The Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method is a medically designed protocol containing 2 key components – sensible weight loss and sustainable, stable weight maintenance. The 4-phase protocol helps stabilize the pancreas and blood sugar levels with a structured meal and lifestyle program, while burning fat and supporting lean muscle tissue. An overproduction of insulin also leads to hypoglycemia or low glycemia, which in turn induces constant sugar cravings and weight gain. The Ideal Protein protocol will give your pancreas a well-deserved break by limiting simple and complex carbs until your weight loss goal is achieved. Our protocol restricts sugars (simple and complex) until 100% of your weight loss goal is achieved…why?
How do we get the body to burn its fat reserves and not its muscle mass reserves if both are depleted simultaneously? Secondly, our dieters use our nutrient-rich supplements such as Natura Multi-Vita, Natura Calcium & Magnesium and Natura Potassium, key ingredients in muscle building and electrolytes. Before you start the protocol, either the night before or that same morning, write yourself a little letter explaining the reason why you are taking this life changing decision. Water will hydrate your muscles, keep you constantly satisfied and help you burn the fat that you want to lose.
Eating 4 cups of vegetables is VERY IMPORTANT because it will help your bowel movements and keep you full after the big meals (lunch and dinner).
Our information is copyrighted and it was created for those following the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method.
The Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method is a doctor derived protocol, developed and refined over 20 years. After losing your excess pounds, you’ll have learned how many calories you burn in an average day, what food combinations to avoid and how to avoid weight gain while still enjoying the foods you love.

Dieters often fail to achieve weight loss goals due to inflexible food programs that lack variety, flavour and take too long to prepare.
Our protocol has evolved for over 20 years, but was originally developed over 2 decades ago by Dr.
Tran Tien, “The cause of most weight issues in a modern society is insulin dysfunction.
Insulin’s primary function is to regulate blood sugar levels however it is also the hormone that facilitates the transport of fat (triglycerides) into the fat cells.
The body stores approximately three days worth of carbohydrates, therefore, the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method has a beginning and an end. These supplements replace those normally found in foods restricted on the Ideal Protein protocol. Get some reinforcements on what to do and some information that you might need to know about Phase 1 in this tip of the week! Following the Ideal Protein Protocol will help you discover new flavor combinations for your vegetables and meat by just adding spices or herbs. If you ever experience slower bowel movements, opt for a full cup of greens every day or talk to your coach about our Novi Lax.
Our medically developed diet program focuses on weight loss, followed by a smarter eating education to support better lifestyle changes. Ideal Protein’s food program has evolved over 2 decades and includes a wide variety of easy to prepare salty, sweet and spicy options.
All rights reserved - Because Ideal Protein is a personalized weight loss protocol, individual results will vary.
Tran Tien Chanh who focused his career and research on nutrition with a particular emphasis on the treatment of obesity and obesity related issues.

First from it’s simple and complex carbohydrate reserves and when depleted, turns simultaneously to its protein and fat reserves for energy. The quality of protein used in diet products has an impact on effective protein absorption…the lower the quality, the lower the absorption.
Why are you trying to lose the weight and what have you tried so far that did not help you? And always remember to check your Phase 1 sheet for the options of meat you have available. Some of our products are actually ready to serve, making them super convenient when you’re “on the go”. A person not in need of weight loss typically has approximately 1-2% of their body’s reserves from carbs, approximately 19% from their muscle mass and 79% of their body reserves from fat.
If protein absorption is low, you will not be able to protect your muscle mass and thus you will burn muscle along with fat.
Therefore, the core principle of the Ideal Protein Protocol is to deplete the glycogen (carbohydrate) reserves completely, in order to compel the body into consuming its fat reserve to burn calories.
If you lose muscle while dieting, you will impair your ability to burn calories post-diet, as your body uses muscle mass to burn calories.

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