There are many reasons for obesity like stress, high toxicity, consuming large quantities of food, lack of physical activity, genetics, medical reasons, or psychiatric illness, insufficient sleep, increase use of medication, low basal metabolism and so many. Perfect diet plan with yoga definitely gives good result for those who are looking for weight loss. You can start drinking one glass of Dudhi  (bottle gourd) juice in the morning  and yoga exercises for 1 month and see the miracle.

Keep in mind that tensions and worries are directly related to stomach means indigestion and constipation.
Study your body first and consult your doctor before practicing yoga to find the main cause. I want to losse my 5kg weight and I tried to weight loss last 2 years but no success I tried dieting , walking , exercise etc but noy succesed .

But only regular practice, dedication and proper eating habits will help you to achieve your target.

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    Diet and medication, niacin supplements may have adverse effects.