 8 glasses of water per day can also provide a boost to your digestive system preventing sluggishness. Hydrated skin will look plumper and moist improving facial tone and the appearance of your complexion.
Exfoliating treatments are a€?grainya€™ creams and cleansers that remove the dead skin cells that form on the surface of your skin, you can buy them or make your own by blending natural ingredients such as brown sugar or oats with pure, natural nut and seed oils to reproduce the a€?grainya€™ effect. Exfoliating helps to combat dull looking skin as it exposes the new skin cells that lie beneath the dead skin.This can help you to maintain a youthful glow! Exfoliated skin is also less likely to have dry patches and therefore improves the application and look of face make-up. Make sure you are getting your daily dose of all those essential skin-friendly vitamins and minerals.
Vitamin A helps to counteract dry and flaky skin and encourages the production of collagen. Vitamin C is essential for healthy skin as it helps with the growth and repair of all the tissues in the body. Many natural, easily obtainable and inexpensive products contain active ingredients that can help to make your skin glow, keep wrinkles at bay and make you look as young as you feel on the inside. This treasure-trove of anti-aging and skin health information shows you how you can make your own effective skincare products from items you can find in your own kitchen. We all get older eventually – ita€™s inevitable so the way forward is to maintain a positive attitude. There is much to celebrate about getting older and by your 40s you should be happier with yourself and have confidence in your abilities. In your early 40s the signs of skin aging begin to appear with fine lines and wrinkles becoming more apparent and your skin may seem less firm than it once was. Radiance also begins to diminish in skin over 40 and you may miss that glow you used to have. During your 40s your skin undergoes huge changes as your hormone levels change in preparation for the menopause that usually begins in the late 40s.
The hormone estrogen begins to decline during your 40s and this can have an effect on the thickness and suppleness of your skin. Men often appear to age more slowly than women and signs of aging to the face may not be apparent in the early 40s, however by the mid 40s men may begin to notice deeper lines appearing on the forehead and around the eyes. The frown lines between the eyes may begin to deepen and the nasolabial lines on either side of the mouth can begin to show.
Looking after your skin is important now and although the telltale signs of damage caused in your 20s and 30s may be showing you can take steps to ensure that you do not damage your skin further. You dona€™t have to resort to costly cosmetic procedures or spend a fortune on expensive skincare products that make great claimsa€¦no product can fully reverse the signs of aging.

Eat a healthy diet that includes plenty of the healthy fats found in oily fish, unsalted nuts and seeds. You may be tempted to cut out fat from your diet to manage the problem of weight gain as you age and cutting out unhealthy unsaturated fats is a good idea.
Also include plenty of vibrantly colored fruits and vegetables, as these tend to contain high levels of vital antioxidants that are essential for healthy skin. Water helps to maintain the lipid barrier that protects the skin from environmental damage and can help to hold off the formation of fine lines and wrinkles. Ordinary tea and coffee can have a dehydrating effect on the skin so swapping to green tea is an excellent choice for your overall health and the health of your skin.
Regularly drinking green tea can help to improve the condition of your skin as it contains high levels of skin-friendly anti-oxidants.
Along with smoking the sun is possibly your skina€™s worst enemy and around 90% of skin damage is caused by overexposure to the suns harmful rays.
You dona€™t have to resort to painful and expensive cosmetic procedures to have beautiful looking skin as you age.
Naturally Skinsational shows you how you can look after your skin by using natural anti-aging remedies from products that can be found in your own kitchen or be sourced without costing you a fortune. With over 135 powerful skin recipes this eBook is a mine of information for anyone who wants to maintain healthy and glowing skin.
Apart from going to gym, jogging parks and following various nutritious diet charts, have you ever thought your hairstyle can make you look younger.
Right from ‘Anjaana Anjaani’to her upcoming movie ‘Geetanjali’, simple bangs go well with this Diva. She chopped her hair down from long hair to small curls with bob cut, which worked quite well with her entire look.
She has long hair with thick texture, but the best one is Long hair with beachy waves .This hair makeover makes you look younger and also portrays you as a matured women. Only curls on your long hair can be your alternate choice if you don’t want to make it straight and simple.
I actually get angry when I see a woman at this age claiming she doesn’t have to look good with the thought that she is passed that age where all you need is look gorgeous reason with ongoing trend every women has all the right too really fabulous irrespective of how old they are. At this age the best advice that I can you is to go in for short haircuts because they make you look much younger, they are less troubling when it comes to styling, they do not need too much products and above all they are very flattering and classy at the same time. If you have thick hair you can start having that smile on your face because here a really stylish and modern haircut that will come out really perfect on your thick hair. The behind layers are flipped outwards giving the style more of a shaggy appearance and more texture especially at the crown yet the front top is kept really smooth. Move up to the middle, but since this hair is thick you should adjust the heat level to medium so that even the middle section dries up perfectly. Be careful when ironing because with the front layers you have to curve hair inwards but when you move to the behind layers you have to iron while flipping the ends outwards. After applying conditioner you are recommended to leave it in for just a few minutes then rinse it out completely with clean water, to be sure rinse your hair twice or thrice.
The haircut is perfectly styled with a really good amount of texture and a very good amount of volume where by hair is not over falling down on to her head but then again it is not too volumised.
Besides loving her dark hair color and how healthy her hair looks i also love the way her layers are broken it really adds that trendy detail that her style needs to stand out even more beautifully. Even when we see only the side view of her look in this picture it is still not hard to tell how perfect the style is on her oval face shape because with all those layers curving upon her face there was surely no way they style would fail to frame her face to perfection. But as you move back into the style towards the crown, hair turns blonde then in the bottom it is again detailed with brown, this kind of color contrast is just too professional, I love every bit of it.
Endeavor to push or curve hair forward towards the face just like it was done in the image.
Make consultation from your female friend that have cut their hair before or make good research then you will be able to find someone who is good enough to trust your hair with. Just a good haircut will help is all you need to get you yourself that really stunning and trendy look. All the curls are styled away from her face so if you are not a fun of bangs this style will surely work for you. If you happen to have enough time you should let your hair air dry completely though it may take some time it is much safer and yields better results for naturally curly hair. As you sleep at night a lot of tossing and turning goes and the friction that is caused will cause your hair to break and make your curls lose their shape.
This bob haircut has the right amount of volume throughout and its length is nothing less than perfect with the bangs curving down to hug her neck. There is now way you will not turn heads with this look reason being it doesn’t only stop at being perfect for her face shape but it is also very modern and brings out such a sophisticated appearance. The woman who was teaching the class was in her 70s and had a face of someone in her late 40s.
Ita€™s really no different than working out at the health club and having some muscle soreness set in afterwards. After awhile, youa€™ll see that you can work in these exercises to your daily routine, such as while stopped at red lights, while waiting in the grocery store line, or in the elevator.
It has been said that a mana€™s face is the sum of all his struggles and wins over the obstacles he faced in life. The norm is to find an 80-year-old who takes 5 medications and is battling at least three different diseases. Bicycling may be easy on your joints but if youa€™re hunched over on the bike, your muscles will remember to be hunched over when youa€™re off the bike.
Youa€™ll need to start with a 6-week detox for the colon, followed by 6-weeks for the liver, kidney and blood. Schedule at least 2 sessions a week for the first three weeks, then drop down to once a week after that. They are usually exposed to household chemicals on a daily basis and theya€™re nearly always exposed to the elements.
Begin by soaking your hands in warm water for 5 minutes, you can add a drop of milk to the water if you like. After exfoliation you can apply hand cream, some people choose to apply a thick layer of hand cream at night and then cover their hands with a pair of very fine cotton gloves a€“ leaving them overnight to lock in and soak up the moisture thus increasing the anti aging effects. Also protect your hands from cold weather and strong wind by wearing gloves when out and about.
And at times it can feel like we are fighting a losing battle as the first signs of wrinkles appear and the face and body begin to sag. Moisturizer is not just for women and it is possible to buy or make your own moisturizers that are scented with more masculine fragrances.
It is a time of great change for women both physically and mentally and many, but not all, women experience some unpleasant side effects throughout the process.
Much has been written about the mood swings and hot flashes associated with the menopause but the skin changes that can occur at this time are less well known. Estrogen facilitates the production of collagen and the skins natural oils, as it diminishes the skin can become dry and itchy. And this can occur all over the body including the face, chest, back, knees, elbows, legs and even the genitals.
This barrier is vital for the skin if we want to keep it hydrated, moist and smooth looking.
You can simply wash the rest of your body with water or with a product specially formulated for very dry skin if you prefer.
Whata€™s more your moisturizer will be better able to penetrate the skin once any excess dead skin is removed.
Whata€™s more water helps to plump up your skin and keep it smooth looking a€“ a person who is dehydrated may have a pinched, dry or sallow looking complexion.
So what else can those who are over 40 do to improve the condition of their skin and hold off the dreaded wrinkles?
Choose a gentle cleanser to wash your face and a good moisturizer that suits your skin type. Some creams are just too heavy and will simply sit on top of the outer layer of your skin without penetrating it, these creams can leave your skin looking dull or puffy.
Making sure your body is adequately hydrated with water will help your skin to look smoother. Conditions like diabetes and high cholesterol are linked to diets that are high in sugars and unsaturated fats.
And while most over 40s dona€™t end up with technically gray skin many experience a a€?dullinga€™ of the skin. The colors that suited you in your 20s and 30s may not work for your skin tone once you are over 40. Hair that has become drier or thinner because of the aging process wona€™t look as good as it once did if kept long. Shoulder length, layered styles can be more flattering and less aging than close cut crops.
The eyebrows frame your face and neglecting them or over-plucking them can instantly age you.
First of all they can help you firm up problem areas like sagging jowls and drooping brows.
This has a positive effect on the tone of your skin and will help you to achieve that all-important glowing complexion that will help you stay looking youthful.
And as you can see from this article there is a lot you can do to improve and revitalize the tone and texture of your skin. None of us can hold off the years and one day the young people around you will reach the 50s too. We cannot turn back time so ita€™s important to be positive, embrace our age and take the necessary steps to keep skin over 50 looking good. The eyelids may become hooded and more wrinkled showing the effects of the breakdown of the skina€™s elasticity. This happens because the skin cannot regain its elasticity as easily in between periods or rapid weight loss or rapid weight gain.
This is because collagen and elastin weaken more so with age and are no longer able to support the skina€™s cells in the way they could when you were younger. You may notice the appearance of age spots, patches of skin where the cells produce pigment in the absence of the sun. Without exercise the body becomes stiff and inflexible and poor muscle tone affects the appearance of your skin aggravating skin slackness.
In addition to improving your overall health, exercise can also help to improve the appearance of your skin tone and revitalize your complexion.
Exercise makes us breathe more deeply giving the circulation a boost, which in turn facilitates the effective transportation of oxygen and vital nutrients to all parts of the body. Toned muscles are able to support the skin better giving your body a better and firmer looking appearance. Foundation shows up dry patches and flaking so choosing moisturizing make-up is a good alternative as it works on your skin whilst also making you look and feel better.
Make sure you are getting enough fiber by eating plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, brown rice and pasta and other whole grains. Try to get as much nutrition as you can from your diet but a vitamin supplement that contains Vitamins A, C and E can really provide a helpful boost for your skin. Vitamin C is also a powerful antioxidant helping to protect the skin from environmental damage and the aging process.
Looking good the natural way has never been easier thanks to the Naturally Skinsational eBook. There is still a great deal you can do for over 40 skin to ensure that you will look good for your age as the years continue to go by.
You may notice that your skin becomes thinner and drier as collagen levels and the production of elastin fibers decrease. Lymph drainage is the process that occurs when your body rids itself of toxins and during your 40s this process begins to slow down as the elastic fibers that support the lymph glands become less effective. Sebum acts as a protective layer and as this diminishes you become more prone to skin damage from environmental factors such as smoky environments or air pollution.
Many individuals realize that it is more important than ever to look after their health and their skin if they want to remain in the best shape they can as they age. There is much that can be done for over 40 skin naturally and by making a few simple lifestyle changes.
Good choices include strawberries, blueberries, cherries, prunes, spinach, tomatoes and beets.
Drinking 6 a€“ 8 glasses of water per day will keep your body and your skin adequately hydrated.
Avoid using products that are formulated for oily skin as these will now be too harsh and astringent and can dry your skin out even more. Choosing gentle products is the best way forward and try to use skincare moisturizers and cleansers that contain pure, natural ingredients. Whata€™s more green tea has been shown to help control the appetite and as weight gain can also be a part of the aging process it makes sense to enjoy green tea on a regular basis. Excessive sun bathing or sunbathing without using sunscreen in your 20s and 30s can really catch up with you in your 40s. Always wear a light sunscreen of around SPF 15 when you go outside even in the cooler months. Enter the salon at your age and come out looking younger and glamorous as it is always said a good hairstyle is a good makeup in itself. She never compromises on her hair volume because of her super thick texture .Bangs gives a soft look to an oval or a heart shaped face structure. Chopping all your hair needs a good confident human and if you are thinking to chop your hair short, Sonakshi can be a perfect inspiration for you. If you want to lock this hairstyle for yourself this season, do not give it a second thought. Although braid hairstyle is a new trend and followed by almost all the B- town celebs, I found Shilpa Shetty has the best face for this hairstyle. There are many hairstyles which make her look beautiful, but shoulder length straight hair makes her look cute and beautiful.
Gently brush through the hair to remove any tangles and evenly distribute the product through your hair. Adjust the blow dryer to low heat again when you get the top and dry hair while slightly pushing it towards your face. Your naturally curly hair has its own natural volume and beautiful texture so you will only need to go in with right amount of products to give yourself a totally breathtaking appearance. Like I have always said cutting your curls short is a shorter route to making your hair a lot easier to manage. She is spread down to her face with a very slight part away from the middle, the bangs nearest to her face are cut shorter than the rest of her hair. You can make a homemade exfoliator easily, simply by combining sea salt or sugar with water. So make sure that if you are coloring your hair that you choose a shade that flatters your new skin tone. This causes wrinkles and also leads to lack of tone and common problems like a sagging jaw line. For a new hairstyle it is important to know your facial structure and hair texture .There are many inspirations from Bollywood who know it well how to wear their hairstyle with their growing age. This style is bliss if you have a broad forehead, which manages to feature your eyes rather than your broad forehead.
Take care that the length should be just at the collar bone and not an inch longer, to avoid the hair from kicking out at the shoulder. I don’t know about the rest, but personally I feel this look has increased the quotient of hotness in her (if you ignore her lip job ) ? . Braid hairstyle can be carried with ease from your urban attire to a cool chic one giving you a soft, traditional and stylish look. Just take some time to immense yourself in our website and we hope you will find the perfect hair style for yourself.
If you don’t want to leave it open then you can take all your hair and tie a pony tail or a half ponytail.

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