Celebrity diet: Julia Roberts' diet for Weight Loss Does Julia Roberts have only a healthy silhouette?
The method followed by Julia Roberts, is the GI Diet of the Canadian dietician Rick Gallop. The actress recommends to avoid food that dirties your teeth: tobacco, red wine and Coke, and use toothpaste from pharmacy that helps you to white them daily. The glycemic index (GI) - the latest buzz in health - measures how quickly carbohydrates affect our blood sugar levels. Catherine Proctor is a writer and editor specialising in health books, and runs her own cookery school. Julia Roberts reveals us that she follows the GI diet (glycemic Index) to remove years and try to ensure the eternal youth.

It provides a great sensation of wellness, and the union of the exercise with the sun helps to prevent osteoporosis.
If you have yellow teeth, avoid use an orange, gold and bronze that highlight your colour tone teeth. Foods that have a low GI are digested more slowly by our bodies, keeping our blood sugar levels more stable, which is good news for weight loss and health and energy levels. Sea air brings many minerals such as iodine, very important for an optimum level of thyroid hormone in blood. If you don't take care of your teeth, apply a natural bar and highlight the makeup in the eyes to bring the attention to the eye. Julia accessorized with a brown python skin clutch and Ray-Ban aviator sunglasses ($ 129).

Walk along the sand also helps moisturize the skin, and help to avoid formation of varicose veins.
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