Using laxatives to reduce weight has become an extreme dieting technique followed by many people all over the world.
Increased water discharge from body due to laxatives also harms the energy level of your body.
The short term side effects of laxative pills include nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and even increased bloating. Stomach cramps in women are also caused by laxatives; hence, their consumption should be immediately stopped to avoid further iteration in the health and also the menstrual cycle. The most common long term effect of laxative pills includes improper bowel movement which results in bleeding during the excretion process.
If you wish to stay slim and get rid of water weight fast, then employ natural laxatives that are easily available. Natural laxatives available in the form of herbs and Ayurveda medicines are as harmful as   allopathic laxative pills. Try to keep your body warm while consuming laxatives, as it increases blood flow evenly throughout your body. For women with polycystic ovaries and also for pregnant women, laxatives usage is strictly prohibited.

Never combine laxative usage with any other medication, as it may have reverse effects on your overall health.
Laxatives help speed up the digestion process, thus, it results in increased bowel movement. They are mainly used to speed up the digestion process and also to avoid recurrence of constipation. These effects also vary from one person to other based on their lifestyle and nutrition level. These short term effects may vanish as soon as you take alternative medicines or just quit the habit of consuming laxatives. Moreover, owing to reduced water level in the body, people may suffer with freckles, pimples, and even permanent shrinks on their skin that makes them appear aged.
They also work as a great remedy for constipation, since they regulate the digestion process. Researches reveal that more than 47 percent women in the world – who are looking forward to reduce weight fast – utilize laxative pills.
People suffering with chronic constipation are recommended to intake laxatives to regulate their bowel movement.

Especially for women who use laxative pills to shed water weight, it may result in multi-organ damage and liver failure too.
Nerve impulses are also caused due to laxatives, as they affect the electrolytes that enter your body. Have enough prunes regularly and try to have them on an empty stomach to keep you from constipation and also to reduce weight fast.
How safe is using laxatives to shed pounds and what are the side effects one has to face, if they continue to use laxatives? Regular usage of laxative is considered as a serious threat to health because it excretes all nutrients from your body at a faster rate. However, the doctors all over the world say that this is not at all an effective method to lose water weight.
The use of laxatives for an extended period of time may disturb a person’s overall metabolism and digestion process.

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