Karen L Excited to say that the scales this morning read 78kg = a loss of 4.6kg on the month. Karen L Trying this one (again!) after putting on a ridiculous amount of weight over the summer.
Karen L So, I always hate to quit a challenge but I have been losing weight in a slow & steady way for the last 6 months and never came even within a whisker of 10lbs in one month!
Take a saucepan and put coconut oil, honey, cardamom powder, cinnamon powder and lemon juice. We all know that coffee contains an ingredient named caffeine which is very good for metabolism and it can increase the power of metabolism. Starting point a very depressing 177.25lb ,,,, not to mention all the clothes that are too tight etc etc.

If any of these were garunteed or legit quick fix every doctor would be telling you to do it. Coconut oil is very healthy to increase the power of metabolism and can lose your extra weight. No alcohol (empty calories !) or sugary drinks (you know the drill) Add 1 hour of mixed training, 6 days a week and see what you can do !! Coconut oil is enriched with triglycerides which create healthy carbohydrate in body which helps to reduce weight.
You can Prevent Type 2 diabetic, liver cancer, kidney stone, skin problem etc by drinking a cup of black coffee daily in morning in empty stomach in the morning daily. Cinnamon and cardamom are also very important for losing weight and can reduce weight easily.

But if I say you that this black coffee can make you more slim and lose extra weight then what you will do?
I normally add a dark chocolate instead of chocolate powder because the benefits of dark chocolate can be added also in this amazing coffee.
There are 7 ingredients which can add a better taste in your bitter black coffee and can make you look slim.

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