A few weeks ago I started out on a quest to get ripped … or at least a whole lot closer.
Since I wanted to give this cardio program a fair shot I decided that I needed to make sure that I was fair to the writer. In my last post I outlined a VERY effective formula to figuring out how many calories you should eat per day. This is the calorie formula that I am following right now and the results have been very good.
In order to know just how many calories YOUR body needs to maintain, you need to identify your basal metabolic rate, or BMR. Depending upon what kind of shape you are in you may have noticed that your BMR is quite low.
In order to combat this eating lifestyle, the average male would need to burn about 1,000 calories on top of his BMR each day just to maintain. Instead of trying to out-exercise a poor diet, it is MUCH more efficient, and healthy, to get your diet in order first. If you are like me, and probably a ton of other people out there, and really don’t like counting every calorie you eat, I strongly recommend the lifestyle diet of Eat Stop Eat. If you’re ready to jump in and and start tracking your calories there are a few things to remember. I personally find that a low calorie, low carb, high protein and high fat diet works great. Just from the last few weeks I can already guesstimate (quite accurately) how many calories are in most meals. This is just my experience, for what it’s worth, but I have repeatedly found that my fat loss is most effective when I track my calories.
That said, I do find that I get pretty good at guestimating my calories once I’ve been tracking for a couple of weeks (and I appreciate that all forms of counting are actually guestimates!). I think the key, as with most things, is not to get hung up on it, or become dependent on it for success. I’m at a point now where I am back to briefly looking at how many calories are in my meals.

Kevin, I try to keep track of my calories at least once a month, usually for the first five days of the month to make sure that I’m staying on target with my goals. I needed to MAKE SURE that I was eating within the recommend boundaries for a good weigh loss strategy. To be honest, I have lost plenty of weight in the past eating loosely, drinking beer and NOT counting calories just by following the Eat Stop Eat protocol.
In order to make this happen I needed to figure out the right amount of calories that I should eat to make my weight loss as effective as possible.
In order to lose weight counting calories you have to know how many calories you consume on a normal day.
You could stick to eating at your BMR and then exercise to lose any additional weight … not a horrible plan, but neither is it an extremely efficient plan. This approach is much easier to sustain over the long haul since you are not as worried about how many calories you eat each day.
Now you know how to lose weight counting calories but you still need to make sure that you eat wholesome and nutritious foods since you are going to be eating a lot less.
We all have to be careful that calorie counting doesn’t become a crutch for us to lean on to ensure that we eat the right amounts of foods at the right time!
What I found is that I was actually eating too little … I guess I was a little over-zealous.
It was only through tracking what I was eating and the activities I was doing – did the weight start to come off! In the first time trial of each type, the subjects started at a relatively low power output level and sustained that level throughout most of the task, then drastically increased their power at the end of the task, indicating a conservative initial approach to pacing.
As with all of the workouts that I recommend on my site, I like to know if they actually work BEFORE I recommend them.
Now that you have your BMR we can talk about how counting calories can help to lose weight.
If you’re doing just cardio, that would be almost 2 hours EACH day … far too much time on the treadmill for me!
At this height and age, depending upon muscle base, a healthy weight could be anywhere from 160 – 170 pounds.

Limiting the calories is good … limiting your vitamins and other healthy nutrients is not so good. Stick to this plan for a few weeks, maybe longer, and soon you’ll be able to do this in your sleep. I could not have achieved the results I have without either one of those, but in the end I could lose weight without doing cardio … but probably not without eating right. The subjects appeared to deal with the unfamiliarity of the tasks and their uncertainty regarding the maximum pace they could sustain in them by erring on the side of caution.
I have been following this new program for almost three weeks now as my personal review of Visual Impact Cardio to see if it works. So instead of eating 500 calories below BMR, this guy could eat 1,600 calories per day (according to the formula below) and exercise for the additional fat loss. Unless you are on a deadline or trying to prepare for a vacation or other event, I suggest just counting calories for a couple weeks. Only when the subjects were close to completing the tasks and certain that they had enough reserve capacity to complete them at a higher effort level without bad consequences did they open up the throttle and sprint to the finish. But having learned from these experiences, in each subsequent time trial of each type the subjects started at incrementally higher initial effort levels, and thus their overall performance improved.
On average, their performance improved by 6 percent over three time trials and by 10 percent over six trials. Foster was able to determine that these improvements were due entirely to better pacing and not to any training effect or to improved fitness. The RPE data demonstrated that the subjects were learning specifically to feel their way toward their physiological performance limits.
In the early time trials, ratings of perceived exertion (or how hard exercise feels) started low, increased slowly, and peaked at a moderate level compared to later time trials. The subjects allowed themselves to suffer more as they gained familiarity with the tasks and figured out how to maximize their performance by guiding their work output level by perceived exertion.What is the best exercise to lose weight fast at home?

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