I don't wanna do cardio and start losing weight, but I lead a completely sedentary life and I want to start doing more things to be healthy. Start by just walking more if you`re completely sedentary.Then move on to more rigorous exercises like running, swimming, cycling, etc. Eat more.You won't lose weight if you don't have a calorie deficit, even if you're doing cardio. Whether you are running a marathon or working out on your elliptical trainer, it is recommended that you keep track of your heart rate by wearing a heart rate monitor watch. Monitoring you heart rate during exercise can tell you if you are exercising too hard or not hard enough to burn fat.

A heart rate monitor can also help you find the right pace and intensity for your workout in order to achieve your goals. By monitoring your heart rate during exercise, you will be the first to know if you are developing a health problem. It may be a sign that you are getting sick if your heart rate is higher than would be expected, given the pace of your exercise.
I tried a fitness class a while back that was much more cardio work than I realized at the time that had me losing weight without much muscle gain.
But I think that it is the watching of those good looking SF gay guys as you are walking that really boosts your heart rate.
A heart rate monitor can also work as your trainer, since most monitors can be set to beep when you fall below your target.

I'm not really trying to gain weight either though, although a few pounds wouldn't hurt I guess.

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