There are two ways to make your thighs or any body part larger, but only one of them can be controlled, relatively speaking. It is broken down by section headlines and thought bites.  The headlines tell you what the section is about and the Thought Bites provide you with the important insights.
It is totally free, All I ask is this: Use the knowledge you gain from it, to help those around you to lose weight. Thought bite: You want your brain to help and work with you, rather than rebel and work against you. What book would you recommend for someone who wants to learn the fundamentals of good grammar and style?

I wrote a detailed analysis on the fastest ways to achieve your weight loss goals.  Instead of jumping right into what you need to do, it first tells you the background.
Your body will begin to store excess calories as fat and that fat will, depending on your genetics, begin to accumulate in various parts of your body, including your thighs. How fat grows, the most powerful aspect of being able to lose.  I decided to put it up for everyone for Free.
So people who like to bike don't worry if you think they are getting more fat they are just getting more muscly.
I believe in good karma and I’m sure reading it will provide you with tools you need to win your weight loss battle and help others do the same.

Unlike the first method, exercise allows you to target a particular body part in order to increase its size. In addition, the increased size you experience from exercise is caused by the creation of more muscle tissue, rather than fat.
As your body adapts to the exercise it will begin creating new muscle fibers to help with the work.

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