You've seen the fantastic results achieved by some of our members, like Biggest Loser winner, Wil Graham.
This year's Biggest Loser contestants relied on The Biggest Loser Club to track their calorie intake, exercise and overall energy balance. The Biggest Loser puts extremely overweight people through an intense diet and exercise regimen to see who can shed the most pounds by the end of the show's run.
Benson isn't an anomaly -- almost every Biggest Loser winner has gained back a chunk of the weight he or she lost on the show. Once the show is over, they go back to their normal 9-to-5 lives, which typically do not include controlled diet and exercise. Even if you only have a few pounds to shed, The Biggest Loser Club can help you be the weight you’ve always wanted to be. Trainer Richard Callender explains how The Club can help you lose weight from home and achieve your healthy dreams, for less than ?2.50 a week.

It may not display this or other websites correctly.You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Everyone's bodies have metabolism so that respond differently according to their lifestyle. The first few episodes look like a bunch of circus bears doing jumping jacks, but gradually the contestants lose extra weight like car keys on a roller coaster.
Benson's current weight is around 300 pounds, which is just 30 pounds less than what he weighed at the start of The Biggest Loser.
For instance, first season winner Ryan Benson lost a total of 130 pounds, which is roughly the equivalent of two Goonies (excluding Sloth and Chunk). They aren't doing anything except training, under constant supervision, for however many weeks production lasts. A recent study showed that the grueling way exercise is portrayed on The Biggest Loser actively discourages viewers from wanting to participate.

Once the show was over, however, Chopin bounced (ahem) right back up to 370 pounds like he got stung by Earth's mightiest bee.
Basically, overweight people watching the show see other overweight people crying, throwing up, and passing out during their exercise sessions while all of the thin personal trainers just yell and berate them. The end result may be inspirational, but The Biggest Loser seems to go out of its way to make the actual process of weight loss seem like thankless fucking misery.

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