Although large quantities of vitamin A are not advised and may be dangerous, the equivalent amount of beta carotene is totally safe. Betacarotene is a natural plant pigment and was first dis covered in carrots, hence its name. Pure betacarotene is a deep shade of reddish orange and is one of the main pigments in yellovv and orange coloured fruits and vegetables. In addition to the benefits of betacarotene being con verted into vitamin A, the nutrient is now being studied for its other exciting property, namely as one of our most powerful antioxidants. Some of the most exciting research in recent years has concerned betacarotene and its function as an anticancer nutrient. Scientists worldwide now believe that eating a large quantity of fruits and vegetables on a daily basis will pro vide sufficient betacarotene to give us significant protec tion against developing cancer in the future. Is it okay to eat hot foods like rice and dahl with cold foods, meaning cold-temperature foods like salads, at the same meal?
It is present in meat (especially liver, where the animal stores its supplies of vitamin A) and in dairy products such as milk, butter and cheese. It is almost impossible to take too much betacarotene as the body only converts it into the amount of vitamin A that it actually needs.

Foods rich in betacarotene are easy to find as they stand out on the sA?permarket shelves in bright colours, for example carrots and man goes. The role of betacarotene in plants is to help prevent fruits and vegetables from frazzling in the sun.
Although the evidence is stili mounting, it has sparked majA┬Âr trials in volving betacarotene around the world.
Not only is betacarotene nontoxic, it is also a powerful antioxidant that combats a particularly potent oxygen radical called singlet oxygen.
However it is only relatively recently that the full exciting potential of betacarotene has been explored.
This is an antioxidant action as it protects the plants from the free radicals generated by sunlight.
This disease kills more than 160,000 Britons every year and affects every family in the land at some point in our lives.
One such study involves 23,000 physicians in America who are taking anti oxidant supplements on a daily basis to see if the rate of cancer and heart disease can be lowered.
This makes it a preferable and altogether more exciting nutrient, for the reasons we shall now dis cover.

Green leafy vegetables are also rich in betacarotene although they are a different coJour because the dark green chlorophyll pigment is more dominant. Beta carotene has a similar effect in humans and even helps prevent suninduced skin cancers.
VVhile the medical world continues its search for cures for many different types of cancer, nutritionists believe that a far easier option is preventing the disease from happening in the first plWeight Loss. Of course, fruits nd vegetables are also every dieter’s best friend and continue to be a vitally important part of every Weight Loss regime. But as with other fatsoluble nutrients, if we eat too much vitamin A, it ends up being stored in our own liver, which is why eating large quanti ties of this vitamin can cause liver damage and is toxic. Not only does it protect us from the free radicals generated by sunlight, but it is also one of our most effective weapons against general free radical celi damage.
Although we don’t know exactly how or why cancer strikes, it has been shown that populations who eat the most betacarotene in the form of fresh fruit and vegetables (for example many of the Mediterranean countries) have a greatly reduced risk of many different types of cancer.

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