One of the primary reasons why people are overweight is because they are using food as a replacement for another need that isn’t being met in their lives. According to Mary Pritchard, a psychology professor at Boise State University, emotional eating usually falls into two categories of coping: avoidance or emotion-focused. Someone is using food to avoid having to feel painful emotions or deal with stressful situations that are hovering about them.
In emotion-focused coping, someone is simply using food to feel better about themselves in some way. How many times have you seen someone heartbroken in the movies diving into a huge bucket of triple chocolate ice cream?
Sugar might not be as addictive as street drugs like heroin, but according to WebMD, it can mess with your brain in many of the same ways. Being able to control your cravings is an essential component of knowing how to lose 10kg in 2 weeks. Our tips and strategies will help you fight off strong temptations, find healthy alternatives, and ultimately achieve your weight loss goals by establishing healthier eating patterns. Dieting can be another roller coaster that can lead to fast weight loss… and then fast rebound weight coming back on! In knowing how to lose 10kg in 2 weeks, you’ve got to realize that something needs to change in your life in order to make that weight loss a reality. That ultimately depends on the person, what their dietary needs are, and what their ultimate health goals happen to be. What is unique about the diet, however, is that the emphasis is more on the mental aspects of a diet than the physical foods that are consumed.
We examine the complexity of this diet here on this site and look at whether the mentoring structure really is a better structure of weight loss if you’re wondering how to lose 10kg in 2 weeks.
Rather than adopting a diet, some people have looked toward a new way of eating in order to achieve their weight loss goals.
In knowing how to lose 10kg in 2 weeks using intermittent fasting, you’ve got to know your body. Find healthy alternatives that will satisfy those cravings for unhealthy foods so that you can lose weight fast. When you can consistently make eating choices that incorporate the elements of a healthy eating plan, then you’ve got the tools that you need for healthy weight management.
That means it may be necessary to strengthen your mind before you work on strengthening your body. If you choose unhealthy options consistently and struggle with the guilt that is sometimes associated with the outcomes of such a choice, then you’ll enjoy our advice about how an emphasis on weight loss psychology can give you an advantage in your upcoming journey to achieve your weight loss goals. Intermittent Fasting, which is a lifestyle eating choice also known as IF, in simple terms is the conscious choice to skip meals during a specific period of time. Many people see IF as a way of just eliminating calories by eliminating meals, but it is much more than that. In the 5:2 IF method, men generally restrict themselves to about 600 calories on their fasting days and women restrict themselves to about 500 calories.
Intermittent fasting can also mean choosing to eat foods during a specific time during the day, avoiding the three hours or so before bedtime.
Not everyone can restrict themselves to 600 calories per day, like in the 5:2 version of IF.
Unlike real fasting that allows for the intake of just water, IF doesn’t actually shut down your digestive system. As a bonus, because you’re choosing to restrict calories in some form during the day, IF can actually end up saving you some money. The primary fear that people have when considering intermittent fasting is that they will be hungry all the time. This is because their body is literally rearranging itself to accept the fact that food isn’t coming in!
Once that occurs in the first 48 hours, most people who are fasting don’t feel hungry at all.
Studies have shown that animals can live up to 33% longer when they reduce their calorie intake on an average daily basis between 30% to 40%. Even if IF doesn’t help people live longer, studies have shown that people who do practice intermittent fasting can enjoy a healthier overall life that is more disease resistant.
Whether you decide to try the 5:2 method, the 24 hour fasting method, or another version of intermittent fasting to meet your health goals, the important part of this journey is to take the first step. A lot of buzzes appeared lately on reddit pages, rumors that two-thirds of american adults are overweight or obese, made big waves and people got involved due to high interest in intermittent fasting.
Recent Comments RSS FeedIntermittent Fasting                Intermittent Fasting Benefits, Tips: Does It Work? I wanted to say a big thank you to the Lose Baby Weight team and I wanted to share my post pregnancy weight loss story.
I have struggled with my weight since high school, and before becoming pregnant my weight was 82kg, a few kgs above the normal range for my height.
When my baby was 3 months old I was back to 90kgs and then I started putting on weight and knew that I HAD to do something about my weight before it spiralled out of control.
Every day I am so devastated that he is missing out on seeing me and my sisters grow up and he has missed out on my engagement and more upsetting, missed out on meeting my daughter, his first grandchild. After ‘liking’ the Lose Baby Weight Facebook page I went over to the website and read the amazing stories of mums just like me.

I started the plan at 92.5kgs and set my goal of 78kg, the lightest I had been since high school. 6 weeks later and I have dropped between 300g and 1kg every week and lost a total of 25.5cm and I am back to my pre-baby weight of 82kg, and I will definitely be at my goal by our wedding in March (and I can’t wait to see how much the size 18 dress I had to order will need to be taken in)!
Thank you LBW for providing plans and advice that are not a short-cut, fad diet, but are a long term, sustainable, sensible and healthy option for mums.
If you are ready to lose weight then the Lose Baby Weight plans offer a healthy and safe exercise and diet routine. Kate im currently 32 weeks pregnant, and i started at the same weight as you, and i’m heading for 102kg too (97kg atm), im due Jan 2013, and then my fiance and me are getting married 12months later (so the weight needs to go)!!! I would make every excuse not to play with my kids and would let emotional eating and drinking take over my life. I have recommended Lose Baby Weight to so many of my friends because the plans are so easy to follow. If you are interested to find out more about our recipes on the 28 Day Challenge you can click here to get yourself a FREE lunch recipe sampler. Mums lose an average of 4-6kg (8-13 pounds) on our 28 Day Challenge and below are some of the amazing results from mums JUST LIKE YOU who are already using the 28 Day Challenge and losing tummy fat – make the change and join them today too! Angela says “The team at Lose Baby Weight and The Healthy Mummy just make it all so easy to follow and customisable so I can make it work for what suits me and my family best. I also made sure I went for a walk with my baby boy every day, not only did I enjoy our walk and enjoy the scenery I was getting a great exercise workout in and on holidays!!
Now I am back home and back on track I know this next fortnight I will be able to knock some numbers off my scale! I discovered Lose Baby Weight after I saw a fellow Mummy loose a huge amount of weight with LBW and she looked amazing!
Plus our NEW CALORIE BIBLE is now available – get your copy today! Only $19.95 and a must have in your handbag! After you have given birth to your baby it is important to listen to your body and give yourself time to recover. Hi Lose Baby Weight, I’ve lost over 10kg in 4mths and 2 dress sizes using The Healthy Mummy Smoothies and 28 Day Diet & Exercise Plan I feel fabulous!!
Hi Lose Baby Weight, I just wanted to share a really yummy healthy mummy smoothie recipe I discovered this week and can’t get enough of… I call it Rhubarb Crumble! A It won’t happen overnight – but using the the Healthy Mummy plans, tips and advice – it will definitely happen!
Obesity rates are skyrocketing to the point where nearly 1 in 3 people in many countries is considered to be obese. Many times a diet can actually cause someone to gain more weight simply because they cause people to deprive their bodies of needed resources! We look at the pros and cons of the vegetarian diet here on this site so that you can make the determination as to whether or not this lifestyle change is right for you. Dukan recognized that many people struggle with dieting to reach their true weight because there was no mentoring involved. Is it an effective program because it works more on the psychology of the choices being made rather than improving daily eating choices only?
With intermittent fasting, you have a number of ways to change the way you eat so that your body can better utilize the food you consume as fuel. It is true that when you fast for a short period of time, your body wants to make up for the calories that you’ve decided not to give it.
Join our discussion on what your body is really saying when you’re craving those fatty fast foods. Enemas help to cleanse the colon and remove stuck food particles that could be preventing nutrient absorption. When an unhealthy eating choice presents itself and becomes tempting, you’ve got to be mentally strong enough to find the escape route toward a healthier, more positive eating choice! This individualized nature of humanity makes it difficult to know how to lose 10kg in 2 weeks for each person specifically! IF can take many forms, from reducing meals from 3 to 2 every day, by picking a day or two where no meals or food are eaten whatsoever, or even by picking a specific time every day to eat and that is the only time that you eat. When your body is fasting through a meal when you are hungry, the resources that it needs are more likely to be taken from your stored fat reserves than from blood glucose. This would mean having two scrambled eggs with some ham and black coffee for breakfast and some grilled fish and vegetables for dinner. On the other hand, not everyone can go for 24 hours without food because of special health needs. Fewer calories mean less of a need for food and at a time of rising food prices, that’s savings that can add up quickly. The don’t, in fact, feel hungry again until their body actually needs to generate glucose! That means if you can live without up to 40% of the foods you are eating right now, not only could you easily lose 10kg in 2 weeks, but you could be extending your life! Consult with your doctor, try them out for yourself, and see how fast you could lose 10kg and keep it off! In May 2011 my dad passed away after being in and out of hospital for 7 years with major health issues stemming from his weight. I wanted to make sure that I can be healthy and will be here for my baby as she grows up, and any other siblings she may have in the future.

My fiance was 100% supportive and encouraged me to order the healthy mummy smoothies and 28 day plan straight away. After dropping 4kgs in the first week I revisited my goal and set it for 75kg, which will put me in the healthy weight range, something that had not felt achievable before.
It wasn’t just the weight benefits of the plan… my energy increased, we were eating new and different things, my skin improved and my favourite thing, there were less dishes to wash up after making the recipes on the plan! Since finishing the 28 day plan I have the confidence and feel like I have the tools to manage my eating and exercise.
Enjoy the first few weeks with your baby and then make sure you take the time for you feel free to add me to Facebook and i would be happy to chat anything babies, weddings or weight loss. I started the Lose Baby Weight plans when my son was 3 months old and have continued to breastfeeding.
Do you have any advice to share with other Healthy Mummies on how to lose their pregnancy weight?
For some, the solution to this problem has been to adopt a lifestyle change to their diet instead of trying one of the many popular diets in the marketplace.
Because there was no accountability, it was easy for people to go back to their old ways of eating! Our strategies to help you incorporate these healthy eating elements will help you win the other half of the battle and keep that weight off for good!
For the other two days, you’re “weekend” if you will, you would then severely restrict your caloric intake for those days.
Do you think you could eat that way for two days per week and then eat a nutritionally balanced diet the other 5 days of the week?
What matters is that you choose the version of intermittent fast that works with your specific health needs.
This allows you to keep your energy levels up, your metabolism going, and not feel fatigued during the IF process! Combine that savings with a slimmer waistline and you’ve got a combination that many people are finding is the perfect combination for weight loss! When you feel that way, it is difficult to get your work done, clean the house, or take care of your kids.
It encourages your metabolism to stay high and to pull from the stored resources of your body to make that happen.
I had to find a way to do this but knew that heading back to the gym 5 times a week like I did before was probably not an option. We cankeep each other motivated as our big days approach its really nice to have found a site with people going through the same things as me and be so supportive even though I dont know them! I got to 96kg before starting LBW and am now 88kg and can’t wait to get to my goal weight of 65kg!!!
I took my Healthy Mummy smoothie mix with me so I could still have my smoothies every morning for breakfast. I am a much better role model for my boys as we eat healthy and they can see me exercising.
Don’t stress about it, you’ve just had a baby – your focus should be on enjoying your beautiful little creation! And remember this week, all orders over $75 will receive a FREE pedometer and My Child magazine.
If you’re looking to lose weight and want to do it quickly, it is possible to lose that extra 10kg in 2 weeks.
What if there was a way to listen to what your body is telling you AND provide it with a healthy, satisfying alternative? What we are saying is that the best way to manage your weight is to develop a healthy eating plan. What makes IF unique is that it takes on many forms that can adapt to the individual needs of the person who is trying to lose 10kg in 2 weeks. As with any dietary lifestyle change, you will also want to consult with your doctor to discuss what your options may be in regards to your health. In doing so, you’ll be able to keep up with your workout routine, have the energy for the kids, and still have leftover energy to do the things you love too!
That is the beauty of the Healthy Mummy plans – no wasted time counting calories, just chuck all the yummy things into the blender and whizz them up!
Knowing how many calories that you’re eating each day is an important component of being able to lose 10kg in 2 weeks. You really can make consistent, positive eating choices when the right tools are in your toolbox! These cravings are similar in many ways to the cravings someone experiences when withdrawing from the use of common street drugs!
Without sweets, your mouth can go dry, your palms can get cold and […]Enema: The thing that kickstarts your weight lossIs an Enema a Good Thing To Get For Weight Loss?
The idea of paying someone to stick something into your colon when stuff should be coming out of your colon doesn’t usually bring a smile to one’s face! Yet, when pursuing a goal to lose 10kg […]Lose 10kg in 2 Weeks – Is This the Best Approach?How To Lose 10kg in 2 Weeks – Is This the Best Approach?

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