After having my children, I wanted to lose the pregnancy weight gain and I started meeting with friends and going walking. I was also breastfeeding and was pleased that the smoothies were fortified with plenty of breastmilk promoting ingredients and they were gluten and dairy free and that their weight loss program was a healthy and safe way to lose weight if you were breastfeeding. When my youngest was 5 months old that a friend asked me if I wanted to train for a half marathon with her which was 9 months away.
Thanks Healthy Mummy for giving me the head start to weight loss I needed, the confidence to get out there and get active and the safety of knowing I could still breastfeed my baby – thank you for a brilliant weight loss program.

Although losing weight is a challenge in its own, there are some basic rules that always apply. Best of all, it comprises 4 common ingredients – eggs, apples, oats and plenty of green tea.
Here we are going to share 3 Simple Weight loss Tips that you can perform at home to lose weight, I can speak this is one of the finest plus trouble-free weight loss technique.
The healthy ingredients in this diet will help you lose weight while supplying your body with the essential nutrients.

I’ve run 4 half marathons, a full marathon and I am 6 months away from my first ULTRA MARATHON!
I favor fresh amla compared to bottled market advertising products as they have preservatives.

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    Day 4 (surprisingly) such as vitamins A, E, K and D as nicely as calories comes from healthier protein.