A company or individual (they have since made their contact info private since I emailed them a copyright violation notice) decided to steal my before and after photos, slap some text on them, and claim I lost the weight in an obscene amount of time using their diet products.
If it did, do you really think some shady company with multiple websites and a “Women’s Fitness” look-alike Facebook account would be the ones who figured it out just so they can sell it through some back-door affiliate program? Of course it’s “all natural” and you can get a “free bottle” as long as you send them your credit card information.
I’m sorry, but I’m so over this and the fact that I now KNOW they simply LIE and STEAL photos to peddle this stuff has put me over the edge. Once I realized that, the eating less and moving more thing didn’t seem as hard as it once did. If you want to reach a personal weight-loss goal it is possible, but you aren’t going to find the solution in a bottle, cream or exercise device. However, to prevent the massive amounts of spam I was receiving I have turned off comments on any post older than 5 days old.

Needed to read this today Roni, the loving myself regardless of how much weight I’m carrying. Thanks for a reminder that it takes hard work and that even if I’m upset with myself, to not give up. I took walks, went to the park and stopped making eating and TV watching my go-to pastime activities. And yes, it was frustrating and slow at times, but I wouldn’t change it for anything! At one time I lost 80 lbs one they got my thyroids meds straight (hard work and healthy eating too).
Having a super rough day but aside from this post stating a positive self-love message, it cracked me up that somebody stole your pics and is starting an ad campaign for their product using it. I still fight the perfection mentality that tells me I blew it by eating an Oreo and now I might as well just finish off the whole bag.

I never thought I'd have to do this but it's gotten way out of hand and comment management has become simply too time consuming to manage.
I feel badly for people who lose a ton of weight really quickly…the damage it does to the body must be so hard! So ignoring the moral wrong-ness of exploiting your HARD WORK to sell a bullshit product, they stole your intellectual property. And not only that, the plus side to my weight loss taking a long time was that I LEARNED NEW HABITS. I no longer shove slices of cheese in my mouth when making a sandwich or ate overflowing bowls of pasta convinced it’s a serving just because a restaurant served it to me.

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