I have the Hamilton Beach Big Mouth Juicer and it’s pretty easy to clean except the strainer.
I think I will start putting a plastic grocery bag in the pulp container to save on cleanup. A juicer works by separating the fibre and the juice contained in fruits and vegetables, maximizing digestion by separating the two manually.
It’s best to prepare by eating mostly raw veggies and fruits the week before you start juicing.
Each plan will have a shopping list for you, make sure you get the basics that are on the list.

When you start juicing it’s okay to take Tylenol or Ibuprofen for headaches during the first few days. It’s also best to eat only raw fruits and veggies the few days before you start juicing.
Does anyone have a solution for the silly air vent on the back side of it where pulp flies out? It’s an excellent price, super easy to clean, and works perfectly for juicing just about all veggies and fruits. So it’s best if you can start at a time where you can be at home and away from the draws of fast food.

How long should I wait for example between morning until lunch, and have that between juice “Jolt Juice”?

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