Radio drama for the film "fertilizers happy event" and fattening performance Myolie Wu, from the cable surge in women during weight 110 pounds to 152 pounds, bulging body becomes a printing of thermal explosion words.
Myolie Wu's own experiences to the many physical beauty of the obese girls hit a shot in the arm, the original speed of thin is not a myth. According to the Hong Kong entertainment media, such as inflatable Myolie who is able to freely control the weight of a camel, there is adequate guidance, gave her a top speed of an absolute and effective weight-loss menu so fat diet apricot in extremely cruel conditions Under the "hungry" a curve. Editor Comments: eat so little, a very fat apricot love food too painful do not starve to death.
Since participating "fertilizers happy event", the appetite Myolie Wu has been very good, with the story needs, fertilizer is cynical to enjoy the almond meal. Specific methods: full-fat high-calcium yogurt, red wine, can increase the metabolic rate is conducive to burning fat.

Slimming principle: the proportion of breast milk yogurt composition and close, plus lactose, and calcium is readily absorbed, and the protein produced by the fermentation of short-chain amino acids, can enhance the metabolic rate. The metabolism of slow sleep, body temperature is low, yogurt and wine, can heat and accelerate the metabolism, while sleeping side can consume the body fat to achieve weight-loss effect. TIPS: 1 package yogurt with 100g as a unit, less sugar in the 5g, 25g or more of lipids in that yogurt can be used to lose weight, waist and hips in favor burning fat.
Filming later, just three weeks, even a successful lean fat apricot under 20 pounds, once again become a public focus. Myolie Wu devil look thin Raiders, to their month-speed lean time for the perfect body to prepare. Fat apricot tells us that speed is not just a weight-loss menu can do it, but also need to meet a range of support slimming treatment.

And other companies asked her to lose weight, fat apricot considerable appetite, how could all of a sudden dieting? So, slimming added specifically to her before going to bed assisted meal, and will not let her hungry too uncomfortable.

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