It is a fact of the modern lifestyle now that much of our diet is not as good as it could be.
It is generally considered that we should be eating at least five items of fruit and vegetables in our diet per day, but this is not always that easy. There is a lot of talk around lately about the effectiveness of different supplements that are on the market at present.
I like to keep myself fit and train in martial arts three times a week, so nutrition is very important to me, but also holding down a full time job I often do not get the time to eat as well as I should, so I started to take Juice PLUS as I felt that I was sometimes missing out on eating enough fruit and vegetables and as I was one of the older guys training, I wanted to be able recover from my training better. There are hundreds of combinations so either choose your favourites or experiment you never know you may invent a new juice. There can be times when our meals are rushed and we have to go for a convenient option, this is not good as it means we are not getting all the nutrients that are vital for our bodies to stay fit and healthy. Well, Juice PLUS is made from the purest ingredients, that are juiced and then go through a drying process.
You should not attempt this for more than 3 days because you are not eating any solid food.

As before, if you are not able to cope with the side effects then you should stop immediately and observe the wind-up regime before embarking on normal eating.
The juice PLUS supplements are based on the principle of whole food with fresh fruit and vegetables reduced to a nutrition dense powder form.
So you are getting the benefits of adding healthy fruits and vegetables to your diet and nothing else.
Can cause constipation so be sure to take PsylliumYou must adhere to the wind-down and wind-up to normal eating; otherwise you may experience severe withdrawal reactions. Introduce foods such as avocado, nuts, brown rice see Diets for Health section for specific good food choices. There are three different blends available Vegetable, Fruit and Vineyard.  You can select one of the three blends, or go for the Juice PLUS premium and get all three. Eating a healthy diet will help you maintain your immune system and improve your cardiovascular health. Also I started to recover from training a lot better, with not so many aches and pains the next morning.

Actually many people who have been taking Juice PLUS as part of their daily nutrition routine have started to eat more fruit as well, so getting even more benefit.
Do not include apple pips, citrus peels, veg tops and bottoms, skins such as bananas or avocados. It can help neutralize the toxic effects of some mutagens (things that change your genes and can cause cancer) which are ever present in our food and water. Chlorophyll helps to strengthen cells and removes toxic, synthetic chemicals and heavy metals.
The adhesive cellulose in its cell wall sticks to the metal atoms so they’re carried out as waste.

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