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Known as a good herbal medicine of weight reduction from ancient times to present in China. Japan's strict and reliable inspections have made the food and products reach the world's top level in the food safety. This is the FDA Source link, the problem is that many did buy these Japanese weight loss pills and many are confused which to follow, so much contradictions.
50 years ago, this ingredients was widely used as a diet supplement in the US, mostly found in, over the counter laxatives.

Last point, no body would come knock on your door, telling you what’s right or wrong. At that time many noticed it’s impact on the human metabolic rate and direct effect on weight loss. Although Phen375 is sky rocketing when it comes to it’s popularity among reputable fat burners on the market. You really have to search for the facts by yourself to avoid getting scammed or damage your health.
Many just use the blue type and stick by this name “Japan blue pills”. What made it more worse that there are Chinese diet pills under the same name and much cheap. However, my major trouble was not just with the side-effects that you get once you start using it.

Subsequently though, when more research had actually been carried out on the effects of the ingredient, the Food and Drug Administration drastically changed it as a banned ingredient and not to be used in any purpose! The crisis was with it’s vagueness in the ingredients. Not only is it unethical not saying that this pill contains Phenolphthalein but it dangerous as this is a precancerous agent! However, don’t expect much if you are not planning to change your lifestyle and type of food you eat. I wouldn’t find it a success losing weight today regaining it next month after stopping the fat burner.

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