However, on this site is also the SUPPORT CLUB for the BioChemical A&B Method, which took America by storm.
Woman's World published a cover story about the BioChemical A&B Method, Breakthrough biochemical research. Same thing with keywords biochemistr, biochemical, bodychemistry and all the keywords we discussed and which I sent.
One cover story Discover the European food-sequencing secret that sends energy sky-high and fast packing.

And the success story of Pauline Chipponeri The Story That Made the Difference (Thanks to First, my daily fatigue is now history!) Petra Magazine called it a work of genius and along with PILATI the best way of eating in the world.
The new A&B BioChemical Method® in Eleonora De Lennart's book is a work of genius, as well as being scientifically sound. Frank McNamara (AUTHORS of BIG APPLE VISON) Health, Diet, Weight, Health Problems, Weight Problems, Wellness, Self Help, Weight Loss, Glycemix Index, Low Fat, Low Carb Diet, High Protein Diet, GI Diet, Blood Type Diet, Oprah's Weight Loss Secret, 3-Hour Diet, 6-Day Body Makeover, 8 Minutes in the Morning, ABS, Acid-Alkaline Diet, Atkins, Blood Type, Bob Greene, Body for Life, Cabbage Soup, Jenny Craig, Curves, Glucose Revolution, G.I. Cindy Reid, Community Relation Manager of Barnes & Nobles said: The book is flying off the shelf.

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