Here Is How Just Eating This 1 Fruit Once a Day Can Treat Anemia And 4 Other Health Issues!Health & Weight Loss Done! The large amounts of soluble fiber in dates draw water to the digestive tract and thus relief from constipation.
Dates also contain selenium, manganese and magnesium which are very important to keep your blood and bones healthy and strong.
Only a small handful of these fruits is a smart way to obtain a plethora of health benefits.

Here is protein rich, paleo, gluten-free, vegan, raw, healthy ENERGY DATE CHOCOLATE BAR you should definitely try! Dates will also help you to keep your body strong, besides most of the people think that they are only a good snack. You can make date syrup, add them to your salad dressing, smoothie or use them in raw dessert.
Dates are full of vitamins, minerals, fiber and are also excellent for diarrhea, painful constipation and other intestinal complaints.

Because of their iron content, dates are there to recue you because anemia can leave you exhausted.

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