Foods like apples, oranges, berries, bananas, carrots, and pepper strips are great snack choices. The pitter patter of little feet approaches and a would be mother is given the most wonderful gift of her lifetime – A healthy baby!!!!!!
Being busy and having too little time is often cited as the reason to not exercise and most often women don’t end up losing the last 10 kgs that they gained during pregnancy .I have also battled the same demons but after clearance from my doctor I embarked on a planned nutrition and exercise regimen which helped me shed the pounds.
A feeding mother burns 500 calories every day during feeding and we have been indoctrinated to consume more food for energy but eating heavy food is detrimental to your health. Exercise may be started after the go-ahead from your doctor .You may not have the time to attend a gym but you can purchase a dvd or watch any video’s on YouTube.

You can follow these tips and remember you can tweak any exercise and diet plans to suit you. Soon a mother is involved in looking after the baby and more often than not health, exercise and nutrition gets pushed to the back burner.
Also, the 500 calories should be consumed in fiber rich and green leafy foods rather than sweets. Desi dieter has sample weight loss plans which a good place to start and it caters to the Indian segment.
Befit Chanel on you tube has many exercise programs broken up into 10 minute segments and everyone can spare 10 minutes.

Invest in Dumbbells – A cardio plus strength training program is the best way to lose weight. Spark people can be used as a food diary and has forums and recipes to help you stick to your healthy eating lifestyle.

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